3-28-17 No Babies Yet! Tuesday

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Edited to add: 6:13 am. No babies.

(As of midnight, no babies. You guys know I write these the night before, right? I’ll add an update when I roll my lazy butt out of bed, just in case.)

What we do have is a sweeter-by-the-day Nola.

If you can’t tell, she was talking to me. She’s got the sweetest little voice.

I got out the broom to clean her room, and she wasn’t sure what she thought about that.

But she got over it.

“I sees what you’re doin’, lady.”

Checking out the TV.

One of the changes I made to the foster room after I finished painting it was to convince Fred that I desperately needed a small TV in there. So we bought a very small flat screen and also bought a Fire TV Stick and now there’s a TV in there.

There’s not a radio in there, though, and I’ve always liked to play the radio during the day for fosters. I used to have a radio, but in the mess of repainting and rearranging the foster room, it seems to have disappeared into another dimension. Fred told me that I could use the voice feature on the Fire TV Stick to order Alexa to play me a certain kind of music. I wanted something on the soft side, nothing too jarring. I tried classic rock, but wasn’t crazy about it. I gave classic pop a try, and that was okay.

At some point Sunday afternoon a mix of Enya was playing – I’m not sure how that happened – and I was beyond excited to read that she had a song called March of the Cats, until I looked closer and realized it was March of the Celts. Come on, Enya, time to up your game! On Monday I requested a mix of soft pop. That was pretty good at first until it decided to play nothing but Adele (I like Adele just fine, but not 6 hours of only Adele, thank you very much.) Finally, I requested something soft and easy and relaxing, Alexa decided I needed “relaxing acoustic pop,” and that was pretty much perfect.

(I dearly wish that room was big enough for a small futon. Maybe in the next house!)

I did think I might have some baby news for y’all this morning, by the way. At around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, Nola came to me for some petting, then strolled into her crate and reclined. She moved around quite a bit, and I was all “IT’S BABY TIME!”, and I FLEW down the stairs to grab my camera and other supplies, and FLEW back up the stairs hoping she hadn’t already had her first baby. She was snoozing, and I sat and watched her, and then she turned and looked at me.

“Is it time?” I asked. “I’m here for you, sister. Just let me know what you need!”

Then she stood up, laughed in my face, and strolled back across the room and flopped down, looking ever so pleased with herself.

All that said: I don’t think it’s going to be much longer. Her milk sacs are filling up, the babies are moving even more. I think it’s time, and you better believe I’ll be eyeballing her constantly ’til she gives me those babies.


Look at that sweet little Dewey face. He’s so up in my space at nap time, purring and asking to be petted, and then when I see him outside of nap time and try to pet him, half the time he’s all “Whoa whoa WHOA, lady, have we met? Watch the hands!” Apparently he prefers to keep our love a secret. I BET HE’D HATE IT THAT I TOLD THE ENTIRE INNERNETS WHAT A GREAT BIG SNUGGLY BABY HE IS. Ha ha, Dewey. Now EVERYONE knows!


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3-28-17 No Babies Yet! Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. She has a beautiful profile, that Miss Nola! Bet she’s gonna have to binge watch her shows now that there’s a tv in her room (past cat Moms fostered are all “damn…man that’s just not…why didn’t she have that when I was there?”), cuz once the babies get here…

    (Am I weird cuz I wonder how the babies will ever be able to nurse what with all that floofy goodness she has going? Even though I know that of course they will, I’m still all “huh…ok…but can they…dude, yeah, geez…”. Some people think of retirement. This is what I think of. My inner monologues confound me sometimes.)

  2. I can’t imagine the relief a pregnant cat must have to realize she has a safe, warm space in which to have her kittens, and know that she’s cared for and fed. What a sweet, pretty mama-to-be.

    “March of the Cats,” indeed!

    • I know how much relief “I” feel, knowing these mama cats get some time to relax and get to know/trust Robyn before their litter starts to consume all their time.

      Nola is so pretty, I’m hoping for a mixed bag of babies, baked to perfection!

      That bit about Dewey not knowing who Robyn is outside of nap time had me laughing. I don’t know how she handles that kind of rejection, and DAILY no less!!

      • Very true! But at any rate, we get to enjoy watching the beautiful love and trust develop between Nola and Robyn. ❤

  3. She’s also got an incredible tail. I tease my Fizzgig about carrying a feather duster around on his butt, and his is like hers — and hers might be bigger.

  4. I love the ‘but she got over it’ pic. Nola is gorgeous, but her eyes are stunning!

  5. On Monday I requested a mix of soft pop.

    I read that with an extra o and wondered why you would request soft stool. 🙂

    Jazz is good for kitties too.. Classical helps them relax

  6. Nola is so gorgeous. Never was there a more gorgeous teenage baby mama. What color ARE her eyes, anyway? They look amazing in every picture, but my favorite is the “I sees what you’re doin’, lady.” picture, where they are caramel colored.

  7. Nola is sooo beautiful!! Did you ever tell us what age they think she is, and if you think she has had a litter before?

    Dewey is a love bug, Dewey is a love bug, nah, nah , nah!! 😀

  8. I wonder who will have their babies first, April the giraffe or Nola? Have to laugh at the Memes, “She told him she was pregnant to keep him, then the world turned on a webcam”

    • Kar-that is my same question. I was going to post also that the race is on between April and Nola! Too funny.

  9. We have a TV we leave on for the cat if we have to be away, just don’t play Animal Planet. According to my “not a cat person” husband (who constantly spoils and snuggles the cat) Animal Planet shows are too sad for the cat. PBS only.

    • Yeah, tried that while watching TV with my preschool nieces and nephews.

      [Attenborough voice] And there’s the snowy hare, wearing his winter finery. And drawn by the fresh tracks in the snow is the fox, also wearing his winter white. And now the circle of life begins again. [/Attenborough voice]

      *** Blood splatters across the snow ***

      Kids scream.

  10. Robyn you always make me smile and laugh with your fabulous pictures and comments !! A bright part of my day 🙂

    You should get one of these, or something similar, for the foster room !!! They can be folded up when it isn’t foster nap time and the kittens would love climbing all over it !!!

    Just don’t let Dewey know you are having nap time with “other” kitties !!

    • I just googled ‘folding bed cushion’ in images and saw several that have handles for suitcase-style transport. Easy to tuck in your storage closet between naps!

  11. First April the Giraffe and now Nola Cat.
    I’m getting all broody waiting for these babies!