3-27-13 – Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Awww, Percy Pickle (well, his toes) were on Cute Overload yesterday! I had actually forgotten that I’d submitted that picture, it was a nice surprise to see it again.

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

Happy ducks on the pond. Remember when they wouldn’t go out to the pond, and I was all “Grrrr! ::fist shake::”? Well, now they spend almost all their time out there!

And remember when I was all “This pond will never fill up with water! Grrr! ::fist shake::”? Look how full that pond is!

Pretty girly duck.

We moved Arnold and the Cornish Crosses out to the maternity yard! I expected them to be a little more excited than they were, honestly. Mostly, they were puzzled. They’ve been out there about a week and a half, and they’ve adapted well. There’s a heat lamp in the little coop, and they all go in there at night. Arnold can usually be found snuggled up between two Cornish Crosses. They must be like huge hot water bottles to him!

“What is going ON?!” (Note: there’s nothing wrong with that chicken. He’s feathering in, and his feathers can’t keep up with his rapidly growing body. He’ll eventually look somewhat normal!)

The adult chickens are very annoyed that they can’t get into the maternity yard with the little chickens, because they’re sure they’re missing out on something good.

Arnold’s little puff of a tail kills me dead.

Settling down in the straw for a snooze in the sun.

Arnold, checking out the new digs.

And, a short video of the chicks shortly after we put them in their new yard. They weren’t all that impressed, to tell the truth.

YouTube link.



“You has snack for Gracie, too?”

They are such pretty pups, aren’t they?

Squirrel acrobatics are always fun to watch.

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Aslan thinks that this would be WAY more comfortable if Leia’s behind wasn’t resting directly on his head.


A warm little pile o’ cute.

You know how many times a day I kiss these kittens? Like a million.


I haven’t actually seen any of the kittens go sliding over the lip of the bed, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find out that it happens on a regular basis. (Thus the reason I put a blanket there, to soften the fall.)

Yawn alert!

Good lord, by the time they’re a month old you won’t be able to see Kate when they’re lined up nursing!

“One day I’ll be able to sleep without someone kicking me in the face.”

“And climbing all over me.”

“But they sure are cute.”

Such a sweet, smug little face.

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Maxi, on Fred’s desk, glares smugly down at Jake, who cannot take his eyes off of her.


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3-27-13 – Crooked Acres Wednesday — 34 Comments

  1. Arnold is so adorable. His feathers almost look curly!!! Love all the pictures.

    Update: My friend’s new GP…Bella has settled into her new home seamlessly. She has been sleeping in the chicken coupe and 2 of my friend’s boys have been sleeping out there with her, too (how sweet). No more chickens have been murdered! Bella was afraid to walk into buildings, so she and her 75 lb self (underweight at the moment) had to be carried in and out of the office. She has since learned not to be fearful! My girlfriend is now advocating adopting rescues and adult dogs! Sooooo worth all my efforts! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the comb recommendation and all! *hugs*

    • Awww, I’m so glad it’s working out with Bella! GPs are just the best dogs – and I’m not at all prejudiced on that. πŸ˜‰

      • That family is madly in love with her! Their dog Molly (golden) is bff’s with her now. My friend’s 4 boys ADORE her and she is just the sweetest dog ever!! If you ask her to smile, she does that face like in your picture β€œIS SNACK TIME? I SMILE AT YOU. YOU GIVES ME SNACK.” LOL. I think they are the best dogs ever. A different GP rescue group would not allow my friend to adopt one because she wanted a family/working dog (protect chickens/ducklings). They didn’t want their dogs to “work”. Everything I read said that they need a job (like Border Collies, etc) else they can become bored and destructive. I do a lot of rescue & volunteer work…I would never give an animal to an unsafe home – I had been keeping my eye out for a GP for her for about a year. That GP rescue is just off the mark. Bella is a happy and triving dog, now!!! Oh, she had anemia due to the 12 puppies, so she has to wait about a month before she can be spayed.

        • Back when we were initially looking for GPs, Fred contacted a couple of rescues, and it was the same thing – they wouldn’t adopt them out to be working dogs. I can’t imagine how bored George and Gracie would be as house dogs – though I’m sure they’d spend a lot of time protecting the cats from each other.

          Another up side to them – anyone who doesn’t know the breed doesn’t know how gentle they are, and thus we’ve had very few door to door salesmen since we got them. A definite plus! πŸ™‚

          • My brother’s GP is a house dog, though she does herd the cats around the house. They are moving soon and I hope they are getting some land. And Minnie does scare anyone who comes to the door or heaven forbid comes in the backyard. It is sad though that rescues won’t adopt out to great families who would allow dogs to do what they were bred to do…. Love George and Gracie!!

