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Attention, please, those of you who live in the Houston, TX area! Do you see this gorgeous, striking boy with amazing eyes?

Lori says:

Bruce Lee is a gorgeous blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese with kinked tail. Possible purebred? He is FIV+ but seems to be in good health. Two years old, neutered male, current on vaccinations. Found wandering the mean streets of the city of Houston.

Currently weights 10.5 pounds but I expect with full time kibble and a nightly snack of wet food that he’ll put on a couple of pounds. Super sweet, loves to cuddle and knead. Purrs and talks at you. Has settled into a small front bedroom by himself with no fuss and uses the litterbox (clumping litter) like a pro. In fact, he scatters less than any cat I’ve ever met.

He seems perfectly content by himself in that he’s not howling or throwing himself against the doors. I brought in my big Persian last night. He hissed but never moved off the bed beside me. The Persian just ignored him. He also didn’t seem to be too terribly afraid of the dogs that had him cornered next door when he was still outside.

I really believe he would make a wonderful “only” cat and I’m willing to travel to meet with anyone who wants to adopt. I’d keep him myself but I’ve already got five (mama had babies under my porch 2 years ago).

If you’re interested in hearing more about Bruce Lee or have any questions for Lori, you can email her at Lori.trautwein (at) att.net

FIV positive cats can live in households with FIV negative cats with no issues – it isn’t easy to transfer FIV, and I know of several homes where FIV positive and negative cats live peacefully with no issues at all. You can read more about FIV here and here. If you have any questions about FIV, please ask. If I don’t know the answer, I know that someone else will, and if no one else here does, I’ll find someone who does!


Since we are all family here, I know none of you will find it weird that I had a dream last night/this morning about a certain cat having kittens. I was in a room across the hall from Robyn. I called out “I think Lilybet’s water just broke”. Of course being a dream, there were other weird parts I will not disclose. Sadly, I did not get to the actual birthing part. There were two other cats with her though who were also pregnant. I called one of them Rust.

So maybe soon we will see actual babies. Maybe Connie’s kitty will also “pop” at the same time. Now I am going to look at pics of Lilybet. 🙂

Haha – I just love it when you guys have dreams about us/our fosters!


Ever since I had my gallbladder out last year, I’ve been seriously contemplating getting that Yeti cartoon done as a tattoo.

That is an absolutely brilliant idea! (Awwww, poor gallbladder!)


Do you have to baff Mama when she can’t reach her back end?

I’ve wiped her once or twice with a warm washcloth, but for the most part she’s keepin’ it clean (it helps that she’s not having diarrhea!)


Mary is just so modely!

That comment is from Jessica, who went on to make an adorable new banner for us!

Mary, from Peter, Paul & Mary. (Made by reader Jessica.)

Mary, from Peter, Paul & Mary. (Made by reader Jessica.)


Fred’s wearing shorts? Aren’t you guys getting winter fronts? We are here in neighboring Georgia.

I think it hit 70 every day this week, actually. It’s cooling off today and tomorrow (in fact, the high tomorrow is supposed to only be 49), then will warm back up. BUT, with that said, Fred wears shorts year-round, and it has to be really really cold for him to put sweatpants or jeans on.


I’m looking forward to the new babies but I have no ideas for a naming theme right at the moment. I KNOW you have a great list here somewhere (or on actual paper in your desk somewhere). We all made great suggestions back some time ago.

I have a ton of great suggestions, and if I EVER get my act together, I’ll put them all in one place, and link to it so y’all can see what’s on the list!


Bless her heart if she has 7, but has there ever been a Snow White and 7 dwarfs? I could easily see females with some of those names. She doesn’t have all white hair, but neither did Snow White… :-).

I’ve thought of that them in the past, but I imagine Susan would thump me upside the head if I tried to name a kitten Sneezy. 😀


I dunno, you got a lot of baby mamas that look like they all came from the same factory. I’m thinking it’s time to go find /their/ mama. Thoughts?

It’d be nice if we could find one mama and stop the flow of pregnant cats, wouldn’t it? But Livia, Khaleesi, and the current Mama all came from completely different locations. (And Dora/Inara’s mama is Sheriff Kara, so we did stop that flow, at least!)


It’s funny that you started off the post comparing Mama to past fosters. Before I had even scrolled down to begin to read, I spent some time comparing her picture to the banner, which showed Ruth all stretched out. They very much look alike to me.

I can see the resemblance! (Also, awwww – Arya in the background!)


