3-31-20 Tuesday

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We’ve got a whole lotta attitude going on right there. (Left to right: Alejandro, Diego and Javier.)

Carmelita is SUCH a sweet little poser. I could squoosh her and squoosh her.

Alejandro in the pie plate with his crocheted little kitty. How cute is he?

I wish they’d curl up in that thing and take a nap, but they only jump in, play a little, and then jump out.

Alejandro’s face is cracking me up. And I don’t think we could fit another kitten in there – Alejandro, Carmelita and Pablo have it pretty full.


“Where’d they go?!”

Javier hasn’t quite gotten the hang of getting all the food IN his mouth just yet.

Pile o’ cute. I love it when they pile up together and nap.

Diego’s like “Kick and bite the toy? I would never!”

“Sorry, kid. The milk is CLOSED for the time being. I’ve declared it ‘nonessential.'”


Archie loves to hang out in that box, tear the paper, and ptooie it all over the floor. Whatever keeps him calm.


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