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I know that the site has been down a lot lately – last time I had this kind of issue was when Maggie had her babies, and the site got so much traffic that my then-host shut down the site without any warning, and OHHHH did the expletives fly here at Crooked Acres, believe you me, and as a result I switched to GoDaddy. I don’t know if it’s the same sort of problem this time around or if everyone at GoDaddy is too busy looking at kitten pictures to make sure things are running right, but I’m in the process of looking for a new host. I don’t know when I’ll be switching over, but I imagine it’ll be soonish – and I’ll do my best to warn you before that happens (and to make sure it happens on a weekend instead of during the week.)

I know how frustrating it is not to be able to get to the site when there are kitten pics to see, but I’m doing my best to get this nonsense resolved, believe me.

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Calsifer asked that I send along heartfelt thank yous to those of you who sent kind thoughts and suggestions for Bam Bam. Calsifer said The L&H community is such a cool bunch and I’m proud to be associated, however remotely, by lurking.

That is absolutely the truth – you guys are amazing!

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“I just got those babies to calm down. You rile them up, I am going to KILL YOU.”

“My goodness! These claws are appalling! I need a pedicure, stat!”

Jareth was so curious about what was going on with Leia and her terrible claws that he rolled over, and I heard a ::plink!::, and then…

All of a sudden! Eyes!

“I see you! Okay, no I don’t, I’m not quite sure how this “focusing” thing works, but I can see a vague shadow of you!”

And also, Leia has eyes, too!

So far, everyone except Buttercup has at least a little bit of eyeball showing. Buttercup’s pretty sure there’s nothing worth seeing, so she’s keeping ’em closed (I suspect by Monday they’ll all have their eyes open; she won’t want to miss out on the fun!)

“No one told me they were going to be able to SEE.”

Charming (I think it’s Charming. Could be Jareth, Jareth has a bit of frosted fur on his chin too).

Do you think maybe Aslan likes his mama just a tad?

I put them in this bed so that I could shake out the bedding where they usually are (Kate had tracked some litter into the bedding), and they weren’t sure what to think.

Then suddenly Aslan showed that he’s the explorer type.

I swear Jareth looks like a wee little lab puppy in this picture.

You can see Leia at the bottom of the picture, sniffing my leg. What I didn’t capture was her hissing at me. I was terrified. Terrified, I tell ya!

Kate looks overrun by those kittens, doesn’t she?

I weighed the kittens yesterday, you can see the chart at the bottom of this page. Charming is just HUGE, at 9 3/4 ounces. I think he’s going to be a big boy!

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Sheriff Mama (Kara) soaks up some sun rays and tries to decide who to arrest next. A law woman’s job is never done!

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3-28-13 — 52 Comments

  1. I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but it took me 4 tries to load the page at 6 a.m. (Eastern time) and then another couple tries to get to the comment form. Looking on the bright side, do all of these attempts count in your page views? 😉

    The babies are even cuter with eyeballs! Although, you might want to be a bit more cautious in riling up Leia. The force is strong with that one.

      • I didn’t have any problems this time around either. Perhaps it was just the mad dash of us trying to get here right when it posted 😉

    • It makes me want to stab Danica Patrick, is what it makes me want to do (I know it’s not GoDaddy’s fault and it’s CERTAINLY not Danica Patrick’s fault, but when I’m having a conniption because I can’t get my site to load, SOMEONE’s gotta take the brunt of my evil thoughts!)

  2. Oh Jareth honey, those baby blues of yours are killing me over here. You’ll figure it out quick enough. 🙂

    And there is nothing less terrifying than a half-pound kitten hissing. (Also possibly very few things that are both that cute and that funny.)

    Absolutely precious – you’ve done it again, Robyn.

    • Hssss! “Hey mom! Look what I did!” Hsssss! “Hey mom! Look what I did!” Hssss! “Hey mom! Look what I did! Mom!!!” Hsss!


  3. ::plink!:: EYES!!! – perfectly delivered! It made me smile!!!
    Kate is just so purdy!!

    6:26 am loaded up like a champ!

