2-23-20 Weekly Roundup

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Lazy little muffins.

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To be perfectly honest, I can’t say I’m impressed with the lackadaisical hissing I’m seeing from these guys. Usually by this age they’re like a little nest of snakes. They need to UP THEIR GAME.

“I sees what you’re doing.” I was completely surprised to see an open eye on Yellow just now. This morning I checked all the eyes, and they were tightly sealed. Then all of a sudden: PLINK! An eyeball! I bet the others won’t be far behind. ⁠

Los Mewchachos at 5 days old. Everyone’s gaining nicely – each picture is marked with their current weight, with their birth weight in parentheses. We’ve got sexes on these kittens, and have settled on names – they’ll be formally introduced tomorrow. 🙂 ⁠(Also, in case you missed it – Yellow has an open eye!)⁠

Big Gray: currently 7.5 oz (birth weight 5.1 oz)⁠
Yellow: currently 7.4 oz (birth weight 4.7 oz)⁠
Black: curently 7.0 oz (birth weight 4.1 oz)⁠
Little Gray: currently 5.6 oz (birth weight 3.8 oz)⁠
Pink: currently 6.9 oz (birth weight 4.8 oz)⁠

Good night innernets. (Left to right: Pink, Black, Big Gray, Little Gray, Yellow.) ⁠

The Mewchachos: named! Just about everyone predicted that Little Gray was a girl but nope. The only girl of the bunch is Pink (what are the chances?) We’ve missexed kittens in the past, but I have zero doubts on these boys, and I’m 99% sure on the girl. So here we go:⁠
The kitten formerly known as Big Gray is now Alejandro.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Yellow is now Javier.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Black is now Diego.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Little Gray is now Pablo.⁠
And the kitten formerly known as Pink is now Carmelita.

Javier (formerly known as Yellow) went from one eyeball to two overnight, all plinkety-PLINK! No signs of eyes on any of the others yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long. Javier’s clearly the genius of the group.

Paws UP, y’all! Pablo (formerly known as Little Gray) might not have open eyes yet, but he’s got paws and he’s not afraid to show ’em.

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Milk bar mosh pit.

Good night innernets.

“Kid! Why you hanging around in mid-air?!”⁠
“Mama, I don’t know! This keeps happening! I think I can fly?!”⁠ (Pablo)

Banana for scale. Left to right: Diego, Alejandro, Carmelita, Javier & Pablo. ⁠

It’s a rough life, is what it is. ⁠

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Alejandro has a hissyfit.

The babies are 1 week old today! Here they are with their current weighs followed by their birth weights. They didn’t quite double their weight in the past week, but I think they came close enough! Pablo continues to be the smallest of the bunch, but he’s gaining weight every day and is as active and squirmy as the rest, so I’m not concerned about his small stature.⁠

Alejandro: currently 8.8 oz, birth weight 5.1 oz.⁠
Javier: 8.1 oz/ 4.7 oz⁠
Diego: 8.1 oz/ 4.1 oz⁠
Pablo: 6.6 oz/ 3.8 oz⁠
Carmelita: 7.9 oz/ 4.8 oz⁠

Good night innernets. (Left to right: Diego, Javier, Pablo, Alejandro, Carmelita.)⁠

“Hi innernets. Hi hi! I sees you.” (Javier)

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I am an excellent assistant.

I’m fairly certain she knows exactly how adorable she is.

“Duuuude…” More eyes opening!⁠

Good night innernets. (Diego and Carmelita.)⁠

Streeeeetch! (Pablo & Javier)⁠

Listen. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I had Carmelita in my lap, and she rolled onto her back and started licking her back foot. At 9 days old. GENIUS.⁠

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Bath time!

This afternoon we said goodbye to permanent resident Kara, our Sheriff Mama, who diligently kept us safe from chipmunks, squirrels and birds, who scolded us when we were on the other side of the fence, who was our very first pregnant foster (and then became a permanent resident), who was the very best of the best. We will miss her so very much. ❤️

Good night innernets (and thanks for all the kind words about Kara; we truly appreciate it more than you could ever know.) (Pablo & Javier.)

This morning we said goodbye to sweet ornj permanent resident Frankie. We took him to the vet we used when we lived at Crooked Acres for a second opinion*, and he believed that there was really nothing more to be done. We are heartbroken.⁠

*Frankie was diagnosed with “possible leukemia” (the cancer kind, not the viral kind) earlier this week. Our hope was that it might be the chronic (slow-moving) kind and that we still had more time with him, but it wasn’t to be.⁠

(Yes, it certainly has been an incredibly crappy week. We knew that Kara’s time was drawing near, but Frankie took us by complete surprise.)

Thank you all for your very kind words about Kara and Frankie. We are spending a lot of time with the other permanent residents, and with the fosters. The kittens are now 10 days old. Alejandro, Javier, Diego and Carmelita all have open eyes, and even Pablo has given up and decided it’s time to slowwwly open his as well. Here they are today with their current weights followed by their birth weights.⁠
Alejandro: Currently 10.6 oz (5.2 oz at birth)⁠
Javier: 9.8 oz (4.7)⁠
Diego: 9.8 oz (4.2)⁠
Pablo: 7.8 oz (3.8)⁠
Carmelita: 9.3 oz (4.8)⁠

Good night innernets. (Javier)⁠

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Suddenly a tongue. (Carmelita’s tongue.)

Isabella’s got your heart.

I’m feeling very judged right now. (Javier)

“Come on, kid. The milk bar’s about to open.” (Carmelita on my lap.)

Carmelita, sound asleep in my hand with her tongue stuck out as usual.

Good night innernets, from the pile o’ cute.


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