            • I agree….My friend is such a great mom (her 4 boys could come in my house any day…and I don’t say that lightly), and her dog Molly is SPOILED, like she should be. I think you need look at a dog’s breed and natural drive before you pick one for your home. If you are very active, that Mastiff is not the right dog for you…and if you are a couch potatoe, DO NOT get a Border Collie as he will get bored and will find something to do…uh, like dis-assembling your couch!!!! πŸ™‚

              • My boss just got a GP (named Ranger) and he is about 10 weeks old. I had recommended a GP to him as he has a small farm with chickens/goats/ducks and is looking to expand. I naturally thought of Love and Hisses and showed him your page! I did tell him though that Ranger needed a partner. He just told me this morning that he is getting Ranger a girlfriend/another GP. They will both be outside dogs here in SC and will protect his farm. Thanks for sharing your story with us!!

  2. This may be an odd question but it just hit me this morning, out of the blue, as I was oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over George & Gracie. Do you scoop after them? I would imagine if you didn’t there would be an awful lot of stepping hazards out there but then again, you have an awful lot of land so maybe not… and, after a while, doesn’t it just dry out & crumble away? Sorry if this is too gross a topic for your other readers… but when my curiosity gets the better of me, IT WILL OUT!

  3. I do love Arnold’s little feathery pant legs. He’s kinda got that “so ugly he’s cute” look going on right now.

  4. I think that little scraggly dude is like NO! don’t take my picture NOW! wait until my feathers are in. augh, now it’s on the net and I can’t get it back!!

    I am so jealous you get to kiss those kittens all day. they are… gawd. Katie birthed herself some HEALTHY kittens!!! woo!

  5. ages ago, I knew a pair of GPs who used to greet me on my walk to work. The’d walk a few blocks with me then I’d drop them off home before crossing the much busier highway to get to the next neghbourhood to work as a nanny. For 3 plus yrs at that job, every day, they kept me company . Loved them so much. never knew their names,but I did know who they “belonged” to. luckily, even when I left the job, I saw them often- they lived in the same neighbourhood as a sister and would come play with her boys and little cockapoo.

    • Awwww….
      The family that took in Bella, when she wondered up to their home all preggers, said that if her little kids got too close to the road, she would herd them back to the house. They are great dogs…and beautiful!!! They found wonderful homes for her 12 pups, and then allowed my friend to adopt her.

  6. As much as I long for my daily kitten fix, I secretly yearn for those darn cute pups of yours!

  7. My those kitties are getting bigger every day. I think we have our own Cute Overload right here!

  8. Yup, those chicks have hit the ugly-chick stage between baby fuzz and grown up feathers! “Puberty” is hell for all species, huh? Well, except cats, who are ALWAYS gorgeous! πŸ˜€
    Those kittens are just. so. cute! I can’t imagine NOT kissing them hundreds of times a day!
    Maxie is such a pretty girl. Doesn’t she like Loon-Master Jake?

  9. The cute is so cute it should have a surgeon general’s warning. Studies have recently proven that too much cute is as dangerous as too little. (ex.: baby kitteh in mother’s arms.)

  10. In the “sweet, smug little face” photo, doesn’t that kitten look like it’s smiling?

  11. Those kittens are almost edible! And Kate is such a good momma. Georgie and Gracie have the most beautiful faces. I love seeing them.

    I was blown away by Spanky’s before and after pics from the other day. What a difference Liqui-Tinic has made! My Zoey is 19 y.o. and has CRF. She was diagnosed 3 years ago, and we’ve been managing it very well. However, she’s definitely taken a turn for the worse in the past six months – she’s become very skinny recently, is quite lethargic, her coat is very dull and mats easily, and her appetite goes up and down. She also has bad arthritis in her back legs and her mobility has decreased sharply in the past few months as well. Right now she’s on daily sub-Qs, famotidine (injectable) for stomach acid, cartrophen (injectable) for the arthritis, and Fortekor (pill) as an ACE inhibitor. She’s OK but could do with a little something extra. I’m hoping Liqui-Tinic is that something.

    OK, long story, but I really wanted to know – has anyone found it for sale in Canada? My vet has never heard of it, I’ve checked all my usual haunts for pet supplies (I live in Toronto), no dice. There’s a number of online sites, but they all charge minimum $30 delivery to Canada. I will eventually order it from one of them – I just think it’s worth trying anything to get her happier and give her back some energy – but thought I’d ask here first. Thank you!

  12. I’m wondering about those ducks. Are they friendly to y’all at all? Like, can you pet them and give them snacks? And do they have names?

    I gave up my attempts at Liqui-Tinic for my 20 year old cat. He just wouldn’t eat anything that had the Liqui-Tinic in it. I tried “hiding” it in his canned food, but he still wouldn’t eat it. If he gets even a whiff of it, he won’t touch the food. I’m hesitant to give it to him directly from the dropper. He’s so frail that I’m afraid I might hurt him if he struggled. I might find a way to give it to him eventually, but for now it’s just sitting in the pantry. He’s recovering from an anal gland rupture that gave us a good scare and doing pretty well.