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I’m wondering about those ducks. Are they friendly to y’all at all? Like, can you pet them and give them snacks? And do they have names?

Those ducks are not friendly at all, with the exception of when they see Fred arrive home from work and they know that there’s going to be scratch thrown, so they come running (waddling) in from the pond, eat some scratch, and go waddling back out to the pond. If we ever needed to get hold of them, I’m not sure what on earth we’d do. The boys are named “Boy Duck” and the girls are named “Girl Duck.” We are amazingly creative, no?

I gave up my attempts at Liqui-Tinic for my 20 year old cat. He just wouldn’t eat anything that had the Liqui-Tinic in it. I tried “hiding” it in his canned food, but he still wouldn’t eat it. If he gets even a whiff of it, he won’t touch the food. I’m hesitant to give it to him directly from the dropper. He’s so frail that I’m afraid I might hurt him if he struggled. I might find a way to give it to him eventually, but for now it’s just sitting in the pantry. He’s recovering from an anal gland rupture that gave us a good scare and doing pretty well.

I’m sorry your old guy is rejecting the Liqui-Tinic. Have you tried foods that might mask the smell of the Liqui-Tinic? Chicken baby food, the juice from a can of tuna? Cats are so annoying when they have their own minds!

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OK, long story, but I really wanted to know – has anyone found [Liqui-Tinic] for sale in Canada? My vet has never heard of it, I’ve checked all my usual haunts for pet supplies (I live in Toronto), no dice. There’s a number of online sites, but they all charge minimum $30 delivery to Canada. I will eventually order it from one of them – I just think it’s worth trying anything to get her happier and give her back some energy – but thought I’d ask here first. Thank you!

Readers, anyone know of a source in Canada? Please share!

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Maxi is such a pretty girl. Doesn’t she like Loon-Master Jake?

Maxi does not care for any other cats. She’ll usually put up with Newt, but even that’s kind of iffy – she’s as likely to smack him as to bump heads with him. Part of her problem with Jake is that Jake is OBSESSED with her and he makes her feel threatened by sitting around and staring loonily at her. If he’d just back off, she wouldn’t hate him quite so much. But backing off is NOT Jake’s style.

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Remember when Kate was all pregnant and wouldn’t give birth and you were all like “Grrr! ::fist shake::”?


I still think that the post about Kate going into labor should have been called DING!

I remember that. Can you believe she finally gave up those babies? I was starting to think she was going to just keep ’em in there forever.

And I wish I’d thought of titling that post “DING!”, because that would have been PERFECT.

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This may be an odd question but it just hit me this morning, out of the blue, as I was oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over George & Gracie. Do you scoop after them? I would imagine if you didn’t there would be an awful lot of stepping hazards out there but then again, you have an awful lot of land so maybe not… and, after a while, doesn’t it just dry out & crumble away? Sorry if this is too gross a topic for your other readers… but when my curiosity gets the better of me, IT WILL OUT!

No way on earth would I willingly scoop after those dogs. They’re pretty good about leaving their… leavings far away from the coop, and we just keep an eye out when we’re walking to the pond or any other part of the back forty. I can report that I have never accidentally stepped in dog poo. It does eventually go away, thankfully.

I wouldn’t suggest ever walking through the back forty in bare feet, that’s for sure!

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Is it just me or do the behbehs look significantly bigger in just their six days gracing us with their presence?

Well, they doubled their weight in about a week (which I think is normal for kittens; someone correct me if I’m wrong). I think that the first couple of weeks, their weight gain will be very obvious, but as they get bigger, a one-ounce gain won’t be as visible.

That said, my LORD are these porky little meatballs growing at a rapid pace!

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Do you pronounce Leia as “lee-ah” or “lay-uh”? I always say “lay-uh” but hear so many people using “lee-ah” that I wonder if I’m saying it wrong.

I pronounce it as “lay-uh”, that’s always how I heard it pronounced on Star Wars. At least… that’s how I think I remember hearing it. Perhaps some Star Wars experts can weigh in here?

