3-26-20 Thursday

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Just a note: there’s going to be a bracelet auction starting on Saturday (and going through next Sunday), AND there are going to be some extra items as well that y’all might be interested in – go follow the auction page! Everything is going to be shipped whether it’s going locally or not (which is why you might notice everything in the auction will be easy to ship! We’re no dummies!) and there will be some very cool stuff in addition to Aubrie’s beautifully made bracelets.

So go follow the page!


Things I’ve been doing recently.

My sister’s birthday was last week, and due to my excellent printer, I wanted to send her a personalized birthday card. So…

I made some tiny birthday hats and took (I am not exaggerating) 300 pictures to get three usable ones. (I ended up sending the Isabella picture on a card and posting the Diego pic on her Facebook page.)

Things Fred made recently.

I sent him this pattern, but didn’t think he’d make it because he doesn’t like following patterns and he doesn’t care to make cat toys (though that’s not necessarily intended to be a cat toy I think we all know that that’s what I want it for), and really what it comes down to is that HE IS MEAN. However, he gave it a try. And then we talked about how it wouldn’t be much harder to go from the bunny to a cat, so he tried one and then a second one. I’m trying to convince him to make some for the auction; I’m not sure he’ll go for it, but we’ll see. (Those are now upstairs in the kitten room and the kittens like them well enough to kick around.)


You know, I am honestly not sure what’s going on with Alejandro’s face. It looks dirty, right? With the brown on his muzzle pouches and chin? But I tried cleaning it off with a damp cloth a few times, and it looks like that’s just his face. Interesting coloring!

The whole bunch of ’em.

Mama takes a break. She is SUCH a pretty girl.

Carmelita the Cutie.

The light blue eyes and the little smile make Pablo quite loonariffic.

Got a little food on your face there, kid. (Alejandro)

Look at Diego, the little poser.

Javier’s sneakin’ up on me.


“Lady, the sun really brings out the fact that someone needs to clean this window. And it’s not gonna be me.” Thanks, Newt, you’re such a help.


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