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In case you missed it on Saturday, there was a post with a few pictures and information about a Challenger’s House “special needs” kitten, Gracey, and her brother Kaleb. Please spread the word!


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but just in case you live in the area and missed it (or forgot), the Cat Tales fundraiser is coming up in a few weeks. They’re always a lot of fun, there’s a silent auction and raffle, music and food. And it’s casual, so you don’t have to dress up!

If you’ve got anything you can donate for the raffle or silent auction, contact Susan at 256-420-5995, or challengershouse (at) mchsi.com


Yesterday morning I woke up early and lay there thinking “Why am I awake at this godforsaken hour?” Okay, it wasn’t THAT early, but I usually don’t get out of bed until around 6, and it was only 5:30.

When I got up, I saw that Fred had posted the following on Facebook:

Jake just stepped on the alarm mat and started an F-4* catnado that spun through the house in a thunderous roar of feet and claws, leaving a swath of destruction from one end to the other.

* measurement scale referencing the number of felines involved

The alarm mat in question is a Sofa Scram and it’s located in front of the storage cabinets we have in the computer room. We bought storage cabinets like these to replace the bookcase that was there, because someone was spraying the bottom shelf every so often, which meant I couldn’t put anything on that shelf. It had pretty much ruined the bookcase, so we thought that cabinets with doors would work much better.

And they did, for about three days. Then someone sprayed the front of one of them, and it went under the small space under the door, and was absorbed by the unfinished pressed-board material at the bottom of the door.

(Which is about when my head exploded.)

So as I was desperately surfing around Amazon, I spotted the Sofa Scram and decided to give it a try. (It was that or a Scat Mat, and some reviews indicated that the Scat Mat is a unreliable and doesn’t always go off. Also, I kinda prefer startling the cats over zapping them.) It works wonderfully well – the first couple of days it was there, the cats must have stepped on it 15 times. Since then, though, they know to avoid it (there’s no reason for them to be over there, anyway), although every once in a while someone forgets about it and steps on it.

Which is what happened early yesterday morning, when Jake went looning over by the cabinet, stepped on the mat, and set off a flurry of cats stampeding out of the room.

Never a dull moment around here, I swear.


Mariette gets flirty with the Pounce.

Angelo gets a belly rub. Usually when I start petting him like this, he grabs my hand with both paws and pulls it toward his head so that I’ll scratch his ears. He’s a boy who knows what he likes!

Dennis observes.

Mariette, chillin’. Please note the one pink toe.

Pounce mouse, Dennis would like you to know that HE knows that YOU are in there.

“Doesn’t that mouse KNOW I can see him?!”

The instant before I got this picture, Angelo’s tail was across Dennis’s face looking very much like a big ol’ mustache.

“Come BACK here, mouse!”

“We meet again, mouse. I knew we would.”

“And there he goes again. That mouse has places to go!”


“Lady, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get over here and let me in the garage NOW.”

That Maxi: so demanding.


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3-31-14 — 15 Comments

  1. I would’ve loved to have seen the fur flying!!!!

    That Angelo and his tail, seriously, the friendliest in the South. Even with his royal grace, Dennis. Kind of falling for Angelo lately. Such a sweetheart.

  2. Last night my Lola was lying under the dinette table. For no reason, she panicked and ran off scared (toward me). She turned around and stared back at where she was. I couldn’t help but ask her if she had seen a ghost! Poor, silly, little girl!

  3. Aw, poor Jake, just looning along, minding his own business.. then PANIC! and three others PANIC! I can imagine the running in place, feet going in cartoon circles as they seek purchase on the floor that refuses to grip, then catching and taking off thinking, “It’s after me! Must throw things in its path to slow it down!” as he, and his poor friends, start knocking everything and anything over behind them in their hast to find safety. Or at least to get in front of the other cats so that they can escape while whatever is chasing them stops to eat the slowest one. And Robyn thought she could sleep in.. sheesh! lol

    I don’t know if I just never noticed, or if it’s because he’s looking full into the camera, but in that picture where Dennis is saying “Doesn’t that mouse KNOW I can see him?!” I’m seeing some subtle, yet very adorable, eye liner! Gives his big round eyes a little exotic tilt! What a cutie! He needs a kiss, Robyn, would you oblige?

  4. oh, my! good thing I didn’t just sip coffee, that was TOO funny-an F4 catnado!! Surely the looniness didn’t include being the spray culprit though?? I know somebody had to be guilty, for some reason don’t want it to be Jake.
    Dennis is just too cute, too.

    • No, as far as we know, Jake’s not one of the sprayers. He just forgot what that mat does and stepped on it. Bet he won’t be doing that again anytime soon! 🙂

  5. CATNADO! bahahahahahaha you have rejuvenated my crappy day with that image! Thanks!