3-25-13 – Meet the Royals

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In case you didn’t get a chance to check in over the weekend, there was a Kitterday post, and a Kittunday post, both with lots of pictures and a video on each day, AND news about adoptions. So check them out if you haven’t already!

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The Royals are now named! Susan K., who won the naming pool, offered up two name suggestions. It just so happened that I liked them both, so decided to use them both. They’re both names of fictional royalty, and so I chose fictional royalty names for the other three, to go along with that theme-within-a-theme.

Here is your royal family!

The kitten I’ve been calling “girl tabby” is now Leia (Princess Leia, from Star Wars. I didn’t really need to tell you that, did I?)

The kitten I’ve been calling “all-black boy” is now Jareth. (Jareth is the name of the Goblin King from Labyrinth. Susan K. named him.)

The kitten I’ve been calling “boy tabby” will now be known as Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The kitten I’ve been calling “girl tuxie” is now Buttercup (Princess Buttercup, The Princess Bride. This is the other kitten Susan K. named!)

And lastly, but never ever leastly, the kitten I’ve been calling “boy tuxie” is now Charming (from Once Upon a Time).

I very briefly gave Fred permission to name the three kittens who were left unnamed after I decided to use Buttercup and Jareth, but when he suggested three names, and all of them had already been used AND ONE OF THEM WAS CASPIAN (um, HELLO?), I revoked permission and named ’em myself.

So now they’re named, and I just have to remember who’s who (of course I have a cheat sheet!), but I have this feeling that they’re all going to get nicknames pretty much immediately!

Ack, the FACE. The little pink MOUTH. The TOES.

I’m sorry, do you SEE the HUG in the middle of that picture? Dead, DEAD, I TELL YOU, from the cute.



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Newt hangs out in this spot in the kitchen because there’s an air vent under that cabinet, and when the heat is going, it’s very very warm right there. He’s no dummy!


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3-25-13 – Meet the Royals — 54 Comments

  1. Ummm… this was before my time reading this blog, but…. wasn’t one of Maxi’s kittens named Buttercup?

    • Uh-oh, I think I remember a “Princess Bride” naming scheme too… At the very least I know there was a “Fezzik” because I remember thinking to myself, “Huh, that looks weird written out, but of course that’s how it’s spelled!”

    • She was Princess Buttercup, actually – which means that just plain “Buttercup” is allowable. πŸ™‚

  2. Great names!

    Is either Leia or Aslan – can’t tell which from the group photos – a ticked tabby? This is a tabby with no stripes on the body, just a stripy legs and tail. Check out http://www.flickr.com/groups/tickedtabbies/ and scroll down to “WHAT DO TICKED TABBIES LOOK LIKE?” to see some adult examples.

    • I think that’s Aslan and he does look like a ticked tabby. It’s hard to tell with kitten fur, though. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Good thing watching these meatballs grow is so entertaining so we have something fun to watch!!


  3. WONDERFUL names. I swear that Leia looks just like her namesake, especially with those cool mid-head ears that have yet to migrate to their grownup position!

    And Alsan….did you know there is an Alsan Cat Sanctuary in upstate New York that takes care of FeLV+ cats? aslanscats.org Just reading this weekend about a sweet cat’s placement there. A noble name!

    Whatever ARE you going to do if Buttercup loses the six hairs that comprise the only mark that distinguishes her from Charming?????

    Newt looks soooo comfy! I can almost hear the purrs from here.

  4. Oh, Leia with her pink belly (swoon). Nice job with the names! I’m surprised Aslan hasn’t already been used at the shelter, you know, since he’s a pretty famous cat.

  5. I wonder if this Aslan will grow as big as the one I met in Sweden? He was a Forest Cat and weighed about 22 pounds (and wasn’t fat!)

  6. Okay, not going to lie. My BA in History cried just a little when you announced that the Royals were named after fictional characters… for a whole ten seconds until I read their names. Amazing!! Well done, Susan and Robyn πŸ™‚

    Is that Princess Leia with her legs up in the air (underneath the pink nose and toes pic)?? Those little legs have making me squee since the day they were born. She must be my favorite… well, until I see the next picture that makes me squee.

