3-27-17 No Babies Yet Monday

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We have no babies yet, but Monday ain’t over yet. Is all I’m sayin’. I could still be right that she’ll have her babies today! (But I don’t think so.) We’ll see!

Over the weekend, she slept a lot.

She ate a lot.


She thought a lot.

She has such an expressive face.

She likes this corner of the room.

Probably because it’s kind of hard for the humans to get to. It’s the corner under the wall basket, and so I have to kind of squeeze over there and bend over to get to her.

She loves her chin scritches.


Did I mention I love her sweet little face?

This was yesterday morning. I like seeing her with a little more confidence.

Pardon the weird angle. I was trying to get a good picture of her shape. Football-shaped, am I right?

So, a few things: there’s been belly movement that is definitely belly movement. So I’m confident that she IS pregnant, but have zero clue when they’ll actually come. I can’t give y’all a report on her nipples because I know they’re there, but there’s so much belly floof that I can’t see them. I don’t feel full milk sacs yet.

I am NOT naming one of her kittens Katrina. It’s a pretty name, but Katrina did so much damage that to New Orleans that I feel ookie at the thought of giving a kitten that name. Etoufee is also off the table (see what I did there?), awesome as it is, because in French it means “choked,” so no. At some point I’ll get all the names into a list and post them, and y’all can warn me about any negative connotations I don’t know of – my rule right now is that I’m not going with anything too difficult for a non-Louisianan to pronounce. That could change, of course!


“Oh? Are you giving me attitude, dish towel? Are you sure you really want to do that?”

“I’ve subdued it, lady. You’re safe.”

“You’re welcome!”


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3-27-17 No Babies Yet Monday — 51 Comments

  1. Sometimes, if mama is too floofy, owners have had to trim the fur back around the nipples so the babies can find them and latch on. Do you think she will require this?

    • Before this morning, I would have said there’d be no way she’d let me trim any of her fur. But then I used the Furminator and one of those grooming gloves to lull her into a semi-coma, and got the fur around one nipple trimmed before she knew what was happening.

      So I’m planning to do as much trimming as I can. What really needs trimming is her bloomers!

  2. Squeee… she is beautiful!!! And, I don’t blame Archie one bit – – that towel was sending off some strong attitude – could feel it all the way over here! Way to go, Archie! Way to keep the inside order – keep to the inside, Sheriff Mama is patrolling the outside.. Crooked Acres secured. BTW – if I may… your kitchen towel holders… they’re not attached to the door fronts? They look like they go over the door? That. is. Fabulous! Can I ask if you know or remember where you got them?

  3. Archie is really after the kitchen towels, isn’t he? What a good boy, protecting his momma from a nasty kitchen towel like that 😉

  4. She is so beautiful! You could just name the little ones after different types of hot sauces… That seems to be the souvenir of choice that many of my friends/colleagues bring back from New Orleans.

    • …the home of pralines? And they bring back hot sauce?

      … no accounting for taste.

        • Pralines are easy.

          2 Cups Sugar
          1 Cup Brown Sugar
          1 Stick Butter
          1 Cup Milk
          2 Tablespoons Corn Syrup
          4 Cups Pecans

          1. Combine everything but the nuts in a saucepan.
          2. Heat and stir until it reaches “soft ball” stage on a candy thermometer (234°)
          3. Add Pecans and stir. It should be a slightly thick consistency.
          4. Spoon onto wax paper

  5. Archie was clearly showing his OCD displeasure with a towel hanging inside out on the towel rack, especially a cat print kitchen towel. The nerve…

  6. I was hoping for the babies to come today, since it is my mom’s birthday. But maybe they will come on Wednesday, for my nephew’s birthday, or Friday, for my grandmother’s birthday. (March is a busy month for us.)

    Figaro also likes to attack the kitchen towels. I don’t think he really beats them into submission like Archie does, but he does love to pull them down off the towel rack.

  7. That is the closest to a smile I’ve ever seen on Archie’s face. I have no idea why a formerly feral cat, who really knows how to hunt, would hunt down and pummel poor defenseless towels.