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OK, so you know when you pick the little babies up to take pictures and weigh them? Firstly, does Kate still get nervous? And secondly, do you give them a little kiss on the head before putting them back to bed? And how are you able to stop yourself from giving them itty bitty raspberries on those little tummies? Do you think those little ears would grow back if you were to accidentally nibble one?

The first few days, Kate got nervous when I was handling the kittens, and more than once she came over, grabbed whichever kitten I was weighing, and took it back into the bed. But now, she’s a lot more relaxed about it. Yesterday I had them out of their bed while I shook out the bedding, and Kate came over, sniffed the pile of kittens, and went back to eat the snack I’d brought her.

I always give them a kiss on their little noggins before I put them back to bed, and perhaps they’ve gotten a raspberry or two, I can neither confirm nor deny (okay, I confirm. I can’t help myself. You’ve seen the bellies!)

The ears, do you know what I saw the ears doing yesterday? I SAW EARS WIGGLING. I could just nibble a little corner off one and see if it grows back, right?

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I’m sad to hear about Lilybet, but can you tell me what you were doing to work on her biting? I have a wonderful, laid back 6 mos. old kitten- who’s only real bad habit is biting. It is like a switch is flipped and he just grabs you and chomps down. Hard. This is my first cat and I want to give him every possible chance to be a well adjusted cat so any pointers you or your readers can share would be much appreciated! Thank you.

What I do is, the instant they bite, blow a puff of air in their face. They hate it, and they’ll stop biting. You have to be consistent and do it every time, because they WILL test you.

And on Facebook, Doodle Bean said this:

I had a biter, but it was fear aggression (he had been abused). Blowing at him wasn’t enough, so I would put my hand over his face and push gently while saying, “NO biting!”. I also put on oven mitts and played ‘rough’ with him a couple times a day – just pushing him over gently and letting him claw and bite for a little while. I ended each session with holding him on his back until he put his head back in surrender. That calmed him down a lot because I was asserting dominance in a way he could understand and he also had a chance to blow off some energy.

The key is to be consistent and not get mad. Everything firmly but gentle. In his case, it took about a year for him to stop biting completely… except for nips when I did things like cut his claws or give him medicine. He never broke the skin after that first year. Almost 18 years later, he still nips on occasion when provoked, but it’s only a few times a year and there’s always a reason.

So, if blowing at her doesn’t work, you might want to take it up a notch.

(Thanks, Doodle Bean!)

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So you get about half a dozen cats to sleep with. Do any of them sleep with Fred?

No, Fred sleeps with his bedroom door closed because he sleeps pretty lightly and if he’s woken up, he has a hard time going back to sleep. The first night he was in his “new” room, he didn’t shut the door all the way closed, and he woke up in the middle of the night with Kara on the bed with him, staring creepily at him. Heh.

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Poor Kate. All babies tend to wander around and root for milk but she looks like a jungle gym for those little guys. Looks like she’s got a bad infestation of body kittens.

I think the infestation of kittens is taking over! She certainly looks like they’re overwhelming her, doesn’t she? She doesn’t seem all that bothered by it, and at least at this stage she can get away from them if she needs to. She better enjoy THAT while she can.

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The toes and the faces! And the WEIGHTS!!! Is Madam Kate keeping herself well-fed? I mean, those babies are growing by leaps and bounds! πŸ™‚

She is definitely keeping herself well-fed. I give her canned food four (sometimes five) times a day. Sometimes she eats every bite, sometimes she doesn’t. She also has kibble available to her at all times. She’s eating plenty (and clearly the babies are getting enough food), even though she looks thin to me. I keep having to remind myself that at this stage of the game, all mama kitties get skinny!

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Robyn — I know for the most part Mama Kate is black, but in the video she looks to have a lot of brown or red in her undercoat. Is that just the video or does she have some awesome tabby markings we can see in the photos?

