3-29-14 – Gracey & Kaleb are looking for a home!

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Kaleb has been adopted; Gracey still needs a forever home!

Gracey was adopted on April 18th. Yay, Gracey!

Gracey (brown tabby) and Kaleb are Challenger’s House kittens who are looking for a home! They’re located in the Huntsville, Alabama area.

They’re 8 month old siblings who have been at Petsmart for a little while now. As a youngster Gracey seemed to tire easily and actually crashed when she was sedated for her spay surgery. She was revived by the vet and her staff, and surgery was postponed. Her spay surgery was performed successfully in January with no problems.

Gracey saw a cardiac vet who determined that she has an Atrial Septal Defect – a hole in her heart. The vet said that most likely the hole will not grow as the heart gets bigger, but that’s not a guarantee at this point in time. She will at least need an Echocardiogram when she turns one year old, which will cost $350 – $400, depending on the cardiologist and if everything is routine. (There’s a cardiologist in Birmingham who comes to Huntsville once a month, so making a long trip to Birmingham wouldn’t be necessary.) If at that point her heart has grown normally but the hole has stayed the same small size (which frequently happens), then she shouldn’t require future ECGs.

The vet wrote this description of her condition: “Gracey has a congenital heart defect known as Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). At the time of her diagnosis in January 2014, the defect was small and wasn’t causing her any problems. As she matures this problem can become more significant. Periodic rechecks with an ultrasound of the heart is the best way to monitor for potential problems. Anesthesia is riskier for a patient with an ASD, so it’s important that any veterinarian who cares for her know she has it. Medication is not necessary now, but might be recommended in the future.”

Kaleb and Gracey are both sweet playful kittens who love to chase feather teasers, toy mice, and ping pong balls. After playing they love to flop down beside you, purr, and ask for petting. They adore chasing each other and snuggling together when they are sleepy.

Their foster mom is really worried that no one will adopt Gracey due to her “special needs” status. If you or someone you know would be interested in adopting her and providing a loving home for this sweet girl and her brother, please contact Challenger’s House at challengershouse (at) mchsi.com or 256-420-5995

Any good thoughts directed this way would certainly be welcome and very much appreciated. Please spread the word!


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3-29-14 – Gracey & Kaleb are looking for a home! — 7 Comments

  1. If I didn’t have a billion cats (and two fosters looking for homes) gracie would be mine! I love her sweet face b

  2. These two are awesome cats. Very friendly and active. When I was there Tuesday Kaleb kept making the automatic paper towel machine to roll out more paper while Gracey was hanging out in the big carpet tower.

  3. What a beautiful, and charming, pair. Fingers crossed for the perfect home for these two — soonest. And isn’t Challenger’s house a wonderful organization!?!

  4. I would so love to but that would put us at 5 and so not happening. I know 5 is a tiny number but more than we can handle right now. Will send a check to help with expenses. Such sweet looking babies and me without a black kitty. Sigh.

  5. Have you thought about asking Laurie of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee to post about her to see if one of her so very many readers would be interested in adopting her? If I could afford her medical care I’d drive to Huntsville, from West Lafayette, IN, to adopt her.

  6. I have a cat named Gracie and she is the love of all. Hope this Gracey finds a wonderful loving home soon.

    And as you are my foster kitty idol, I must inform you that I am following in your pawprints. This week I began fostering one 2 day old red tabby (already named Mr. Cheddars). And today four babies arrived from a local shelter. Two are 3 weeks old and two are about three and a half weeks old. The older ones have begun transitioning to solid food, but the others are on the bottle. Not sleeping much here at the moment…

    • Wow, you are diving right in! Good for you. 🙂 (Also, I am jealous, because I’m dying to get my hands on some wee babies!!!)