This afternoon, something apparently frightened Spot, because he flew from his cat bed on the recliner in the computer room (I was sitting at my computer balancing the checkbook), through the dining room, into the kitchen to parts unknown.

Ten minutes later I was washing dishes in the kitchen when he came skulking back into the room, and he had fur hanging off him in every direction. It’s like he’s half porcupine, and when he’s frightened he releases hair all over the place. I got out the cat brush (he likes to be brushed, one of the few cats we have who do) and spent five minutes brushing him while he writhed and purred happily, and ended up with two huge handfuls of cat hair.

There are piles of Spot hair all over the house, which figures – I did, after all, just vacuum the entire house this morning.

I love our hardwood floors, but they sure do show the dust and cat hair distressingly well.

* * *

I got home to Crooked Acres (from Madison) last night to find that one of the cats had barfed on my new comforter. Not only had they barfed, they’d barfed big, and they’d barfed early in the day, so that the liquid part of the barf soaked through the comforter into the top sheet below, and a little bit onto the fitted sheet below that. How long have I had the comforter, a week and a half? That’s a record!

Do you suppose I have one single set of sheets anywhere in this house in addition to the ones on my bed? Of course not – I have one set of purple sheets I bought through Amazon, and the extra set of blue sheets that go on my old bed (now Fred’s bed) are kept at the Madison house. I scrubbed at the spot on the fitted sheet and then put a towel over it and called it good enough.
An hour later I was laying in bed watching last week’s Lost on the laptop, when Spot – who was sleeping at my feet – sat up, barfed ON MY BARE FEET and then took off for parts unknown.

I think you can imagine how very thrilled I was.

* * *

Things are in bloom.


Wisteria. It smells SO GOOD.

Plum tree in bloom.

Violets, I think.

Hardening off the plants (tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, sugar snap peas) in preparation for planting.

Euonymous. This looks so happy I might transplant it so that it’s over by the steps to the computer room (once they’re built, that is).

Fricasee the escapee.


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