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(As of last night at midnight, there were no babies. Like yesterday, I’ll post when I get up to confirm that.)

Edited to add: 6:31. No babies.


“Oh! I think it’s time!”

“Or not. Ha ha. Suckerrr.”

Laying on her belly watching TV. Previously, I’d mostly been playing music on the TV. Yesterday I decided to play a TV show. Since we don’t have cable, I had to rely on Netflix or Hulu or HBO, and I went for that perennial favorite, House. She’d glanced at the TV a few times before then, but when House was on, she literally sat there and watched it for five minutes straight. I’d say she’s a fan of medical drama.

“That Hugh Laurie is a DREAM.”




And one last ::thlurrrp::

Have I mentioned I love her expressive little face?

So there’s lots of belly movement. She’s definitely got filling – if not full – milk sacs. She has poked her head into the crate a few more times, I’m sure just to tease me. Mostly, she’s been sleeping, eating, using the litter box, and demanding that I pet her correctly (and stomping off in a huff if I don’t.)

She’s so fluffy and has so much belly fur that I’ve been doing my very best to trim it back. It hasn’t been easy because apparently she doesn’t WANT a hair cut, so if she realizes I’m doing it, she stomps off. I’m also a little hesitant because that’s a fairly sensitive area to be wielding scissors (I have a really good pair of grooming scissors we used with George and Gracie), so it’s taking longer than it might in another area. I have managed to clear the area around two of her nipples and to reduce the overall fluffiness, so we’re doing well.

And apparently I’ve got more time to work on it, so maybe I’ll turn on House and trim away while she’s distracted.


Our three ornj boys, on the table. That’s Newt in the basket, Stefan on the bed, and Frankie front and center.

It cracks me up that they’re sleeping with their backs toward each other.


Treat time! We’ve got Frankie over there by the cabinet with his eyes on Fred. Then from left moving right, we’ve got Newt, Jake, Dewey and Stefan.

And then Archie came in (he’s sitting over there by the fridge.) Note that Archie is looking toward Frankie (who’s on the other side of the doorway). Frankie makes Archie nervous.

(Everyone else got a treat, too – they just tend to scatter all over the place, so Fred has to walk around and serve them. Spoiled? Nah!)


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  1. In the previous years’ posts, in 2011 there’s the lovely Maggie, also not going to give up those babies. Methinks this is a recurring occurence 😀

    • We were also waiting for Lucy to have her babies back in 2015 (she had hers on April 1st, Maggie had hers on April 2nd. I hope we don’t have to wait longer than that for Nola’s!)

  2. She is so beautiful with her golden eyes…but give up those babies to Robyn, Nola!!!!

  3. My cat Bunny will let me groom her, trim knots and that kind of thing, only if I let her groom me at the same time. She’s a licker, to the point of self harm when she’s stressed, so if I sit on the bed with her and she can get to my bare foot or leg, she will lick me as long as I’m grooming her. And I have the scabs to prove it.

  4. Nola has good taste. HOUSE is the bomb! That Hugh Laurie IS dreamy and the guy who plays Chase (Jesse Spencer) is now in Chicago Fire!-ooh la la

    • I’ve been trying to get a good alien belly video! I don’t think Fred holding her up is going to happen this time around – it makes her very nervous when we’re both in the room, and I don’t think she’d handle that well.

  5. I’m curious as to why you’re trimming her belly fur? Wasn’t Kate really fluffy too? I think once the kittens start nursing the fur around them disappears, no? Or did you trim Kate’s too? I was looking at the previous years and ya can’t help but notice the bare nipple in the middle of all her black fur, so not being creepy here!

  6. she does have pretty eyes 🙂 and liking House is a riot.

    I’ve never bothered to trim long haired kitties.. they all seem to make it work with all that fluff.

    If I can feel kittens moving, I know it isn’t going to be any time soon, it is when they get big enough that they fill up all of the space and can’t move any more that I know time is getting close.

    • and they sleep back to back like that to keep a better eye on their territory.. three sets of eyes looking out are better than one