3-27-11 – Tom Needs a Home!

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If you or someone you know lives in the Chattanooga, TN area, you’ve got to read about this sweet cat. Susan sent me the following information and pictures about him, and the idea that this poor boy has been locked in a bedroom because he’s too affectionate (!!!!!) just breaks my heart. He needs a home where he’ll get love and attention! Won’t you help spread the word?

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Tom is 6 years old (according to my vet), a gorgeous orange, sweet as hell, neutered, and a chunky hunky 18 pounds of love. He has a smushy ear due to having a BAD infection when he came to us at the shelter. He hears just fine out of it and has no problems with it at all.

“Tiny Tom” came into the rescue I volunteer with a little over a year ago. He had a loving owner who was an older woman and she passed away. Apparently her kids were fighting over her estate, because the house wasn’t sold for about a year after she died. None of her children wanted Tommy, so they left him there until they sold the house – one of the daughters came by every few days and fed/watered him and scooped the box but that was it. Luckily someone got wind of this and brought him into the rescue. He was already a sorta hefty cat at this point, but got adopted out in just a few weeks because he’s so freaking cute. Fast forward to a weeks ago, I found out that his current owner wants rid of him because she’s tired of listening to him “meow all the time”. I asked her why she thought he was meowing (maybe he was sick or in pain?) and she said it was because she keeps him in the back bedroom when she is home. What?!? Turns out she likes “independant” cats, and hates it that Tiny Tom is so affectionate! Rather than calling us, she just starting locking him in the bedroom 6 months ago so he wouldn’t keep bothering her. Poor Tom. He has food (too much of it), a litter box and water, but no lovin’. I think poor Tomkins has turned into an emotional eater – I couldn’t believe it when I saw him. She has agreed to keep him for a bit while I try to find a new home, because our foster houses are SO full right now, and at our house we have FIV kitties so I can’t bring him here.

I took him to the vet immediately (with her permission) to make sure he was ok, and his bloodwork is great. He had three bad teeth, and I had them pulled and a dental cleaning done. Despite his size, he has no glucose problems.

Tiny Tom needs an owner who will let him love on them! He wants to watch TV with you, read books with you, sleep with you. He wants someone who will measure his food for him so he can lose some weight, maybe flash the laser light around a bit so he can get some excercise. Most importantly, not yell at him and ignore him and make him feel bad just for being a loving cat. This is a seriously sweet cat who just needs some better luck in his next home. I made sure the pics show his ear, it’s really not awful looking.

Tom wants to make sure you do NOT forget to gently pet his ample belly – it needs doing.

Tom gives you his smoldering, sexy look. Is it working? BTW, this pic shows his color best, he really is a nice dark orange.

He’s the first cat I have ever tried to photograph who would lay on their back for the camera that way!

If you’re interested in giving this sweet boy a home – or would like more information about Tom – you can email Susan at susievintage (at) comcast (dot) net or you can email me and I’ll pass your email along.


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3-27-11 – Tom Needs a Home! — 33 Comments

  1. I think he’s a clone of my ex-roomates cat (who I’m still watching after). A big ol’ orange tomcat who has to be in your face 24/7, very sweet but incredibly annoying when you are trying to do anything!

    • You just let them help. That is the only time my babies on allowed on the dining room table…when I sew. Ultimately, the company is nice.

      • Make that “are allowed” in my previous comment! LOL. Also, w-a-y back in college, my little ones alway tried to help me study and wanted to lay on my homework paper, books etc..and perhaps chew a corner (ok..shred a bit). I would just put out “fake paper”. Paper that they thought was “important” and they would lay on that as I scribbled away getting my work done. You just have to be smarter and more creative than your kitty. And above all, realize that they WANT to be with YOU….. how sweet is that?!?!?!?!?

  2. Love the smoldering look! LOL!

    *sigh* At least from what I’ve heard, complaints are usually the other way around. I’m sorry but I must rant… IDIOT woman! Since when is physical and emotional abandonment a solution for personalities that don’t click? Didn’t the constant meowing for six months clue you in that this poor cat was lonely and miserable? There’s nothing wrong with preferring independent cats, but dang it, woman, use the brain the good Lord gave you and do something constructive about the situation! (Thank you, Susan, for rescuing the sweet boy.)

    I, too, appreciate independent cats ’cause I’m running around all the time or on the computer. And then along came Sophie, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. We could play, “Pluck the cat off of the keyboard and put her down” 40 times with her showing no signs of growing tired. And you know what? Eventually it hit me… what’s more important? Thank you, my sweet Sophs, for reminding me that lovin’ my babes is priority one… good for me and good for them, in sooooo many ways. How do our priorities get so out of whack sometimes?

    Tom, I just know there’s a wonderful home out there with a lap that’s all yours!

  3. We saw this on HubbleSpacePaws and came to offer purrs for Tom to find the RIGHT forever home very soon. Gees…Our mom doesn’t get it, locking him away because he’s too loving. She’d like the human woman to be locked away for 6 months for being so stupid.

  4. Oh bless his orange heart. I am sure he will find a home in no time and be able to love on his new momma (and anyone else there) as much as he wants. Picturing him meowing and meowing in a room reminds me of Stewie on Family Guy: “Mom, mom, mom, mom, ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, mum, mum, mum,mummy, mummy, mummy!” “WHAT?!” “Hi!”


  5. oh how I wish I lived close to him! Even in the same country. 🙁 I would adopt this poor, sweet boy and give him all the love he could possibly need. And a laser toy or two, of course. What a big sweetheart.