I didn’t look to see if anyone else asked this, but are you going to do the name-a-kitten due date competition again? Always thought that was fun and to a good cause!

Not this time around, no. Maybe next time!


If you look closely, under that big ol’ belly, you’ll see that Mama is lying on top of my iPhone in that picture. Why? I don’t know – maybe the kittens wanted to kick my butt at Words with Friends!

“Hallo. Today’s not the day you’re gonna get my babies, and tomorrow doesn’t look so good for you, either.”


Who’s a sweet girl?

“I’m only going to let you rest your hand there for a moment, lady. Then I’ma bunny-kick your hand away. A girl’s only got so much patience with this nonsense.”

Checking out the crate where she may or may not birth those babies. I know she’s checked it out several times, but she’s spending most of her time flopped down on the floor between the litter box and the door, or on the Ham-mick.

Y’know, I was SO SURE we were going to have babies yesterday. I kept waking up and checking on her, and Fred checked on her when he got up, and then I ran up to check on her when I got up, and nada. Nothin’. No kittens for ME.

Then I had an appointment for a hair cut, and I was SO SURE that she was going to start having babies while I was gone, and yet? Nothing. NOTHING.

I guess it takes a long time for a belly full of 75 kittens to finish cooking.

Just so y’all know, if she does go into labor, I’ll post a note here, and will do the majority of posting over at the Facebook page, and pictures will be via Instagram to the FB page. That is, if I’m aware that it’s happening and she doesn’t pop ’em out while I’m not looking! I will, of course, do an image-intensive post about the whole thing here once all is said and done.

There WILL be a post on Sunday, because I have a product review for Chewy.com to get done, and I’ve been slacking on that front all month, as I tend to do. And the month’s almost over!


For some reason, I have begun to greet Alice by saying “Why, hello, aren’t you Alice Mo of the North Alabama Mo’s? That’s a fine family!” She responds by giving me this look, like she is SO NOT AMUSED. Tired of my shenanigans, is what she is.

YouTube link.


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3-27-15 — 15 Comments

  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that the ONLY reason I’m not wanting to keep Bruce Lee is the number of cats (and litter boxes) currently in my 1000 square foot house. It has nothing to do with his FIV+ status and I plan to integrate him into the household (and keep him permanently, if necessary). He’s just one of the sweetest, most beautifuly cats, I’ve ever met and he deserves the best.

    P.S. His whiskers are multi colored and they sparkle. It’s the oddest thing.

    • Maybe we should’ve named in Edward.

      Always a sucker for a seal point andhe’s close enough to really, really tempt me.

      • You are more than welcome to change his name. Think hard; I’ll do just about anything to settle him somewhere he’s REALLY wanted!

  2. Ahahahaha, that picture of Alice Mo of the North Alabama Mos. Kills me. No way to misinterpret that look. Ahahahahaha. Looks like she is ready to send you to the moon. Babies are cute and all, but the mature ladies can sure make my day with their attitude.

  3. Arrrrghhh Mama! Come on! I am going on vacation Sunday and will have little Internet for a week.

    For a naming theme- cartoon animals. Dumbo, Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Baloo,Donald, Duchess (an Aristocat!-maybe a whole litter of Aristocats- there are some great names- Toulouse, Rouquefort)….oh my gawd! Cheeses! Gouda, Brie, Havarti, Cheddar, Camembert, Stilton, Manchego!!!!! Pepper Jack, Scamorza, Taleggio, Munster. Ok, I’ll stop now. But if you could us kittens in the next 48 hours, that would be great.

    • If you could *give* us the kittens
      PS-you know how Youtube suggests the music group Peter Paul and Mary after PPM kitty videos?
      I was a little afraid to see what was suggested after the “Say hallo to my butt” video!

  4. Isaac Arnold was a litter of seven until one of his siblings died. I was seriously considering naming the kittens after the seven dwarfs, but I too couldn’t name a kitten Sneezy.

    you know, I’m starting to think your kitty popped those kittens out days ago and you just aren’t sharing them with the rest of us 😉

  5. I wonder if she will wait until Easter and then you could have an Easter/Spring theme with things like Eggbert, Robyn, Bunny, Hershey (for chocolate candy), and Jellybean.

  6. All day long at work. All.day.long. I would sneak looks on the blog to see if Mama’s been a birthin’. No babies, *sigh*.

    Alice Mo! Too bad she has no use for kittens, because she would make such a cool Auntie Alice. Not to mention Mama could use some adult conversation once she finishes baking those 75 babies for us.