  4. Have you tried 1and1.com? That is a pretty reasonable hosting provider; however, if you have a backend database, it’s a 100 Mb limit, and they will shut you down if you go over that size…

  5. Favorite hiss story: I brought a 12-week-old kitten home from college and plopped her down in the middle of the kitchen floor to meet Mr. Jinx, my teenaged black tomcat. Jinxie puffed up, went all bigfur, and HISSED(!!!) at Rhys, and little Rhys’s eyes popped wide, she went all bigfur, opened her mouth, and … nothing came out! She shook herself, opened her mouth again, all attitude, and … still nothing. Jinxie flicked his tail at her as if to say, “I win,” and walked away. I about died laughing, even 25+ years later, it’s still amusing to tell folks.

    • Awww…I have a Jinxie now! Mine is a black and white tuxie though. Great story!! My Jinxie did the same when he met my kitten Sabrina for the first time. I hope Rhys eventually found her voice. 🙂

        • You both helped clear it up for me – and as a coincidence, Fred sent me that same link! 🙂 It explains it, but it doesn’t make me any less mad when I can’t connect to my site. I need to learn to walk away from the computer and snorgle some kitten bellies when it happens!

  6. There is a fairly major DDoS attack going on now and for the last week. The Internet as a whole, and I mean globally the WHOLE INTERNET, is taking some heavy body slams slowing many, many, many places down. It’s sorta a Hatfield and McCoys feud between an anti-spam org and some serious spammer/hackers/botnets. And while you are not a target, nor I think is GoDaddy, the intertubes are overly full, stretched beyond capacity. Several companies have been pitching in to help with the load, but it is the most massive DDoS attack yet known. (Yes, I know both TL;DR and not enough info; we security geeks sometimes have trouble translating). So extra time to load right now is unlikely to be a site or server specific issue.

    That’s partly why it may be difficult to resolve right now. A lot of folks are working on mitigating this; it just isn’t possible to stop it unfortunately. Too many DNSs badly configured, too many zombie machines (including a fair number of simple PC users who stay connected 24/7 but don’t know they are infected.

  7. That last picture of Kate is exactly how I feel as a mother of two. “FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD, WILL YOU ALL STOP TOUCHING ME FOR FIVE MINUTES, PLEASE?!”

  8. Goodness, but Kate looks deflated in that first picture! Parturition is a heck of a diet regime (not to mention milk production).

    My favorite hissing story: years ago, I made the King and Queen of my feral colony into housecats, mostly because Marlene, the Queen, demanded it, and I couldn’t separate Bob, her husband, from her. He came much less willingly, and for the first few months was a very shy and standoffish house resident. He warmed up over time, and eventually became quite happy as an indoor cat, but it took patience on both our parts.

    Anyway, a few months into his residence, when he’d relaxed enough to sleep on the couch next to me, and take snacks from my fingers, and let me touch him, I decided to try playing with him with a fishing pole-type toy. I swished the toy over to him, and he planted one big ex-tomcat paw on it, pinning it down. I tugged on the toy.

    His eyes went wide, he poofed out like a bottlebrush and- “HISSSSSSS!”‘ed at it.

    Yeah, still not quite a housecat. I felt so bad for laughing.

  9. So wonderful that they HAVE eyes but I think the pictures are a bit cuter with them closed. I still can’t believe how big they are getting. Each day seems like a gain of 1/2 oz by each of them. If they keep going at that rate it’ll only be another week or so till they are a pound or a bit over. Also yes, Jareth does play the part of a little lab puppy well.

  10. This is one of my favorite websites. I am everything opposite: urban, single (well, unmarried heh heh), black, younger. ER! My paws have been slapped by Miz Robyn a couple of times. But I love, love Love what she does for kitties. She is my morning goto, after 6am I know where to go. And I get a hunky, manish feel from Fred. And she has her own room! And a Pond! She is so where I wanna be someday. If she needed an assistant, I would spam her with resumes!

    • Ultimately, whether we’re young or old, rich or poor, rural or urban, white or black … doesn’t matter. What’s important is that we all love the kitties.