    Best of luck Tom, I’m sure someone (the right someone) will fall in love with you soon enough!

  6. oh I wish I lived closer to Nashville – I’d scoop him up in a second. I’ve got 2 independent cats and have always wanted a love bug kitty.

  7. *goggles* Locking a cat away because he’s too loving… I could say a few things about that woman, but I don’t think they’re fit for a kitty blog. I am floored, not to mention disgusted.

    I for one love snuggly kitties! Alas, again with the no cats in this apartment thing, not to mention the Wisconsin thing. Not sure I know anyone in Tennessee, but I’ll spread the word anyway. Many, many snuggles, scritchies and pets for poor, awesome Tom from afar. I’d offer a temporary lap to flop on, but… yes, alas, distance.

  8. I hopehopehope he can get the loving forever home he deserves! I hope he can lose weight so he can have a long, healthy, happy life.

  9. Tom is still with that person who locks him up!?!??!?!!? 🙁

    If only I could, if only I could!!!! Darn this ocean between us!! Poor sweet gorgeous Tom. I have everything crossed that he’ll find a home and family who will treat him like family too! Take care

  10. I don’t believe it. I’m seeing Tom, but, I’m also seeing my cat MacKenzie who passed away last October 19th. Let me explain why, I say this. Our cat suffered somewhat the same fate, except
    that he was kept in a closet for a very long time. We got MacKenzie from a friend who had gotten him from the ‘closet person’. In our home MacKenzie had a younger sister Peepers and on News Eve 2007 we were adopted by another kitty, we named Carlton, and have/had the absolute best. I would feed him what I’d cook for dinner most nights, like Mom’ chicken dinners, salmon patties, and meatloaf. At least, I’d make sure I had extra on my plate for him and his sister to eat. I always took a little more just for the two of them, that way they were never left out. My wish for lovely handsome Tom is that his forever home has the most loving and caring parent(s). I’d wish we didn’t live so close yet so far, we’re in Iowa.
    Peepers, Carlton and we send major headbutts and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssss.

  11. Whoa! I came on to check up on Maggie and I see this. This Susan person evidently is a foster cat mom and yet she has left this poor cat in what can only be described as an abusive situation! Surely there is someplace in the area that could take him in until a forever home comes along. Shame on that cat’s person and, I’m sorry but, shame on Susan.

    • Gerri, it’s certainly not an ideal situation for Tom currently, but she did say that their foster homes are filled to capacity and she has FIV positive cats in her own home that she doesn’t want to chance exposing him to. She’s working hard to find him a home, and I have no doubt that if room opens up in a foster home before a forever home can be found for him, he’ll go there for proper care and attention.

  12. Thank you, all of you, for your love and prayers for Tom. With a face like that, I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time before the right person sees him and falls in love!

  13. That twit doesn’t deserve a loving kitty like Tom.

    She should have a garden of pet rocks that she can leave out in the rain and snow without regard.

  14. Poor Tom! I hope he finds a permanent, loving home soonest. And as I write this, my Fuzz meows at me to tell me it’s been at least 15 minutes since he has been petted and could I attend to his needs soonest! Of course I complied!

    P.S. I think the smooshed ear makes Tom look cute! I sure hope there are affectionate people out there who think the same way.

  15. Oh I wish I could take Tom. I love ginger kitties! I have 4 now and my landlord would probably throw me out. And I live in PA. But I sure do wish I could take him, {{{sigh}}}
    Hope you find a proper loving home Tom, you deserve it.

  16. I’m hoping that Tom will soon be en route to freedom and love. Like most fans of Robyn, Fred, and their brood, I live too far away and am already at maximum cattage. I was going to angrily suggest that once Tom is out if there, his insensitive current owner be be forbidden from adopting ever again. What happens, for instance, if her next ideal independent cat comes to want more from her? Thanks to Robyn for spreading the word and to Susan for springing the young man as soon as possible!

  17. What a sad story! Poor little dude. I can’t believe someone found him too affectionate! What the heck is the point of having pets you when you want them to stay away from you?!

    Unfortunately I am on the opposite side of the country, but I will keep my fingers crossed for Tom!

  18. If she “prefers independent cats,” why the hell didn’t she adopt one in the first place!?

    Poor Tommy boy. Wish I lived closer, I’d snap him up in an instant.

  19. TOM!!!!!

    He’s freakin cute!!!
    I want a cat just like him!!

    If only my home is very very near, but it’s awfully very very far, i’d like to adopt him..

    i have this fettish for fat cats. <3

  20. Oh that belly just cries to have some face time…would make an awesome pillow!! I wish I could bring him home but my other cats would mutiny 🙁 Hope he finds a forever home soon!!

  21. I live in SC and if I could I would take him in a heartbeat. I cannot stand to see that an animal is abused or ignored. I am looking for a cat but with gas prices I can’t get to nashville. I hope he gets a wonderful home that treats him good. Good luck Tom.

    • I wonder if you guys could put your heads together and work out a transport. I have some friends who have to do that all the time with dogs.

  22. Has Tiny Tom been adopted yet? My husband was just asking me and hoping he’s found his furrrrever home.

  23. Hello I am Rachael’s husband I am very concerned about Tiny Tom. He is adorable and when you see that pic of him on his back how could you not want him. My wife and I have three wonderful cats already but would love to help I am just wondering if Trpancoast is serious about taking him. Please reply ASAP because every time I think about that horrible woman locking him in a room alone just because he wants some love it infuriates me to no end.

    • Stephen, I’ve forwarded your comment to Trpancoast via email and am hoping to hear back.