2-20-20 Thursday

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Thank you all so much for your good thoughts about Kara and Frankie, we really appreciate it.


Sleepy bean.

Sleepy pile o’ cute.

Baff time for Alejandro.

“I’m watching you, kid. You might have eyes, but you don’t know what you’re looking at, and you are NOT wandering out of this crate.”

I always take pictures of Alejandro and Pablo when they’re next to each other, because I love seeing the size difference. You can kind of tell in this picture that Pablo is a bit lighter than Alejandro (though it isn’t always apparent, even in person).

Alejandro at the milk bar.

If that look doesn’t say “I blame you for this child’s nonsense, lady.” I don’t know what does.

Eyeball report. You’ve seen Javier’s double-eyeball extravaganza. Now also sporting eyeballs we have…

Alejandro’s slowly opening eyes. He looks very “Duuude…” here, doesn’t he?

Though you can’t tell from this picture, there are definite eyes peeking through for Diego.

Also Carmelita’s got a tiny bit of eyeball showing.

Pablo refuses to open his eyes because he knows there’s nothing good to see.

This girl is the sniffingest sniffer who ever sniffed. She’s always sniffing my slippers to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.


It’s been raining a lot here lately (A LOT), and so Archie’s been spending a lot of time in this house in the back yard, fuming.


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