3-29-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Diego (left) and Carmelita look SO much alike. Maybe they’re twins!

Carmelita, climbing up the couch and blepping. She’s a multi-tasker!

A little more skitterbugging from Pablo. He’s a skitterbug prodigy!

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Mama’s Milk Bar is the hottest restaurant in town.

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Like two seconds ago these guys could barely crawl and now they’re tussling and climbing and having opinions. It’s nuts!

Oh, that Javier. He’s such a little dreamboat!

Good night innernets. (Carmelita)

I know I am so evil for laughing at this, but Javier’s face plant has me cracking up. I laugh out loud every time I look at this picture! (He was fine, stood right up and ran off.)

Alejandro is shocked that I laughed at the picture I shared earlier. “You is mean, lady!”⁠

Pablo has learned that if he waits until the other kittens are either sleeping or off playing, he gets the milk bar to himself. He’s just biding his time.

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I swear Pablo will poof up and skitter sideways with very little provocation – all I did was tap on the floor and FLOOF!

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Here we have an illustration of how one gray boy (Alejandro) is eating off a plate and the other gray boy (Pablo) prefers the milk bar still. Isabella is so patient! And we have Carmelita playing. Oh, that girl.

Look at Pablo’s little face. He is TELLING his Mama how it is!

Good night innernets. (Alejandro & Javier)

“This is distant enough. You gots a problem with that?”

Alejandro’s going to nap like an angel on his bed of mini house panthers.⁠

“I’m coming for you, Mr. Rattie.” Pablo, the mighty hunter.

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Everyone else was sleeping, so Alejandro amused himself, with a little help from me.

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All 5 kittens, awake and playing!

Carmelita is VERY proud of herself – as she should be!

Good night innernets. (Carmelita)

“I sees you, innernets.” (Javier)

If that’s not a pile o’ cute, I don’t know what is! (From left: Carmelita, Javier in the middle, Pablo at the top, Alejandro at the bottom, Diego on the right.)

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Alejandro shows off his pouncing skills.

Diego’s just chillin’.

Good night innernets. (Javier & Carmelita)

Track toy: conquered. You go, Pablo!

Carmelita likes to hang out in the GoPets scratcher and complain when one of her rotten brothers bites her tail on the other side. (Please note watchful Isabella in the upper left corner.)

Pablo’s hanging out with Mama, watching the world go by.

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Throw Back Thursday: back in late 2013, we had mama Livia and her 7 (!) kittens named after characters from The Sopranos. One of those kittens was the kitten in this video, Silvio, and Silvio did not want me to kiss him. I call this video “NO KISS FOR YOU” (but you’ll notice I got my kiss in at the end.)

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It’s a BOOPapalooza, is what it is. (Carmelita & Diego)

That box seems to be getting smaller! (Alejandro)

Good night innernets. (Pablo & Carmelita)

The milk bar is open, but Javier is having so much fun chasing Isabella’s tail around that he can’t be bothered to stop playing to eat.

Alejandro says “Talk to the paw!” and Pablo and Javier say “Yeah, what he said!”

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Everyone’s pickin’ on Carmelita!

Alejandro and Javier have such guilty little faces!

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Mama’s milk bar doubles as a mosh pit! (When Javier leaps onto her and the other kittens, it cracks me UP.)

Diego is giving me QUITE the look for interrupting his nap. Sorry, Diego. As you were!

Good night innernets. (Diego & his teddy bear.)

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Pablo hanging out in the GoPets scratcher. I feel like I spend a lot of time encouraging kittens to “slide on out.” I’m so helpful.

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There’s a whole lotta skitterbugging going on these days. ⁠

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Awww, everybody’s pickin’ on Carmelita!

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Pablo is a tiny guy, but he’s FIERCE. (Please do not miss the point at about 13 seconds in when he pauses and gives Isabella a look that clearly conveys “YOU WANT A PIECE O’ ME?!”)

Look who is FINALLY eating on his own! He’s been eating off my hand (and off a spoon) for the past couple of days, but has been very confused about the concept of eating off the plate. Finally this afternoon the light went on over his head and he ate and ate and ate. The world is your oyster now, Pablo! (All the other kittens have been eating on their own for the better part of the past week.)

Little Miss Innocent. 💟(Carmelita)

Good night innernets, from a very grumpy Alejandro and his teddy.


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