She doesn’t have any tabby markings, but her undercoat is definitely a gorgeous red-brown. It’s hard to capture in pictures, but I’m going to keep trying!

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Can you tell if any of the babies are long or medium haired yet? I know with Tabitha’s litter I could see that Tippy was longer haired than her 3 sisters pretty early.

So far, they all appear to be short haired. Maybe they’re just late bloomers in the fur department! πŸ™‚

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was showing the baby pictures to a co-worker and we were remarking about how they’ve doubled in size since birth (10 days ago only!) and we were doing the oooohing and aaaaahing over their eyes open, and look how big they are! All five in the round cat bed! So big already! and then we went back to the picture of Jareth’s sweet sweet little face with his eyes open and I realized something. His head is only as big as 1/3 of your finger. (or Fred’s, whomever is holding him, I don’t study the hands, I study the baybees :))I held up my hand for perspective and we realized that we were talking about these HUGE baybees that would in reality fit in your hand easily. And then she said they’re only 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound – they weigh the same as two or three sticks of butter. that’s it. and we goggled some more….

Those are Fred’s big manly man hands that are holding the babies – he holds ’em, I take the pictures. πŸ™‚ But yes – they really are tiny babies still, and I have GOT to get my butt in gear and take pictures of them that show just how tiny they really are.

(Well, they’re all tiny babies except for Charming, that porky little meatball, and excuse me while I run up to the foster room and shower him with kisses again.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Eyeball check!

Charming = two eyeballs.

Aslan = the hint of one eyeball peeking out.

Leia = two sad little eyeballs.

Leia again, clearly saying “Is we done counting eyeballs? Can I go back to my safe place?”

Jareth = two eyeballs. I imagine him saying “I HAZ TWO EYEBALLS!” in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.

Buttercup. “There is no eyeballs here, lady. You move along now.”

“I hate it when she counts my eyeballs. So RUDE.”

She is just so PRETTY.

“You babysit. I’ma snooze over here.”

Aslan, sound asleep. OR IS HE? Without his eyes being open, it’s kind of hard to tell.

“Wherever I GO, someone’s BUTT is in my FACE!”

“Dude. Your BREATH.”

And a video! They were in a bed on the floor (as opposed to the bed where they usually are) because I needed to shake the litter out of the bedding, and Kate got a little concerned. So she sat down in the big bed and waited for me to move the kittens over. The kittens were not thrilled about being picked up.

YouTube link.

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2012: Then she hits the ground and is like β€œWait. I’m a CHICKEN. I can’t FLY. Hmph.”
2011: β€œThere are no other cats. There is only Maggie.”
2010: β€œThat’s right, I done it, copper. I done it, and I’d do it again. I was loopy on catnip, no judge in the world is going to convict me. They’ll send me to rehab, I’ll come out clean and UNREPENTANT. So get out those cuffs and slap β€˜em on, I AIN’T SCARED.”
2009: (I like to think that maybe someone who lives down the road was sitting in front of their TV and was struck with the sudden urge to grab the camera and go upstairs, and that they said β€œBut I don’t HAVE an upstairs!”)
2008: No entry.
2007: No entry.
2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.



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  1. Thought you might appreciate this article on the different kinds of tabbies. http://www.catster.com/cats-101/tabby-cat Also in regards to black cats, I have a tuxie and a black cat. The tuxie is very shiny black. Shadow, on the other hand, is a matte black and in the sunlight shows reddish highlights. I call the color burnt hamburger. You get a similar thing with horses. There they are distinguished by being called fading black or nonfading black.

    • How funny is this – last night I bookmarked that EXACT page so that I can refer back to it! Great minds surf alike, apparently. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Rosalie! Looks like my Poupoune is a patched tabby. She looks mackarel, but has a couple small patches of orange.

  2. Oh I love Kate’s expression at the end of the video. Are you sure there’s no more babies? Seems like there were more.

  3. My guys all perked up and got the “dafuq is that squeaking…?” look on their faces, LOL. I think they were secretly hoping that I had in fact, smuggled in some kittens for them.

