3-27-09 – The Seven

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Honestly, there’s nothing like lying on the floor of the foster kitten room, surrounded by warm and sleepy kittens, and dozing off, only to wake up and find a kitten sitting directly in front of your face. Who then reaches out with one tiny little paw to gently touch your cheek.

And then bites your nose with her needle-sharp little teeth. OUCH.


2009-03-27 (8)

2009-03-27 (7)
Gorgeous Caleb.

2009-03-27 (6)

2009-03-27 (5)
“Oh, the horror! The pain! She’s rubbing my EAR! Make her stop!”

2009-03-27 (4)

2009-03-27 (3)
Jasper has found himself a toy.

2009-03-27 (2)
Beulah, conveniently located so that when the ball comes around the track, she’ll be there to greet it.


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  1. I can barely stand to look at these pictures. I don’t know how you manage to get anything done around your house every day. Cute baby kittens must be so distracting.