2-26-20 Wednesday

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Los Mewchachos are 2 weeks old now (turned 2 weeks old yesterday), and this is what they look like now:

They’re to the point where you can kiiinda tell they’ll look like actual cats one day, right? Eyes open, ears slowwwwly moving upward. They’re (well, some of them) responding to my voice now, motoring around the crate, and showing interest in the world beyond. I expect crate escapees in the next week, though maybe they’ll stay contained for a bit longer (but I doubt it.)


Alejandro currently weighs 12.6 oz (birth weight: 5.1 oz)⁠
Javier is currently 11.7 oz (4.7)⁠
Diego is currently 11.4 oz (4.1)⁠
Pablo is currently 9.5 oz (3.8)⁠
Carmelita is currently 11.1 oz (4.8)

(Perhaps one day I’ll get around to adding a chart to their page, ya think? Not today!)



Alejandro (sitting up, with the attitudinous gaze) and Pablo (staring in befuddlement at his paw).

The boys. Left to right: Diego, Javier, Pablo and Alejandro. Where’s Carmelita, you ask? In my lap.

“Blep, I say.”

Giggling at her own silliness.

Not the best picture, but please admire the tiny patch of white on her belly and the larger patch on her lower belly.

“Keeping an eye on you, lady.”

But of course the largest kitten is going to be on top of the pile.

That’s a pile of cute, right there.

Checking in.


Well THOSE are some guilty faces. As mentioned, Jake is spending a lot of time hanging out near Khal. Khal puts up with it because he’s the sweetest.


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