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2012-03-27 (11)

2012-03-27 (12)
Ugh, they are SO CUTE. I swear, I’m afraid I’m going to squeeze them ’til the marshmallow fluff comes out their ears.

2012-03-27 (1)
“Oh, goody. You found me. I was hoping you would. No, really, I was.”
(My favorite part of this picture: Darwin in the back of the box with the tilted head.)

2012-03-27 (2)
“Yep, ya did.”

2012-03-27 (3)

2012-03-27 (4)
I simultaneously want Logie to stay this size forever, and grow up NOW because I want to see what she’s going to look like!

2012-03-27 (5)
Emmy’s face cracks me up.

2012-03-27 (7)
Oh, how I love little blue-eyed kittens.

2012-03-27 (8)

2012-03-27 (9)
I don’t know what it is about this kind of blanket that makes kittens want to lick it, but every time I go into the room, there are more and more spots on the blanket (which is laying on a cat bed near the box) that have been licked and then dried.

2012-03-27 (10)
“What? It’s yummy!”

2012-03-27 (6)
This look on Emmy’s face kills me dead.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-03-27 (14)
You know, I don’t know. It wasn’t a particularly hot day. Maybe this was Elwood’s way of flirting with Tommy?

2012-03-27 (13)
Or maybe, like Sugarbutt, he just likes to keep things aired out.


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3-27-12 — 44 Comments

  1. my kitty Kate lays on her back all the time. I think she just finds it comfortable because she falls asleep like that.

  2. I lurve Logie! If I lived near you, I’d totally jump through hoops to adopt her!
    those eyes! that face! awwww!
    My kitties lay on their backs alot. more so when they are away from each other. Luna will go into fun attack mode if she sees Sweetums too relaxed. Sweetums is not impressed when that happens. lol

    • You do know that long distance adoptions are an option right?? I mean what are vacations for if not for traveling great distances to pick up the kitten of your dreams!

  3. I totally agree with you on Logie. She’s absolutely gorgeous now, and I don’t want her to grow up too soon, but I want to know what she’ll look like as an adult.

    • Robyn needs to have it in the adoption contract that her new parents HAVE TO send her pictures of Logie all grown up. IN THE CONTRACT!!!!! 🙂

  4. When Logie goes off to Petsmart you’re going to have to post a request on her cage to the future adopter to please send update photos. She is one of the most unique looking kittens I think I’ve ever seen!

    In the photo of Emmy beside the box and Logie just behind her, she looks like she may have just had to do bathroom duty and still has an icky taste in her mouth. When do kittens start using the litter box?

    • I’m going to put out small litter boxes in various places in the room in the next few days – I imagine that in the next week, they’ll probably start using them. It’ll take them a little while to get it down, but I imagine that Emmy’s on board with getting them potty trained ASAP! 🙂

  5. I’m with you on Logie, fascinating looking kitten and sure to be a gorgeous grown up kitty! Wouldn’t it be really cool if her eyes stayed blue?!

  6. I think Logie has a secret nickname…Wolfie! To me she resembles a wolf pup with her coloring…

    • I’ll admit, I was kind of skeptical when I read that, and then I Googled up wolf pup images. Oh yes indeed, I see the resemblance now!!

      • If Logie were my baby to name, I think I might have to call her Lupe, short for Lupin, short for wolfie-girl. ♥

  7. Logie looks like a bear. I looked over at Darwin when you pointed out his face and it made me laugh out loud. Just a bit.

    My guys love airing out their privates like that too. I call it “Dude. Dignity.” then give them a belly rub.

    • I have a girl that does that. I think it just must be a very relaxing, comfortable position!

  8. Oh Emmy… I’m feeling you, girl. Sometimes a mama just needs to escape to the next room for a few deep breaths and a quiet moment. The the kid shows up, plops themselves next to you, and decides to have a 10 minute conversation about bugs. Sure, you’re not really listening. You’re just counting down the minutes until you can have another deep breath and quiet thought. It gets better.

    My dog is currently airing himself out. I’d rather watch the cats do it 😉

      • And don’t forget you are the one who wants to squeeze them till the marshmallow comes out their ears…

  9. I can’t get over how content Emmy looks. Having a warm, safe, dry place to raise your babies, with plenty of food and love, has got to mean so much to a mama kitty, especially one that can remember there NOT being such a place. ♥

    • Every time it rains or storms, I think about how Emmy was in that terrible abandoned house with all those other cats and how she could have raised these little monkeys there, and I am so thankful that she ended up here!

  10. Not about your kitties, but I had to run here and say this (because my Facebook friends already think I’m a bit overboard about my cats and I know you can appreciate it). My 8-year-old Simba has never been a “friend-maker”. When he lived with my old lady Einstein, they never got along. I always blamed it on her being old, crotchety, and a loner. When our foster Tommy moved it, they proved that they aren’t aggressive with each other but will never be friends. When we adopted old man Norman in January, I simply hoped they could co-exist peacefully (which they pretty much always have). I just walked into my living room to find them CUDDLING IN A KITTY PILE!!!! My two kitty brothers are a peaceful, snoozing, purring pile o’kitty love right now. Joy!

    I’ve always said that the reason I’m not the neighborhood cat lady is that I can’t stand when they bicker. Hmmm… 3 cats going on 13?

      • The photo of Wiley licking his nose is now my desktop wallpaper at work, where I often find myself in need of kitten-induced smiles.

  11. Robyn, what did you do to those kitten’s ears to get them up on top of their head so soon?? The kittens over here still have them on the sides..

  12. Please tell me which one is the kitty in the picture that says “Hallo Lady” (the first one that says on this post). Anyway, I think that kitty is the most cutest and inquisitive little thing. 🙂

    • I am almost positive that that’s Newbery. And yes, he is SUPER inquisitive – he was the first to climb into my lap, and now when I’m in the room, he spends a lot of time climbing into my lap and then sitting there upside down for a few moments before he rights himself. 🙂

  13. Emmy / Kittens: “Now available in two convenient sizes; handheld and laptop models.”

  14. Handful of kitten! Love it!

    Elwood, looney Elwood! Leo can’t lay down without exposing all and sundry to his all and sundry.. Hot, cold, morning, night, doesnt matter, he’s showing off his belly and what would have been fluffyballs if he still had them.

  15. I love kittens from this age on; inquisitive, wobbly, blue eyed and soo cute! Sam was only 5 weeks when he was delivered to my door so he still had wobbles now and then and blue eyes – awww!!!

  16. Would you please open a Crooked Acres B&B so we can come and stay with kittens and visit the doggies, ducks and chickens? I would love to order breakfast in bed, brought to me by Loony Jake with little Darwin perched on the tray for extra cuteness! You’d make millions, I tells ya!!

  17. When I first got Punim (and my roommate got his sister, Lexie) from our landlord’s “mama cat” I had a “husband”/reading pillow made from that type of material that he just LOVED to nurse on. I poked around online and realized we’d been deceived at how young they were when we took them (even though I had had a cat for 12 years before, I knew very little about them realistically at the time), but by that time that had zero interest in mama cat, who would climb up the fire escape to yell at them through the windows, and they were all “who the hell is making all that racket, please go away now” and I felt REALLY bad. Lexie never did it, but Punim nursed that thing until it was so gross (not to mention impossible to wash) that I had to take it away from him to make him stop. He’s 4 now, and we can have blankets and stuffies made from that material again without him doing nursing on it, thankfully!