    See, that’s why I don’t sleep with my door open at night either. I’d wake up to at least one sleeping on my hair (ow.) and another one about 1/2″ from my face, staring at me. Or pawing me. I’d never, ever get any sleep.

    Wow, they are getting big and porky, the little dumplings.

  4. I think I’ve just fallen in love with Jareth! What a face! What an expression! What attitude! LOL! Take care

  5. Robyn, I need help. My 6-year-old cat, Chester, was diagnosed with severe chronic renal failure a week ago. Since the diagnosis, he’s been on i.v. fluids, aminoacids, vitamins etc. We are waiting for him to get “restarted” and the vet says that once Chester starts eating the renal diet, he will be better. The big problem is, he doesn’t want to eat. He drinks water, but refuses to eat anything. I don’t know whether he is too weak to eat, or the renal diet (Royal Canine Renal Special, both kibble and wet food – I’m writing from Poland and have no clue whether this company uses the same name in the USA) is just too hideous to him (the other three cats, all of them healthy, LOVE the renal kibble). Do you or your readers (there are so many experienced cat whisperers among your readers!) know any tricks to make a renal failure cat eat anything? What else can I offer to Chester without causing a disaster to his kidneys? This is the first time I experience being a mom to a seriously sick cat, and Chester is so much more than a pet to me and my family, and the feeling of being unable to help him is just devastating. Please, help! Joasia.

    • The easy way to tell whether he is refusing all food or just the renal diet is to put just a little of his favorite food in front of him and see if he goes for it.

      As for how to get him to eat if he’s refusing all food – that’s a tough one. The choice my vet gave me for a cat like that was a stomach implant, which I wouldn’t do to a cat, honestly. It’s up to you.

    • What warriorinside wrote. Plus, I have a renal failure (CRF) cat who didn’t like wet or dry Royal Canin. Fortunately, in the U.S. Purina and Hill’s Science Diet both make CRF food and he LOVES the Purina food. As a treat, I’ll sometimes feed him wet Hill’s CRF food, but he’s perfectly o.k. eating Purina wet and dry. He’s also doing well. His bloodwork actually improved the first year on the special food (It’s been less than two years).

      So, if you can get another brand of food, I’d recommend you try that. If not, you can make any food more palatable by heating it, adding a tiny amount of UNSALTED tuna juice or fish oil to it or even mixing it with a little milk or egg. If the cat eats the altered food, associate meal time with some sound or motion such as tapping on the bowl or clicking (your tongue or a clicker). With time, reduce the amount of whatever it is you’re putting in the food, but keep up the sound or action. The cat associates the sound or action with deliciousness and will hopefully eat even unaltered food. You can look up articles on “Pavlovian conditioning” online for more information.

      If none of the above is possible, ask your vet for an appetite stimulant. It’s usually a flavored gel which works wonders.

      I know I’m lucky with my current food hogs because I had a fussy eater once. The key is to keep trying different things until you find something that works for your particular cat. The CRF makes that a little harder, but not impossible. Good luck!!

    • I’m so sorry to hear Chester’s sick. I don’t know if this will work, but I was told that a cat will always try to clean anything off of their paw. It might be worth trying to put a small amount of wet food on his paw and see if he’ll lick it off. It would be a slow way to feed him, but it would get something into him. *fingers crossed*. Sending lots of good wishes your way.

    • Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM in her book Your Cat says that a high protein diet is possible for a cat with CRF. It is the phosphorous and not the protein that is the problem. She suggests phosphate binders and or adding cooked egg whites to reduce the phosphorous.

    • Josia, I’m cutting and pasting an email from Calsifer, who lost her (much older than Chester) Bam Bam earlier this week. Here it is:

      I just wanted to pass along our experience with our lot’s experience with renal formulas to Josia. She may want to consider Hill’s Science Diet k/d if it is available. But our lot much preferred Royal Canin’s dry formula as it smells much pleasanter and palatable.

