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Guess who’s the smarty pants who used the litter box this morning?

2012-03-31 (11)

She announced it the entire time. “I’M GOING INTO THE LITTER BOX!” and then “I’M IN THE LITTER BOX!” and then “I AM USING THE LITTER BOX!” and lastly “I WENT PEEPEE IN THE LITTER BOX!”

I told her what a smart girl she is, but she just looked at me like “DUH, I KNOW that!”

2012-03-31 (10)
“We’re not impressed. We could use the litter box if we wanted to. We don’t wanna. So THERE.”

2012-03-31 (9)
The family doesn’t fit quite as easily in that box as they used to, do they Emmy?

2012-03-31 (8)
“You make kitteh scared.”

2012-03-31 (7)
“I haz claws, and I knows how to use ’em.”

2012-03-31 (5)

2012-03-31 (3)
I love how her whiskers are black at the root and white at the end. Your roots are showing, Emmy!

2012-03-31 (4)
“::sigh:: I thought I might get ONE minute to myself… They always manage to track me down.”

2012-03-31 (6)

2012-03-31 (2)
“So, I’m still not quite getting this. I’ve got the one paw up here by my mouth that I’ve been biting on, and then there’s THAT one over there. You’re saying there are two of them, like, seriously?”

2012-03-31 (1)
“Darwin, you gonna come out and play?”
“No, I think I’m just going to stay in the box and chill.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Noms video! Please note that there is no sound to this video because I was babbling in baby talk and thought I’d spare y’all. It was so annoying (the baby talk) that I’ve decided to build a time machine so I can go back and smack myself in the head. Gah. SHUT UP AND STOP BABY TALKING THE BABIES, ME.

In the last snippet, you’ll see Newbery doing his favorite trick. He likes to climb face-first into my lap, then wriggle around so he’s upright again. He does it every time I go into the room. So CUTE.

(You can also see it directly at YouTube.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-03-31 (12)
Alice Mo in her favorite backyard spot.


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3-31-12 — 35 Comments

  1. Yay for big girl Logie!! The other Noms won’t be far behind now and Emmy can catch a small break. πŸ™‚

    I carried the 4 mowglis in for their well-baby check up this morning and they are all at about a pound now. Big news is that they are all girls!! I suspected as much but didn’t trust my sexing skills. And they are so big. My vet wants to start them on babyfood and watered down litten chow now in case Tabitha has trouble feeding them all.

    • Awww, wee girlies! I need to get a weight and updated pics on my bunch, but I’m waiting for a sunny day. I expect they’re all over a pound now, too.

      None of the girlies felt the need to give you poo paws, I take it? πŸ˜€

      • No, no poo paws today though isuspect that will change in a couple of weeks! πŸ™‚

  2. The cute! The cute! OMC, how can you stand to be around that much cute every day? Sigh…
    Logie – what a good, smart kitty you are! Your mama must be so proud! (And happy! I bet she can’t wait for all of you to start using that litter box so she can get “that” taste out of her mouth. Bleh!)
    I was going back thru the pictures of Emmy and the babies, and I noticed how much Emmy’s general appearance & coat quality has improved. She also seems so much more relaxed – she’s lost that tense look around her eyes and mouth. A much happier cat.

    • She is definitely much more relaxed. She’s a pretty girl, I’m hoping she relaxes even more and decides we’re not so bad! πŸ™‚

      • If anyone can tame her, it’s you and Fred! I just wanted to add kudos to you for feeding Emmy so well that she has filled out. Her face is no longer pinched and her hipbones no longer stick out! Hooray!!

  3. wow.. someone really is a smarty pants..

    and someone needs to tell Newbery (?) that not only does he have two paws, he has four..

  4. That picture of Emmy in the box with the kittehs…oh the look on her face, cracks me up! It’s like she’s thinking: “Brats, already they are brats!” LOL

  5. My Kaz will be 5 on April 15th (tax cat!) and she announces her presence in the litter box. Cracks me up! She’s a bengal so she’s a vocal one. You know those nom nom nom videos with kittens making noises while eating? She did that when she was little.

    Alice Mo, the calico, is beautiful in the backyard-o.

    • I’ll see what I can do. I’ll have to cover my mouth with duct tape so I’ll remember to keep my mouth shut. πŸ™‚

      • NO-O-O-O-O-O-O!! Keep on baby talking to those wee little kittens night and day!! They need it to grow up to be happy kittehs!!

