2-9-20 Weekly Roundup

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Still here, still pregnant, just chilling.

Good night innernets.

Isabella’s been super busy not giving birth, yelling at me to bring her more canned food, and not posing for the camera. A little bit of a diva, I think (which is why I love her.) Just a note on the naming theme: we’re going with Spanish names (yes, that’s a broad theme, it gives us a lot of names to choose from), and the impending litter as a whole will be Los Mewchachos. ⁠

Good night innernets. ❤️ ⁠

Yesterday it was sunny, and Isabella was purring and rolling around. Today (not pictured) it’s rainy and Isabella is staring out the window at the rain with “All By Myself” playing in her head, wondering if the sun will ever shine again. (We’re expecting thunderstorms tomorrow; maybe the change in air pressure will convince those kittens to be born? Maybe not!) ⁠

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Watching the belly.

Well, she can still reach her back end, so maybe not having kittens today? 🤣

It’s raining again today, and permanent residents Frankie (left) and Archie are pretty sure I’m to blame.

“You’ll get these kittens when I’m good and ready, lady.” Yes ma’am! ⁠

Good night innernets.

Her milk sacs are definitely filling up – her appetite has dropped a little, and she seems a bit restless. I can state with confidence that she’ll have her kittens eventually.⁠

She seems to be listing to starboard a bit. ⁠#IsabellaHavingKittensOrNotWhateverYouDoYouIsabella

No kittens yet. Last night I had a dream that Isabella gave birth, and it seemed so real that I woke up every hour or so to check on her. (In my dream she had 4 – 3 black, 1 orange and white – and they were about the size of 3 month old kittens, came out with open eyes, and stomped over to the food bowl once they’d cleared the birth canal. Also, I think they might have had wings? If these kittens are born with wings, I might rethink the naming theme.) ⁠

While we’re waiting for Isabella to have her kittens, let’s take a look at our previous pregnant fosters, shall we? We’ve had 12 who gave birth while with us (we’ve had more mothers and kittens than that, but these are the ones who actually gave birth while with us.) ⁠

In 2008 we had Kara, who was only with us about 30 hours before she gave birth. She had 4 kittens.⁠ In 2011 we had Maggie, who waited 22 days and had 6 kittens.⁠ In 2012 we had feral cat Emmy (who was rescued from a hoarding situation), who waited 13 days and had 4 kittens.⁠ In 2013 we had Isabella lookalike Kate, who waited 23 days and had 5 kittens.⁠

In 2013 we had Khaleesi, who waited 17 days and then birthed 4 kittens. While she was in the midst of having her kittens, we heard of a newborn tuxie who had lost his mother and siblings in a freak accident, and so we slipped him among her kittens. She was a great (if puzzled) mother to Norbert.⁠ In 2015 we had Lucille Ball (Lucy), who waited 13 days and had 7 kittens. (When her kittens were about 6 weeks old, she also took on the care of a little orphan named Carlin. She didn’t love it, but she did it.)⁠ In March 2017 we had Nola, who waited 12 days and had 4 kittens.⁠ In August 2017 we had Mercury, who waited 2 days and had 6 kittens.⁠

In February of 2018, we had very scared mama Katia, who came to us with her mother, Kristi. They were both pregnant, but although Kristi arrived looking as though she’d swallowed a basketball, Katia was much smaller. Naturally, Katia gave birth first, waiting only 6 days before having 4 kittens. Kristi somehow waited 27 days, and early in the morning, on the day I was planning to take her to the vet to see what was going on, she gave birth to 6 kittens.⁠ In 2019 – this time last year, in fact – we had tiny tuxie girl Caroline and her beau Charles. Caroline waited 27 days before finally giving birth to her 5 kittens.⁠ In May 2019 (overlapping Charles and Caroline’s stay by a couple of weeks), we got Margeaux, who arrived with three kittens we thought were hers. We found out pretty quickly that they weren’t hers (and thankfully Katriane joined us a couple of weeks later with her own three kittens to help mother the kittens that weren’t Margeaux’s), but it was a few weeks before we realized Margeaux was actually pregnant. She waited 43 days (!) and then gave birth to 6 kittens.⁠

Since I’m posting about our previous mama kitties today, this is a fitting post for this evening. Kristi, who came to us in 2018 with her daughter Katia, who got impossibly big before giving birth to 6 kittens (her very last litter in, we are sure, a long line of litters), who went to Michelle’s house for over a year, who turned out to want nothing more than a lap to sit in and someone to love her, who is turning 9 years old in a couple of weeks, that sweet girl HAS BEEN ADOPTED. Brittany and Michelle said that they’ve never seen Kristi so happy (Michelle said “Kristi’s been waiting for Miss Emma her whole life!”) and we are over the moon thrilled for her. Happy life, sweet girl!!!

We don’t have kittens, but we have sunshine, and that’s nearly as good! ⁠


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