    • A hunky, mannish feel from Fred, huh? LOL! I suppose that’s right, but it’s making me giggle. 🙂

      PS: Fred just reminded me that his grandmother used to call him “My hunky.” Heh.

    • Well you did a good job getting your point across. If she misses one of your posts about her needing an assistant, she will see one of the other two! Good luck! 😉

    • No problem, I deleted the duplicates. You’d think WordPress would have something in place to prevent duplicates, wouldn’t you? (And yes, Ockqua, your resume is at the top of the list. 😉 )

  11. Wow – Kate is serious about you not not riling the babies…she has a pen and she’s TAKING NAMES! 😉

    Baby Blues!!! I luv the little eyeballs peeking out. Now I’m waiting for the ::poink!:: of the little ears popping up!

    Not only do I learn cat stuff on this site, but internet stuff too! I was wondering why everything was so slow lately.

  12. Eyes. I was just thinking last night that we might see some today. Yay! I cannot believe how active they are with their eyes closed. This is going to be so fun. I don’t know why but this group of babies just has attacked my heart and I cannot get enough. And I would like to say to all the L&H gang, you are the best. I know if I ever have an issue even semi related to being a fur mom you will have the answer. P.s. I have had no trouble opening the site or DCEP either.

  13. @abigail I had a tomcat also! Oreo! He found me! I loved him to death, we took walks together, we talked. We shared baked chicken breasts. He was 75-80% wild. But he tamed me. There was an extremely violent t-storm, I saw him sheltering under a porch across from my building. I ran out a towel to him. And there you go.

  14. I had problems loading this site too when I clicked on it on my FB timeline; finally I said to heck with it and went over to LiveJournal where I also get it and there were Kate and her kittens in all their glory.

    Hate all this DDos stuff going on – boo hiss.

  15. I had problems loading this site too when I clicked on it on my FB timeline; finally I said to heck with it and went over to LiveJournal where I also get it and there were Kate and her kittens in all their glory.

    Hate all this DDos stuff going on – boo hiss.

  16. I haven’t had any problems getting here and I am using my work laptop with Internet Explorer which is more likely to have problems. (Big corp won’t let me install Chrome dammit.) Maybe it’s more of an issue if you are linking here through Facebook? I go directly to the site address.

    It’s so amazing that the babies have doubled in size in a week!

  17. Oh man, they’re getting fuzzy. That and blue kitten eyes, and I’m just mush. They are getting huge! OK, maybe not HUGE, but you know. Considering they’re less than a week old…

    I love Kara. What a face!

  18. Sheriff Mama really give Corbie so challenge in the looks department. She’s a good looking girl.

  19. I was showing the baby pictures to a co-worker and we were remarking about how they’ve doubled in size since birth (10 days ago only!) and we were doing the oooohing and aaaaahing over their eyes open, and look how big they are! All five in the round cat bed! So big already! and then we went back to the picture of Jareth’s sweet sweet little face with his eyes open and I realized something. His head is only as big as 1/3 of your finger. (or Fred’s, whomever is holding him, I don’t study the hands, I study the baybees :))I held up my hand for perspective and we realized that we were talking about these HUGE baybees that would in reality fit in your hand easily. And then she said they’re only 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound – they weigh the same as two or three sticks of butter. that’s it. and we goggled some more….

  20. Oh my! Too precious, those behbehs are.

    I’m really starting to think HRH did delay having them by a couple or three days… hence, them being a bit bigger than expected and – IIRC – having their eyes open a little early.

    • And Jareth was the last one out, and the first to open his eyes. Maybe that little bit of extra time in the oven gave him a little head start!

  21. I am hopelessly in love with Aslan already!!!! Oh how I want him to be mine!!!!!! But…I live in Seattle, and I fear my menagerie is large enough for our home at the moment (three chickens, two cats, a dog). I wouldn’t even change his name. Sigh. And Jareth could come too. 🙂

  22. The first and last pictures and captions of Kate made my day! 😀

    Her babies are growing so fast! 🙂