2-16-20 Weekly Roundup

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“NO KITTENS FOR YOU! ::maniacal laughter::”

“Oh hey, look at that! It’s No Kittens O’Clock!”

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Gimme those kittens, Isabella.


She came out of the crate for about an hour, ate and used the litter box, snoozed on the couch, and then went back in just now. I haven’t seen a mucus plug (I don’t always), I’m not seeing contractions (which doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.) So either labor is about to start or it isn’t. ⁠

She was hanging out on the back of the couch when I walked into the room, demanded I get on the couch, and snuggled up on me for the better part of an hour before heading back to her crate. Those babies are ACTIVE little monkeys. ⁠

Okay, this little stinker hasn’t had any kittens yet, and I can barely keep my eyes open due to waking and checking on her every hour the last 2 nights. I wouldn’t be surprised to find kittens by the morning… And I won’t be surprised if there are none. 😊 Good night, innernets.

I slept like a log and woke to find that our girl gave birth to FIVE kittens in the early hours of the morning. There are 3 black and 2 gray – and I do think she’s done. They’re active and wiggly, and I just took a couple of pictures. I’ll leave the little family alone… FOR NOW. ❤️ ⁠

Belly up to the milk bar.

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Isabella and the kittens are doing great. Kittens are nursing, Isabella’s had a bit to eat, I changed the soiled bedding out for clean stuff without freaking Isabella out too much. She’s vigilant and protective, but okay with me touching and handling the kittens. ⁠

Isabella’s all “What? I like to keep a kitten in my tail for kitten emergencies!” (Please note that the gray kitten moving toward Isabella has a white tip on his/her tail. CUTE.)

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Milk bar fight! There’s that perfectly good spigot there near the end, but that little gray kitten was SO determined to get the one the black kitten was at in the middle. (The first section ended so I could step in and direct the gray kitten to that perfect good nipple. See? I can be helpful! Silly kittens. And so feisty for kittens who aren’t even a day old!)

Good night innernets.

“HI Mama!”
“Hey, kid.”

“WOMAN YOU BETTER UNHAND ME OR MY MAMA WILL GET YOU.” (Isabella is perfectly fine with me handling her babies as long as they don’t scream too much or for too long. In this case she looked over from the plate of food she was eating, and went back to eating.) ⁠

Here’s a look at each of Los Mewchachos, complete with their nicknames and weights. (We won’t name them ’til we’re certain of their sexes, probably in a week or so.) Pink is nicknamed Pink because s/he has a dab of fingernail polish on his/her ear (which I applied after I took the picture), Yellow has yellow polish, Black has no polish, Big Gray is (try to follow me here) the biggest, and Little Gray is the (can you guess?) smallest. Pictures and weights were taken yesterday evening. I’m hoping to get pictures taken at 3, 5, 7 and 10 days, and then weekly thereafter. Will I succeed? We’ll see!

Hanging out with Isabella.

In case you missed it, LIttle Gray has a tail light, and I die from the cute every time I spot it. ⁠

Good night innernets.

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Your Daily Hiss. (Are we surprised that Big Gray is the first to hiss? We are not.)

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The kitten mosh pit, and Mama arrives back in the crate. Please admire her belch as she lies down. She’s a LAYDEE. ⁠

Happy birthday to the Half Pints, who are 1 year old today! Happy birthday @albertandwillie, happy birthday @dixonpaws (Cooper looks fabulous in his birthday finery), and happy “No more ding dang kittens for you” to @charles.and.caroline !

“Watching you, lady.” ⁠

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They’re so FIERCE.

Good night innernets.

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Hanging out in the crate. Look how much they’re moving around already! ⁠

Pile o’ cute.

Banana for scale.

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Hanging out in the crate with Mama.

Los Mewchachos at 3 days old! As you can see, they’re all gaining nicely – each picture is marked with their current weight, with their birth weight in parentheses. Kittens generally double their weight in their first week, and I expect these guys to hit that goal nicely. (Still no names, still haven’t looked to see who’s a girl and who’s a boy. We’ll get to that next week, probably.) ⁠

Big Gray: currently 6.3 oz (birth weight 5.1 oz)⁠
Yellow: currently 6 oz (birth weight 4.7 oz)⁠
Black: curently 5.8 oz (birth weight 4.1 oz)⁠
Little Gray: currently 4.9 oz (birth weight 3.8 oz)⁠
Pink: currently 6.3 oz (birth weight 4.8 oz)⁠

Good night innernets.

Belly up to the milk bar.

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Kitten mosh pit. It’s a rough life, is what it is.

Big Gray is a handful.

This feels like important information: Little Gray has white toes on at least one back foot. I REPEAT: LITTLE GRAY HAS WHITE TOES ON AT LEAST ONE BACK FOOT, which goes nicely with the tiny tail light (said tail light is not seen in this picture because kittens ruin everything.)

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Conversations with Isabella.

Good night innernets. (Bottom row: Black & Yellow. Top row: Pink, Big Gray & Little Gray.) ⁠


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