      Bam Bam’s daily feeding of wetfood mush was Hill Science k/d canned food as the royal canin version is only available in pouches here in Singapore and way too expensive for us. Right now for Chester, the food that he will eat is more important than the food he is suppose to eat. Josia may want to consider mixing a bit of his usual food into the renal formula if that’s not being done, just to convince him its still edible food he is getting. She could also make a clear broth of some meat he likes, say chicken, shred the meat, and use that mix of meat and soup to soak the formula kibbles in and entice him to start on the formula that way.

      Lastly, Bam Bam pulled through his complete failure last year at age 14, while Chester is only 6 so there is hope! Don’t give up and, this may sound a little silly, but keep prep-talking Chester and his kidneys. Our vets always encouraged us to talk up his recovery to him, and they and us believe a large part of Bam Bam’s will to pull through the multiple crashes is the cheerleading he gets. I hope this helps, and our best to Josia and Chester.

    • Josia, I’m so sorry to hear this about your lovely Chester. I have a few suggestions.

      Zoey, my 19 y.o., was diagnosed over 3 years ago, and we’ve had our ups and downs since then. A big one is her loss of appetite. I give her an appetite stimulant of 0.1 ml of cyproheptadine in a transdermal form (the vet compounds 2 syringes at a time for me), which I apply to her inner ear one or twice a day. Sometimes stomach acid causes cats to stop eating too. I give Zoey 0.1 ml injectable famotidine when she’s having a bad day and seems to want to eat, but won’t. (She’ll belly up to the bowl, then stop and walk away – this means she’s hungry but probably acidic.) Also, I raised her eating dishes on a stack of books so she doesn’t have to bend over, and thus cause more acid reflux.

      Regarding food, we started her on a CPR friendly diet but she just stopped eating it, period. Vet and I agree that getting the calories into her is more important than shoving the proper food into her angry self (thus causing more stress and more reflux), so I give her whatever she wants. This includes Fancy Feast, chicken or beef baby food (make sure it’s only the neat and broth, no aded salt or spices), and kitten milk. Sometimes a bit of tuna in water, but not often. And then whenever I’m eating chicken or fish or something else that makes her happy and hungry, I give her some!

      One more thing, this website really helped me. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve just found out about Chester’s CRF, so take it slowly. But it’s written with love, and lots of expertise. http://www.felinecrf.org/

      Good luck, and please give Chester kisses and skritches from me and Zoey. xx

      • This is good advice for when my guy’s CRF progresses. I do have his food and water bowls elevated already and he’s been NO problem so far. But you know how CRF is with time… sigh.

      • Oops! Not CPR friendly – I meant CRF friendly! And MEAT, not neat. (Clearly I hadn’t had my coffee when I typed that!)

    • http://www.catinfo.org/ has some really good info about feeding cats with health problems and there is a whole section on CRF cats. the website is FILLED with info, so make sure you have plenty of time before you start reading! the biggest issue with CRF cats is to get them ingesting enough WATER so you’re better off skipping the dry food entirely and just feeding wet of ANY sort than to feed them the dry prescription diet.

  6. Well, crap. My adult cat is lonely since we had our old dog put to sleep a few weeks ago. I played that video and now he’s looking all over for those kitties. πŸ™ I’m sad about the dog and sad the cat is lonely. We’re looking for another cat to keep him company, but he got really sick after the dog was gone, and since he’s been better we haven’t matched up with the right kitty yet.

    • The right one is around the corner for you. They always come when the timing is right (even if you don’t realize it). πŸ™‚

    • Hang in there and keep looking! There are plenty of cats needing homes out there. I’m sure it will be very soon!

  7. Squee-ingly cute baby kitty video followed by gorgeous Corbie?! How am I supposed to get anything done today?! *watches video again*…

  8. Haha! Mama Kate looks so pleased with herself in the one half-asleep picture. n.n

    I think there can be no doubt – this bunch of dumplings is going to be trouble on a stick. Look out world. πŸ™‚

  9. 6 month old kitten biting..

