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No babies for you!

I weighed her yesterday, and found that she’s gained half a pound since last Friday. So, the babies are growing, that’s for sure.

Several people have pointed out her resemblance to former fosters, so for comparison issues, here we go. First, Mama:

Next, Khaleesi:

Such a nut, that one.

And then Livia:

And lastly…

That’s Dora, who was formerly Kara’s daughter, Inara.

I think she bears the strongest resemblance to Livia, but I definitely see the Khaleesi and Dora in her, too. No wonder she looked so familiar to me when I first saw her!

(Speaking of Livia, she got herself a little brother last night, a Challenger’s House cat named Tulsa. Tulsa was adopted out at some point in the past few years, and then returned recently. He went to Petsmart last night, and was adopted last night! Yay, Tulsa!)

“I see what you’re doing, lady.”

Look at that belly! Apparently she’s carrying more of them to the left than the right. I hope they distribute themselves more evenly, soon, because I can just imagine her tipping over like a boat with too many partiers on one side.

A shot with the fisheye lens. I love this picture!

She loves to walk around with that tail straight up in the air. She is such a sweet girl.


Challenger’s House is now accepting items for the silent auction, for this year’s Cat Tales! If you have quality items that you would like to donate for the silent auction, please contact Susan at the shelter (256-420-5995) or by email at challengershouse (at) mchsi.com

Acceptable items include art, gift baskets, antiques, collectibles, gift certificates, home/garden furnishings, etc.

You can also download that form in PDF form, here.


Four years ago, I posted this series of pictures about Elwood, bless his heart.

Apparently that sort of dimness is genetic, because last week…

“I don’t… what is going ON?”

“Why do my paws feel WET???”

“This just… isn’t RIGHT.”

“You guys seeing this?!”

Bless his heart.

Speaking of Jake and Elwood (newer readers: Elwood was Jake’s brother who died in December 2012 from FIP), Sari asked in yesterday’s comments where she could find what I’d written about them when they first showed up. Which is when I realized that although I’d written about them elsewhere, I hadn’t posted about them here at Love & Hisses. Back in 2009 I didn’t mention the permanent residents very often (the thought being that this site was meant to be just about the fosters.)

Well, I’ve remedied that, and you can read here about how Jake and Elwood came to us. Also linked in that post is Fred’s theory on how exactly it happened (which he originally posted on the blog he had at the time, which is no longer in existence.)


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3-26-15 — 18 Comments

  1. Since we are all family here, I know none of you will find it weird that I had a dream last night/this morning about a certain cat having kittens. I was in a room across the hall from Robyn. I called out “I think Lilybet’s water just broke”. Of course being a dream, there were other weird parts I will not disclose. Sadly, I did not get to the actual birthing part. There were two other cats with her though who were also pregnant. I called one of them Rust.
    So maybe soon we will see actual babies. Maybe Connie’s kitty will also “pop” at the same time. Now I am going to look at pics of Lilybet. 🙂

  2. Mama definitely looks most like Livia!!! I can’t wait to see the wee ones! Hurry up and finish baking them please, Mama!!!

    I am very happy for Tulsa! I hope he has his forever home!

  3. Very happy to hear about Livia & Tulsa! I hope we get to see them soon!

    BabyMama is just soooooo sweet. I know I’m repeating myself but I just can’t help it — I’ve really taken a shine to her.

  4. The mama to be named later is much more symmetric than Khaleesi. Part of Khaleesi’s charm is that she looks like she was assembled from random cat parts.

    • Hee hee, “assembled from random cat parts” is going to make me grin all day.

  5. Forget the fisheye lens…pretty soon you’ll need a wide-angle lens for BabyMama. She has got to be uncomfortable, but you’d never know from her sweet face. Love her!

    • It is but he had an awful good life with Robyn & Fred, his looney brother and lots of siblings. Not to mention lots of ways to get into trouble.

  6. she does look like she is going to roll to the one side 🙂

    and Jake Jake Jake….sigh…..

    (btw – Fred’s version of the Jake & Elwood story is hilarious…)

  7. We need a follow up on Fred’s Mr. Boogers story. I can imagine how he just despairs, when he realises that something went wrong with his replacements. Instead of sufficient amounts of het, they were supplied with an infinite amount of loony. That would never do! They were delivering all the wrong kind of nuisance and torture to those humans.

  8. OMG I so adore Fred’s version of events! And yes, I agree with Alma. I believe a sequel is in order.Clearly when you divide The Het by two, you get The Loons and a bit of The Dims 😉

  9. I didn’t look to see if anyone else asked this, but are you going to do the name-a-kitten due date competition again? Always thought that was fun and to a good cause!

  10. That first photo is GREAT — like something you’d frame, or use as desktop wallpaper.

  11. Mama is soooooo beautiful – I just love her coloring. I can hardly wait to see her gorgeous babies!

  12. Elwood and Jake – what a lovely surprise to come home to. It’s good to remember Elwood and always fun to see Jake. I have a soft spot for gray kitties. Okay, for all kitties, but particularly gray ones. And tabbies. And black cats. 🙂

    It’s funny that you started off the post comparing Mama to past fosters. Before I had even scrolled down to begin to read, I spent some time comparing her picture to the banner, which showed Ruth all stretched out. They very much look alike to me.

    Thanks as always for the pictures and posts. It’s always a daily boost!

  13. LOL, Jake… 🙂

    You’d think he’d be bookin’ it out of that puddle… Ah, yes. Bless his heart!

    Oh Mama, your babies are going to be sooooo adorable because you are one pretty lady. Definitely a Livia clone.

  14. I dunno, you got a lot of baby mamas that look like they all came from the same factory. I’m thinking it’s time to go find /their/ mama. Thoughts?