3-30-13 – Kitterday

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I don’t know, Kate, that’s some pretty half-hearted licking you’re doing there.

“::sigh:: Is it time for them to go off to college yet?”

“I think I need a little “me” time. You babysit for a while, lady!”

Oh Leia, you make me want to kiss you.

“I AM super cute, aren’t I?”

Snoozin’ Aslan.

“Um… what is going on here, lady?”

“Where AM I?!”

(And then she screamed and screamed until I put her back.)

“You are being a very bad babysitter, lady.”

Charming, exhausted.

A shot of all five kittens.

LOOK at that kissable little face!

And they calllled it… tuxie lo-ooove!


Though you can’t see in this picture (because she was sleeping) Buttercup, the last holdout in the Eyes-o-lympics, now has two partially open eyes. Hopefully I’ll get a shot of them before Monday.

I weighed the kittens again yesterday. My LORD is Charming determined to be a great big boy. He’s widening the gap between himself and the rest of the kittens at every weigh-in. For comparison purposes, if you click on the 2009 entry (at the bottom of the page), you’ll see The Seven. At that point, Beulah only weighed 9.5 ounces. In other words, LESS than Charming weighs now. She was teeny… and he is huge! You can see the weight chart at the bottom of this page.

I’m not planning to update tomorrow; see you Monday, hopefully with more eyeball pics

George would like it known that he is the King of Dirt Mountain.

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  1. Tuxie-love! Love it. I have two tuxies, but theirs is more of a mutual toleration…

    • Sigh….my two tuxies don’t like each other at all. Maybe I need to sing Tuxie Love to them too? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. GEORGE of the (chicken) jungle! My goodness, those kittens are packing it in and on. It’s all that good living at Crooked Acres.

  3. Leia is so sweet..I love her ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see who is the trouble maker of the bunch. I am sure it won’t be Leia.

  4. My husband used to call his sister Princess Leia-round (Princess Lay Around – get it? HAHAHA), and that’s what I think of when you show Leia sleeping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I wanted to apologize for not replying earlier to suggestions to my Marmalade spraying problem. I got busy and have just now gone back and read all your helpful comments. Thank you so much. The box of Feliway plug-ins and spray arrived Tuesday. I have two weeks off starting Monday, which will be the official start of Operation Feliway. I intend to wash walls, curtains, etc. and, once the areas have dried, to spray Feliway everywhere (I got two bottles and three plug-ins. I also got Da Bird, which the cats love and I even caught Marmy and Xena playing with it nicely together.) While I’m at home for two weeks, I’ll be letting the cats outside. There is a huge park four blocks away and a hospital five blocks in the other direction, and hospital workers and neighbors fill the sidewalks during the day, walking back and forth, enjoying the sunny weather we’re having in Northern California. This is why I feel OK letting the cats out during the day. I don’t think coyotes or bad dogs would go unnoticed with all the foot traffic. I do have a strong wooden box on the side porch that I built, 6- by 3- by 3-feet. It has small cat holes on either end that can hopefully be used for escape/hiding if needed. Because of the way my back yard and back side of the house are built, I really can’t install a cat door that opens into a run (though it’s a great suggestion). Plus, I have a raccoon family that lives under the house and I just know those smart critters would figure out how to pull apart any cat run I built. Don’t worry, the raccoons don’t pose a danger to the cats. Both keep healthy distances and there has never been a problem between the species, which have co-existed peacefully for 13 years now. Ditto the opossum family living in my tangerine tree.

  6. I’m hearing a voice in my head, that of Prince Humperdink: “She was once a commoner like yourself, but perhaps you won’t find her so common. I give you, Buttercup!”

  7. Thanks for the bonus post, Robyn! I just spent the entire day driving the length of the state of Alabama (the traffic between Montgomery and Birmingham was RIDICULOUS) and then it rained. So I wasn’t liking bama very much – but now your post made it all better! ๐Ÿ™‚