    Hopefully it is play and a complete miscommunication of signals.. I had that recently with an adult cat named Elsa http://www.kittyblog.net/2012/10/elsa.html

    Protect yourself. Do not let the kitten be able to hurt you. Go about your day, but keep a good eye on the kitten. You should be able to get clues when he is going to bite you.. they are often very subtle – it took me a while to see them in Elsa… it will be easier when you aren’t afraid of getting hurt.

    Blowing in the face is one way.. another is to say “ow” in a high pitch meow type tone. This is easier in kittens because at 6 months he normally would still be with his litter (but getting ready to go out on his own and find his way in the world) and when he would get too aggressive with them this is what they do. You will know you hit the tone right when he stops biting and starts licking you as if to say ‘sorry’.

    I also am a firm believer in talking to them. Tell him you don’t want him to bite you. tell him you want to snuggle and not be a chew toy. Once you see his cues, let him bite you a few times and give him that ‘no’ message, then in the future try to keep distractions at hand. A few toy mice in your pocket, balls, etc.

    also at 6 months he has so much energy .. make sure you have several play sessions to wear him out and drain off his excess energy. If he is tired, he isn’t going to want to bite you..

    Good luck

  10. My favorite part of the video is when they’re all in there and Kate keeps craning her neck, looking for lost babies. As if there’s room for just one more. πŸ™‚

  11. For supplementing a sick cat — I have found the paste version easier to give. Usually if you can get the cat’s mouth open, just put a dab on their tongue and they’ll eat it. If not, you can put the dab near their mouth or on their nose, and they’ll lick it off. The paste has some kind of taste designed for cats, and they usually like it.

    You can find it in most pet stores, and also online. Here’s a link to one website: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3261+22938+24865&pcatid=24865

    I don’t think this is a complete diet replacement, but sometimes it will get a sick cat to eat and help them get some nutrition. I’ve saved many a cat with this stuff, so it’s worth a try. I definitely will try Liqui-Tinic the next time I have a sick cat.

    GREAT pix and video today. Those kittehs look to have a fat belly, so sweet!

  12. Momma Kate is so lovely, and it’s so sweet how she know you’re working with her.

    I also wanted to say- I often check the ‘one year ago’ link and the others, because there’s always room for more kitten stories, and it brought a smile to my face to see the top story was the help link for my former fosters, Red and Scuse (now Buddy and Boomer). I can’t believe it’s been a year! They are still well and very well loved in their permanent home (poor Boomer had to have his teeth out due to stomatitis, but has adjusted well) and I am still so grateful for the help in finding them a home.

    • Awww, I am so glad they’re doing so well. πŸ™‚ I love looking at my previous years’ entries to see what was going on back then!

  13. Leia = Sad Eyes
    Jareth = Mad Eyes
    Charming = Zombie Eyes

    I’m ordering the Liqui-Tinic for Norman today. During our vet adventure, the vet commented that if he was only 12 years old Norman had the roughest 12 years. In other words, she thinks he’s a couple/few years older perhaps. There’s no telling. I can only verify the last 14 months. We’re going to see if we can perk him up.

  14. I was counting the babies and saying their names as you put them in and as soon as you were done I bookmarked that video. This is the first litter I’ve been around to follow since birth (I discovered your website when the Noms were a couple weeks old). I love these babies so very much! Looking forward to seeing Buttercup’s eyes open! (And you’re right about Leia’s name pronounciation: it’s Lay-uh. Thanks google!)

    • As of today, I’m only spotting a tiny bit of eyeball from Buttercup. I think she’s planning on taking her time and making us wait! πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for the post about the transport for Chrystal – SO want to get those kitties home!!!

    and OMG – I almost snorted my drink imagining Kara staring at Fred in the middle of the night

  16. After reading the comments, I thought I would throw this out there-I’ve had good luck getting sick animals to eat fried chicken livers. Walmart has them in the meat section, I would fry them up in butter and smash them into an almost paste. Not sure what kind of dietary restrictions some of the cats have, but as someone mentioned above-to just get them eating something again can be a good start.

