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2012-04-01 (1)
My favorite part of this picture is Darwin in the box, over there on the left, looking upward. She really likes to look at the “ceiling” of the box. I can’t see anything, but I’m also not a wee kitten. Maybe Ceiling Cat is talking to her.

2012-04-01 (2)
Newbery, obsessed with my feet.

2012-04-01 (3)
“Do NOT boop my nose, lady!”

2012-04-01 (4)
“I am but a wee innocent baby kitteh!” Uh huh.

2012-04-01 (5)
“Calgon, take me away!”
(Note to self: “Calgon” would be a good kitten name.)

2012-04-01 (6)
“::tap::tap::tap:: Hey, let me out! I gotta pee!”

2012-04-01 (7)
Darwin the observer.

2012-04-01 (8)
Newbery, taking a break from biting my feet.

2012-04-01 (9)
Darwin (l) and Newbery, trying to decide which foot to bite next.

2012-04-01 (10)
Fight! Fight! Newbery and Razzie, I believe.

A short Noms video. The Noms, 1 month old!

YouTube link

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2012-04-01 (11)
Old Man Spanky, snoozing.


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4-1-12 — 21 Comments

  1. I like the idea that the babies are listening to the Ceiling Cat! It would explain a lot of long stares upwards.

    Kisses to Spanky!

  2. Awww, thanks for the week-end posts, Robyn! Has Fred been able to go back into the room or is Emmy still mad at him?

    • Oh, Fred’s been able to go back into the room – he didn’t stay away for long. At this point, Emmy prefers him to me. If history’s anything to go by, she’ll be in love with him before too long. Those mama cats always end up loving him! 🙂

      • Good for him! That would have been torture, to me at least, to have baby kittens in the house and not be able to see them. 😉

        • It’s funny, actually – he prefers Emmy to the kittens. He finds them “boring” at this age (I know, he is NUTS!). If he goes into the room and Emmy is where he can’t pet her (ie, at the back of the box), he usually leaves pretty quickly. I, on the other hand, can’t get enough of them right now. 🙂

  3. did that kitten in the video go “BONK” headfirst into the box wall? It hought I heard a THUNK there…. Heh.

    • Totally! At 0:27, you clearly hear a “thunk”, hehe! I watched it like five times after you mentioned it. 😉

    • Yeah, they’re always bonking their little heads on the sides of the box. They don’t even seem to notice it, which supports my theory that kitten heads are made of titanium and filled with marshmallow fluff. 🙂

      • I had a cat that used to pop up on her hind legs and bonk the underside of a coffeetable or endtable all the time. It used to startle guests to hear it because they often didn’t know anyone was there before the bonk.

  4. What a joy to see another weekend post, Robyn!! Thank you!!

    As always, the photos and captions made me laugh!! Thank you!!

    I love Emmy chirruping in the video, too!! Thank you!!

    You’ve made a gray day much brighter!! Thank you!!

  5. Was Logie too busy in the litter box to star in the video?

    Really, what am I going to do when she gets adopted by someone other than me!

  6. My daughter’s second grade teacher once said that my kid could never hide her feelings because her eyes express every last one of them. I’m getting the idea that Mama Emmy is much the same. She says so very much with those gorgeous eyes of hers. Love, love, love!

  7. Hahaha! May ceiling cat always be there for those babies! Reminds me of a great Cosby Show episode, “Cliff Babysits,” wherein the twins are staring at the ceiling and Cliff slouches down on the couch to join them, saying they’re going to have to help him out ’cause he doesn’t know what they’re looking at. I understand the scene was largely ad-libbed when the baby actors became fascinated with the studio lighting!

  8. Emmy is SUCH a beautiful girl. She often has the same look on her face that my little Percy does. It’s so silly (the squinty eyes) but it’s the cutest thing. If I lived closer I’d adopt her in a heartbeat (well… maybe Logie, too).

  9. Oh my goodness they are soo sweet!! I love the “don’t boop my nose” picture.