    Nola has such wonderful coloring and light fluffy fur. That said, those pic’s look like almost three different cats: buff, medium brown and almost wolf-black coloring.

    • Yeah, her colors really change in the different lighting. Maybe she’s a mood cat and her colors change due to how annoyed she is with me. 😀

  8. I love the Louisiana theme for the kittens- So here are some more words that could be used as names:
    Zydeco, Jazz, Voodoo, Gris-Gri, Ya Ya
    Creole, Cher, Acadia, Bayou, Lagniapp

    These her ar all food inspired
    Roux, Praline, Brulee, Po’boy, Muffuletta, Jambalaya
    Cayenne, Gumbo, Emeril Lagasse and Bam

    • Oooh Zydeco is good! The others are, too, of course…but I hadn’t thought of Zydeco and that’s a great kitten name.

  9. Wow, Nola is such a gorgeous girl! It seems all your moms-to-be have huge, wide eyes (maybe it’s the realization that the tomcat responsible for their predicament is probably not gonna call again, and totally shirk their responsibilities). Oh, those babies are going to be scrumptious… Girlfriend has some serious girth going on there.

    Archie, lol. Gandalf used to do that to – protect the household from those dangerous, no-good dish towels by rubbing his face on them and drooling them into submission.

  10. I still think you should name them after vampires (NOLA and her Vamps). Only because I would like to see a wee blonde kitty named Spike hissing at you. But you already had the True Bloods….sigh.

    You always call kittens cute little muffins, so maybe name them after New Orleans desserts…Praline, Doberge, Beignet, B. Foster. 🙂

    Then again a kitten named Muffelatta would be hysterical.

    I’ll stop babbling now. You always come up with the BEST names. So just tell the gorgeous NOLA to turn up the heat on baking those muffins.

  11. Surely there should be a Bubba and a Lady Marmalade?
    she is soo pretty, I love this colour of torties.

    • Love that – I had a Bubba a big 19 lbs. tuxedo cat and later when w got a tuxedo female, we called her Dixie. I must admit that I am currently a bit obsessed with naming little ones, since I am expecting 2 grandchildren this year.

    • I actually tend to call the boy cats (the permanent residents, especially Stefan) Bubba when I see them as I’m moving around the house.

  12. If there’s a black kitten, I’m thinking that they’re automatically named Boudin at this point.

    And now I really, really want an oyster po boy. Although I wouldn’t say no to a muffaletta either. Some beignets and Chicory coffee would be nice too. Some Brennan’s Banana Foster would taste good for desert but a purple (only purple!) slice of king cake would do.

    Ok, I think the food themed rambling means that it’s time for lunch.

    Still prefer the idea of using Krewe/Indian tribe names. Want an adorable little girl named “Baby Doll” and a black smoky boy named “Skull Bones.”

  13. I am so in love with Nola !!! With the way her tummy is from above it looks like the kittens are almost baked or she is going to have a very large clowder of kittens !!!

    It is too bad that Etouffee’s French meaning is choking, is sounds so cute. I am French and I like how it sounds when people say it for the French dish. I know you will have the perfect names for them once you see them. The names always suit them so perfectly.

    • Ha – of COURSE, it’s the first thing I did and she pushed it away. Maybe she’ll be like Emmy, who birthed her babies in a wooden box and always pushed out any bedding I put in there . (Now I’m wondering where I put that box!)

  14. The runt: TeeBeau or TeeRoux. “Tee” is Cajun shorthand for Petit or Little Cajuns pronounce “Petit” as “Tee” (but let’s not spell it the way they do: Tit)!

  15. She is SO pretty! Her coloring reminds me a lot of my Harley, except Harley’s “split face” is even more pronounced, I think. It will be interesting to see how many different colors the kittens are.

  16. How about Dauphine for a girl? It is a street in the French Quarter. Maybe Yat for a boy? Yat is the hard to imitate dialect of native New Or.eanians. Also used to designate those , like ,me, who speak Yat.