2-14-20 Friday

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Happy Valentine’s Day! How about a quick look back at these two lovers?

And they get to spend all 9 lives together. Awwwww.

(Can you believe it’s been a year since the Half Pints were born? Time flies!)


How is Fred? All this coughing isn’t good.

Fred’s fine, he’s just getting over a cold… just in time for his spring allergies to kick in!


I saw a video of Archie meowing from 2015. Does he still have that raspy meow? I love it!

YouTube link

His meow now is a little more forceful and angry sounding. I need to try to get a video of it – every night the permanent residents gather in the hallway, and Fred gives them a treat. Well, Angry Archie sits in the hallway as Treat Time approaches, and when Fred walks into the hall to get the treats, there’s a flood of the other cats following him, and Archie sees all those cats coming his way, and he gets MAD because (I’m sure) he feels threatened, even though none of them are the slightest bit interested in going anywhere near Archie.


When I scroll down your posts, most of the kitties blink their eyes at me! At first I thought you had gifs, but it’s probably a feature of my vintage computer. Do others see blinking kitties too? LOL BTW, there’s a similar effect when scrolling up, but I don’t go that direction very often.

I’m thinking it’s your computer, because I don’t see it! I’ll be interested to hear if anyone else sees it.


All 5 kittens from above. It’s pretty easy to see the size difference between Big Gray and Little Gray!

Keeping an eye on things.

Kitten as accessory.

Pink (on the right) went (very briefly) wandering.

Yellow and Black in the front, Big Gray and Little Gray in the back.

Those sweet little faces.

You can mostly see all 5 faces! Little Gray, Black, Big Gray on the bottom row, Yellow and Pink on the top row.

They have such serious little faces.

Yellow’s all “Why does this keep happening to me?!”

Getting some snuggles.

All are well, all are gaining – except for a few hisses from Big Gray, there’s been no hissing. I’m wondering if perhaps this just isn’t a hissy bunch. I guess we’ll see!


BFFs Jake and Frankie are QUITE fond of this sweater bed. When I moved Isabella into the foster room, I moved the sweater bed to the guest bedroom, and it’s occupied pretty regularly.


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