  6. Aw, Emmy’s whiskers are just like our tabby’s, with the black roots! Do all brown tabbies have that characteristic? I’m trying to think of others I’ve known, but I haven’t known that many and I can’t remember whether the ones I’ve known had the two-tone whiskers — I think you may have a little more experience in that department. Anyway, I do love when cats shed their whiskers. Such interesting things.

    • I do believe only brown tabbies with the agouti gene has that feature, but Oldcat is the one to ask!

    • I’ve noticed it before, but I can’t really say how often I’ve noticed it. I don’t think I’ve seen it on all the brown tabbies, so… yeah. OldCat would probably be able to tell us more! πŸ™‚

      • I did look up whisker color a while back and while it was very much vaguer than hair color these principles seemed to be followed:

        1) Whisker color follows hair color, so whiskers on a white part of the cat will be white

        2) Since Whiskers are rooted deeper, even on a non-white part it might be ‘below’ the dark bit and thus be white.

        3) Whiskers may be colored like the fur, but since they are so big and grow so thick that the ‘ink runs out’ and they end up white anyway.

        In my own observation since then, I have noticed on Julius, who has no white areas near his head and some white and black whiskers, that the blacks seem to be thinner, so #3 is possible. The others seem to be ‘whiskers are colored like they are’.

        I haven’t had a lot of orange cats (just a half one) but I don’t recall ever seeing an orange whisker. I have heard that there is a breed, Havana Brown, that supposedly must have all brown whiskers. This is the only case of a non-black or white whisker I have heard of.

        • Carried out a bit of an experiment in observation on the kitties in my house tonight… Simba the marmalade tabby has all white whiskers. Norman the ebony house panther has all black. Tommy the brown tabby has white whiskers near his nose (where the fur around his mouth is white) and darker whiskers above his eyes where his gray/black/brown coloring is. Proving absolutely nothing for certain, but interesting to me nevertheless.

          • Thanks for all the responses, folks! I did take a closer look at Gravy’s whiskers, and a few — originating from the white portions of her muzzle — are all white, but those with the dark brown roots (about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch before they turn white) are rooted in darker fur. I like the “ink running out” theory!

  7. I love the look on Emmy’s face in the third photo! What did you tell her?!?!?!

    It’s impressive that little 4-week-old Logie figured out the litterbox!! Way to go little bear!!

    I also love the video. What a handful those little stripeys (and grizzley) are!

  8. What a delicious update, and here’s hoping that Logie’s sibs will follow suit soonest. Meanwhile, Darwin has some big feet going on — and hooray for Alice. That calico girl has the camouflage thing down pat.

  9. I’m a recent follower of this blog, but since Emmy’s babies arrived, this blog has become my addiction. Love, love, love the wee ones. I have to tell about an interesting/sad conversation I had yesterday. I was talking to a retired nurse, and the topic of cats came up. She said she’s thinking about getting her cat declawed … so I gently told her the facts of life. She was absolutely shocked. She thought they numbed the paws and pulled the claws out by the roots πŸ™ I hope I’ve saved one kitty from being mutilated.

    • Good for you for letting her know the truth, Candace! I think that very often people don’t think that declawing is a big deal, so it’s important to get the truth out there about how it really works.

  10. How you can manage not to put them in your mouf everyday, I do not know! I wouldn’t have your willpower! *sigh*

  11. First, congratulations, Logie. No matter what your sibs say, this is a big deal!! Shout it from the rooftops!

    Em’s long suffering looks just do me in! Every mama cat we’ve had has had them, but Em’s are just sooooo expressive!

  12. Aw come on! You KNOW we want to hear you baby talking those kitties! And the kitten mews! That way we can giggle, at them for being cute and you for being silly! Nothing wrong with it!
    Yay Logie! Good kitty.
    Um, Newbery, you’re showing your dingleberries..

  13. Sometimes male red tabbies (and red cats) have whiskers that look black but are actually deep, dark red which appears black to the human eye. We had a kitty like this and I wondered if he was a “odd gene” cat, because he had white and orange fur; so should not have had black bits unless he had an extra chromosome or was a “double cat” (two tiny embryos that fuse in the womb). But I found out about the red-black whiskers thing from the vet and I suspect that was the case with him, he’s been gone awhile now and greatly missed.