3-29-19 Friday

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The noses are adorable but those bellies are all lethally cute! Do any of them let you pet them? My Zelda asks for belly pets from me all the time, which is quite the honor given her tortie princess floofiness.

Those kittens will let me pet their bellies as long as I want to when they’re sleepy, but if they’re busy playing, off they go!


Almanzo is big boy alright! Eating solid food! Are they using the litter boxes all of the time now?

They are using the litter boxes all the time because they are geniuses. I haven’t found any accidents in over a week!


Robyn, how does Caroline actually “call” the kittens to her to come to the milk bar? Does it interpret to “come and get it guys!”

It’s a high-pitched trill, kind of an encouraging sound – you know the high-pitched “Kitty kitty kitty!” people do to call cats? I think it sounds like the cat version of that. She does it incessantly until all the kittens come to her (or at least most of them.) I’ve been trying to get it on video, but haven’t had any luck yet. I’ll keep trying.


So now you have to tell us where you got that pink cave. My tuxie Allie would like it, and the pink would be beautiful with her shiny black and white coat.

I got that at Amazon – affiliate link right here – though the price has gone up by about $10 since I got it in November. It was smaller than I expected, but Charles really likes to cram himself into small spaces, so I guess it’s perfect for him!


In the photo of Pa on the wooden box, his dark markings look like he has some kind of collared lizard clinging to his back.

I can see that! And in the picture below, it kinda looks like a frog.


“Look at him there, sleeping like a baby while I do milk bar duty. Hmph.”

Laura and Mary were SO CONFUSED by Pa’s lack of a milk bar.

“It just ain’t right!” (Mary)

Sleepy Laura.

Willie and the Very Rough Life.

“Is it ba-ba time?!” (Albert)

Mary, showing off her belly. Isn’t it delightful?

Getting the grumpy face from Willie. Like it’s MY fault he’s down there on the floor instead of somewhere soft.

My lord, the size of those paws! (Albert)

The tail draped casually over Almanzo’s ear cracks me up.

Post-bottle Laura, asleep in my lap.


“I SEE YOU, LADY!” Dewey wants none of my picture-taking nonsense.


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  1. That picture of Willie really confused me — first I thought you had just put in the picture upside down, then I thought he was somehow hanging upside down! I had to sort of adjust my vision before I could see him lying on the floor!

  2. Oh, and I am shamelessly jealous of post-bottle Laura asleep in your lap. I would never, ever move.