3-31-13 – Kittunday

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Charming was NURSING IN HIS SLEEP. Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute? I tried to get a video, but by the time the camera decided to cooperate, it was too late.

Brudderly love.

Leia, snuggled up to Kate’s back end, with Kate’s tail draped over her like an afghan.

Kate, keeping an eye on Jareth, who appears intent on going rogue.

I think those kittens are outgrowing that bed. Another week, they’re going to be stuffed in there like sausages.

They spend a lot of time gumming each other. Just wait ’til their teeth come in!

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Jareth was reclined with his back legs stretched up in the air, and Buttercup came along and fell asleep on him. SO. CUTE.

Jareth says “::snik:: I haz claws!”
Leia says “Did you hear something?”

The perfect belly-snorgling opportunity. You KNOW I took advantage of it!

Buttercup and the eyeballs (would be an excellent band name.)

Can you stand it?

And a video! The babies, hanging out with Kate ’til Kate decides she’s going to go off and eat.

YouTube link.


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I don’t know what Miz Poo did…

But Corbie heard/smelled it, too.


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3-31-13 – Kittunday — 18 Comments

    • Oh great. I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. You do realize you are responsible for my death from the cute, right??

      I know, I’ll retaliate! Take a look at Buttercup’s eyeballs!!

  1. Why do I hear Miss Poo, in a Monty Python voice, say, “I fart in your general direction”?

  2. Jareth, in the photo where he’s going rogue, resembles a coon from the side! Those beebee kittehs have some seriously fat bellies. They all look so fat while Mama Kate seems to be growing thin. I wonder why… LOL I know she’s eating a ton, but mamas always seem to thin out when kittehs are nursing.

  3. Kilt me dead with the hiccups……skaweeeeeeeee!! Happy Easter to the whole Crooked Acres Gang :)!

  4. Thanks for the Sunday treat!! I love the Miz Poo drama as well as the kitten pics and video!!

  5. What a perfect Easter present !!! Baby hiccups !!! AND Miz Poo, Alice and the Corbs !!!!!! Thank you !! hugs and kisses and snuggles to all the kitties at Crooked Acres !!! All the best to you and Fred !!