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Last nap time with the monkeys.

Heart, from the Awkward Yeti comic strip, has joined the family. (I love Heart almost as much as I love Gallbladder. Heart is my spirit animal.) The kittens didn’t know what they thought about Heart.

“I guess Heart is okay.”

And then Peter mocked Heart.

Unfortunately, those rotten kittens refused to jump on, kick, or bite Heart so that I could label it “Heart attack.” HMPH.

Need a side-by-side comparison to see how those kittens grew while they were here? Here you go!

On the left, February 23 at 6 1/2 weeks. On the right, March 17 at 9 1/2 weeks. They more than doubled in size while they were here!


Is that a gorgeous girl, or what?

And she knows it!



“I can’t quite reach my back end, but I sure can reach my belly!”

Yesterday, her appetite was drastically diminished. And I was like “Yesssss!” But then in the evening she polished off a can and a half of kitten food in one sitting, so… who knows?

A video of The Belleh. There’s lots of movement, you just have to watch for it!

YouTube link.


Well, THAT seems like a comfortable and not at all precarious position to sleep in, Joe Bob.


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3-25-15 — 29 Comments

  1. Robyn, I’ve been trying to find the first post you’ve written about Jake & Elwood, but so far I’ve had no luck. So I have to ask you: did you write about them when they first appeared on your doorstep or did you start writing about them later? How were they introduced in this blog? I love them so much, they’ve made me appreciate blue cats in a whole new fashion. If I ever have the chance, I hope to give one a home in the future (although I love all black cats, cats with white faces, torties…but this was more of a love note to Loony Jake. Give him some love on my behalf, please!)

    • Here it is! I actually didn’t really write much about the permanent residents on Love & Hisses back then, for some reason. I wrote about them elsewhere, but didn’t think to move the posts over here ’til you asked. There are several posts in a row about them. I always forget that they were so young when we got them!

  2. May I nominate 2014: Dennis said “Hmph” for the Best of? And thanks, as ever, for today’s fab post.

  3. Mama kitty is just so precious!!! Gah!

    Joe Bob looks like he is going to go sledding!

  4. That first picture of BabyMama nearly did me in… but then that third one? It killed me dead. She is just too cute, I can’t stand it. Such a pretty & expressive face!

    Joe Bob is defying gravity!! Did he eventually sliiiiiiide to the floor?

    • No, he never did slide to the floor. I don’t know how he’s staying up there, but he does it all the time now. Something about that position must appeal to him!

  5. “And then Peter mocked Heart.”

    That made me snortlaugh in the break room.

    I thought Mama had a heart shape on her thigh, but then she moved. What gorgeous chartreuse eyes she has!

  6. I love this Mama! She is so sweet and SO beautiful! Those love blinks she gives you are heart melting 🙂 I can’t wait for babies!!!!!

  7. I went back to Emmy’s, Khalessi’s and Kate’s videos to compare the alien belly movements to see who had the most active belly. hmmmmmm ??? I think it was Emmy or Kahlessi but Mama cat is a pretty close second to me 🙂 I have a felling that Mama will have the most kittens !!!!!

  8. That poor mama. I’m surprised that she can even get up once she’s down. Her center of gravity goes from her hips all the way to her head.

  9. Ever since I had my gallbladder out last year, I’ve been seriously contemplating getting that Yeti cartoon done as a tattoo.

  10. I bet you have at least four kittens in there..

    there are also stuffed germs, and I keep threatening to buy some.. those would be funny to watch kittens play with.

  11. Hello Mama! Yes, anything you want.

    And hello. Has she suddenly started baking a few more kittens, or is it the way she’s flopped on the floor? Because girlfriend is looking really, really, um. Large…ish. (Don’t tell her I said that because OMG she’ll never birth those kittens!!!!!!!!)

    • She’s gained half a pound since Friday, and I think it’s ALL kitten. Either they’re going to be HUGE, or there are going to be a large number of them!