    • That’s probably o.k. just as a treat, but livers process insoluble toxins and thus can contain high levels of pesticides, medications, heavy metals, environmental pollutants and more. Since most chicken- or livestock-raising operations use high levels of antibiotics, medications and disinfectants, I’d be wary of feeding a cat livers of any kind for any length of time – same goes for feeding humans those organs.

  17. Oh how I wished you had skritched Kate on the head in that video. Mommas need love, too!

    (I’m sure you’re showing Kate plenty of affection! It was just my reaction to the video. She’s such a great mother and my heart always go out to the put-upon mommas!!)

    • I generally don’t pet her when the babies are squirming all over her, but when the babies are sleeping she and I have some private snuggle time. Kate, for the record, is an excellent snuggler. πŸ™‚

  18. Almost forgot that Ted and Martha at 50 Kittens just lost a kitten, Thor, to FIP. He was perfectly fine one day and dying the next. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little support, especially since they lost their last foster litter (who were very sick tiny babies with a sick mama).

  19. As a Star Wars fan, I can confirm that it is pronounced “Lay-a” in the movies. πŸ™‚

    And on the link to 2010 – Isn’t that little Mr. Corbs doing that hands up position?

  20. So, what do you think the kittens think as they are flying through the air??? They’re probably really relieved when they “land” next to their mama!

  21. have you thought about crossposting Honey to Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat’s FB page? Anakin’s mummy takes a special interest in any kitty that has leg problems and I believe she lives in Florida. you could also try crossposting to The Little Kitty That Could’s FB page as Pretzel’s mummy also lives in Florida and might know of someone who could give a special legged Kitty a home.

    babies are just adorable! a friend of mine is fostering a pregnant ladycat at the moment and I am waiting with bated breath for her babies to finish baking!

  22. Fingers crossed that those kitties get their ride to California!
    Oh my gosh, that video! Look at those bellies!!!! I was thinking Kate was looking for a head scratch when you put the last baby in, until she started looking for yet another baby, hee hee! I think she missed you putting one in because she was busy licking the ‘Robyn’ off the other ones. She seemed a little obsessive about that.. πŸ˜‰
    Upside down Corbie! Just enhances the cute!
    Oh! So Fred isn’t such a light sleeper that he woke up when Kara came in, jumped on the bed, and walked to wherever she was. it was the creepy stare that finally woke him! So it isn’t noise or movement, it’s being looked at? MOL

  23. ACTUALLY…Jareth is saying “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.”

  24. That is so sweet how much Kate trusts you with moving her babies. She didn’t seem at all concerned that you had them. Hardly even looked at you. You’re a good kitten Grandma, Robyn. I loved her face at the end too, making sure the other bed was empty. You can see Kate’s red/brown undercoat when she’s in the sun in the video. What a beautful girl!

    Was she licking your smell off the kittens at the end? I just thought she was comforting them by cleaning them.

    Yes Corbie, you are a beautiful boy!

  25. Dear Robyn, and dear Everyone Else,
    Thank You, thank You, THANK YOU for all the support and advice. This stream of love and care, and warm thoughts and prayers for my Chester from all of you – I sooo can feel it. You’ve given me hope. I have printed all your posts about how to deal with a CRF kitty and I will certainly use all the information you’ve given to me. We’ve already ordered samples of CRF food, dry and wet, from all companies possible, and my husband is now buying some baby food and syringes, and there is hope we will pull Chester through this rough time. I will keep you updated. Robyn and Love-and Hisses Community, I LOVE YOU. Joasia.

  26. Robyn-thank you for posting about Honey for my friend. Heather-thank you for the idea of cross-posting. I’m sure my friend won’t mind so Robyn you are free to do that. We just want to get a home for Honey (full time or temporary).