2-4-20 Tuesday

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Look who it is! Hint: this time last year they were in the belly of a tiny black and white tuxie.

These sleepy faces belong to Mary and Laura. I can’t believe it’s been eight months since they came to live with us. I look forward to watching your new family.

I love seeing them snuggled up together! And as an aside, all of Charles and Caroline’s kittens remind me SO MUCH of him now that they’re nearly a year old. They all have that same face, it cracks me up.

(Thank you, Nelda!)


And you remember Hook (formerly Puff, and oh holy cow, he’s going to be 7 on May 1st!) and Flynn (formerly Kohle), who were not related, but are BFFs now? Selena shared this picture of them the other night, and I fell over dead.

Hook’s big ol’ bunny feet! Flynn’s patient “Yes, this is how he is” face. LOVE it!

(Thanks, Selena!)


I completely spaced on this in yesterday’s post, but THANK YOU to BetaLoop who suggested Los Mewchachos as the litter name. The more I type it, the more it makes me laugh, and that’s always a good thing!


I love her curly whiskers.

She is SUCH a snugglebug.

Fred’s office is located right next door to the the foster room, and every time he coughs or clears his throat, she stops and looks toward the sound. She is one vigilant girl!

So she’s doing well – her appetite has ramped up quite a bit. She’s gone from barely finishing two (3 oz) cans of food per day to licking the plates clean, so I added a mid-day feeding. (She also has dry food available at all times, but I prefer she get most of her calories from canned food.)

She has checked out both the birthing crates I’ve set up for her (one is near the windows where she likes to hang out, and the other is under the built-in desk where Margeaux birthed her kittens last summer), but hasn’t spent any time in them. She likes to snooze on top of the crate near the window from time to time, but spends most of her time either on the couch or on the cabinet she thinks of as her safe space.

Her skin seems to be improving – a lot of the scabs she had have come off. She’s still got scabby areas around her face and neck, but she’s in much better shape than she was. I think fur’s growing in her bare and patchy spots, though it’s been less than a week so I can’t swear to it. I rarely see her scratching, and she never pulls at her fur (and I don’t find any tufts of fur around the room), so it would be nice if her issue clears up on its own. (Obviously if it doesn’t, she’ll see a vet. But she seems super happy and healthy to me, so we’ll wait and see how she does.)


Jake’s FACE. That catnip pouch he’s got is VERY popular around here. All I had to do was leave it on the kitchen floor and it’s been an endless stream of cats getting hiiigh.

Fun fact: you can bid on the EXACT SAME catnip pouches in the auction which is currently going on RIGHT NOW. True story! (Go here!)


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