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I got an update on Maggie!

Alex said:

I wanted to let you know that Sara and I have moved into a house in South Huntsville. Maggie and her brothers have lots of room to run around and get into mischief. They are thoroughly enjoying sliding around on the hardwood floors.

There are several large widows that she loves looking out of. Overall, she has made a smooth transition.
Finally, she has really grown fond of her newest brother, Bailey. Here is a picture of them snuggling on the couch.

Awww, Maggie. She just can’t help being a lovah, can she?

Thanks for the update, Alex!

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Sound asleep with a wee bit of tongue sticking out.

Aslan, having Deep Thoughts.

“Don’t you go riling up my babies, lady.”

I love it when they roll around while they’re nursing. Kate maybe doesn’t love it so much, but she puts up with it.

Happy boy.

Sisterly luff.

Keeping a close eye on me.

The little mouth, the tail as a scarf, the little fat belly. So dead from the cute am I.

Leia and Jareth.

A mama’s job is never done.

And now, a video. Aslan just about killed me with the cute in this one. Seriously, you guys. I don’t know how I didn’t pick him up and squoosh him immediately.

YouTube link.

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The tuxie-do
Better wipe off those dirty feet
Before he comes in MY house


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4-1-13 — 23 Comments

  1. Only good thing about insomnia is I’m still up when your posts go up. Kitty pile is a good way to start the second 24-hours of a 40-hour day 😉

  2. Well no wonder that Kate keeps telling you not to rile her babies up. Did you see her eyes open wide every time Aslan performed one of his stunt maneuvers? Cute, cute, cute, cute, and more cute. But the Maggie update makes me the happiest. 🙂

  3. Kitten arms and legs waving around. That made my day! Can you just hear him saying “Ehn! Why this not working?”? I’m going to go and squeeze the stuffing out of one of my guys now.

    LOL, Miz Poo! So very unladylike. Great picture of the 3 of them lined up like that!

  4. So cute. Seriously. AWWW!

    That nipple twist must have pinched Kate just a little!

    I’m also loving the ‘belly dots’ on whichever kitten was next to him. My black cat has the palest, baldest dots round his little nips and I LOVE THEM! Even though they do blind me when I take pictures of him with the flash on!

  5. Bellies are the best and cutest things of all. Oreo is not so much a belly cat. When she flops down and we go to give her a rub she nips and tells us no thank you. She would much prefer a scritch behind her ears or under her chin.

  6. Anyone else think of a turtle on its back when watching Aslan in the video? That little fat stripey belly and tiny white tipped paws are just so cute!

    Loved the picture and news of Maggie 🙂

  7. Dear Robyn, Dear Everyone-Else,
    In case you’ve missed what I wrote two days ago, I’d like to THANK YOU once again for all the great advices, good thoughts, support and hope you gave me. Chester, diagnosed with CRF a week ago, is making progress. His recovery from the crisis is SOOOO slow, but he does feel slightly better every day. Ever since I can use your experience, my husband and I have been syringe-feeding Chester (it wasn’t the case of the CFR diet’s taste, he just didn’t feel good enough to eat anything on his own), and up till yesterday evening he was given fluids and nutrients intravenously. Yesterday he made first efforts to groom himself. And a few minutes ago, when I was offering some tuna pate to Chester’s sister, Carmen, Chessie came out of his hiding place, rubbed his head against my legs (as he always used to do when I was preparing meals for him) and he decided to take a few licks of the pate on his own. His first meal taken on his own since last Monday!
    I don’t know what I would do without the support I’ve been given here. Robyn, I appreciate so much that you mailed Calsifer to ask for some advice for me. Calcifer, THANK YOU so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. Warrior Inside and Everyone-Else-Whose-Nicknames-I-Just-Cannot-Recall-Right-Now-Because-Of-So-Much-Emotion-I-Feel, THANK YOU. Let me just tell you, that I love you and the entire Love-and-Hisses community. I will keep you updated on Chester. Joasia.
    PS. Watching the pictures of Kate, her beautiful babies and the Crooked Acres Permanent Residents has such a powerful therapeutic effect, that it should be officially recommended for anyone going through rough time! Robyn, thank you for this, too!

    • Aww, I’m so glad Chester is better. I had no advice, but read your post hoping that someone would.

      Oh, the flailing kitten! Oh, the drama!

    • Joasia, I’m so glad that Chester is doing better. It’s wonderful when a sick kitty starts acting like himself again. Please definitely keep us updated on Chester, and give him lots of love from us!

  8. Oh, the little flailing arms… and Kate with her, “I fail to see the humor” look as you’re laughing while filming!!!! made me laugh out loud.

  9. I am dead from cute. put that on my gravestone. “Here lies Heather, dead from watching kitten videos”.

    can I take a turn asking for advice? my Mana cat is 2 years old and is the most beautiful dilute tortoiseshell in the world. but she has a butt problem! in the past 6 months or so she’s been on antibiotics three times for infected anal glands and she has been sedated and had her glands flushed. just recently I started adding psyllium husk to her food, the idea being that bigger poops will help her empty her glands better. she’s still scooting! has anyone else had a cat with anal gland problems? my vet has never seen a cat with this. they’ve told me that surgically removing the glands is an option. has anyone had this done for their furchild? did you go to a specialist feline vet or did your regular vet do it? did your cat have any problems with the litter box afterwards, such as spraying or pooping outside the box? I’ll keep on with the psyllium and expressing her glands as I don’t want to rush in to surgery.

    thanks in advance!