    • Yes, that’s Leia. She’s forever rolling around, stretching, yawning. She knows how to relax, our girl. πŸ™‚

  7. They grow like weeds, Kate must be a very good mama. And if it is possible, the tabbies seem to be getting tabbier – those stripey pajama legs are so squeeworthy!

  8. Wonderful names for the little Royals,and as it was my suggestion to have a Royal litter I’m especially happy and squeeing at all the cuteness!!
    But my inner pedant has to point out that Aslan is God, now He is the Son of the Emperor over the Sea and a parable for Jesus Christ the King of Kings, I don’t think He is ever called a prince in The Chronicles of Narnia so surely that name should have been kept for a litter of Deities? though putting Him in with mythological gods and goddesses would be awkward,and the word aslan is a word that means God in a middle eastern language, not sure which.

    • I thought “Aslan” was Arabic for “lion.”

      All Hail the Goblin King! I love “Jareth” for the all-black baby. What a difference a few days make. As I said before, looking forward to watching them grow (but not TOO fast).

      • I stand corrected, aslan is Turkish for lion, but the author never made any secret of the fact that Aslan is Jesus, and writes the name and the word lion when referring to Him with a capitol letter which is the correct way to write God and His titles.
        really adorable baby kittens arent they? and I love black cats, and tabbies and tuxies…

  9. A fabulous naming theme, and I especially like Susan’s suggestion! Jareth is my favourite of all the fictional kings πŸ˜‰ (huge Bowie fan here lol)

    • Agreed. Labyrinth was my FAVORITE movie as a teenager (although I confess I haven’t followed DB himself in a musical sense for years).

  10. Hurray for Batman and Robin!
    Very disappointed that the wrong people took Lilybet home πŸ™
    My Tortie is also an occasional biter (she says “what do you expect me to do when those tasty looking fingers come near my mouth when I am in hunting mode?). I don’t care, she is still super sweet and I love her! Lilybet’s people will come.

  11. SQUEEEEE! All names are great!! Some of my favorite royals and movies of all time… On the picture and naming of the Girl Tuxie… Buttercup!!! (YAY).. and to bring another movie reference…. I could not help myself but to think “Pucker Up, Buttercup” (as I imagined tiny kisses… oh, if only!) from Ferris Bueller! Well done, Robyn and Susan… and uh.. Fred.. thank you for trying. πŸ™‚

    • There’s also that song from Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore that has me humming:

      For I’m called Little Buttercup — dear Little Buttercup,
      Though I could never tell why,
      But still I’m called Buttercup — poor little Buttercup,
      Sweet Little Buttercup I!

      What great names for the royal kitlings!

  12. I put a bed in front of the heating vent in my kitchen for my Fuzz. My vent is higher than yours, so it fits perfectly and Fuzz loves it. It’s good to see that Newt is enjoying indoor life!

    The kittens are growing visibly, aren’t they? If I were you, I’d be sitting there with a ruler… or at least time lapse video!

    Thanks for the weekend posts. I seem to not be able to get enough kitten pictures! I wonder why…

    Thanks for all the pictures and the captions, btw. This blog is my first stop in the morning and does brighten up the day!

  13. Robyn, love the names. I am favoring Leia already, love tabbies. So Aslan the King of Beasts would be my next fav. As a mother and foster kitten mom I know we don’t FAVOR, right? Love all the kitties. So funny you revoked Fred’s naming rights. πŸ™‚

  14. I was really bummed out to read about Lilybet — She could have been broken of that habit fairly quickly with a little bit of patience, firmness and a can of compressed air.

    • I went up and took a closer look. I don’t think so – but I also wouldn’t be surprised. They should start opening soon!

  15. wonder how long it takes to drive from Kansas to Alabama? I MUST put my hands on those babies at once!!!!! You’re killig me!

  16. Love every one of those names, great choices.

    So sad about Lilybet. My Pogo bites too sometimes. I just blow in his face when he starts and he’ll stop. Most of the time that is. If he doesn’t then I take my hand away and he gives me the sad face. But after a minute of staying away when I go back he behaves and doesn’t bite anymore. He doesn’t do it nearly as much as he used to.

    He also will sleep in front of heaters. His two favorite are in the bathroom and livingroom. Smart kitty.

  17. OK, so you know when you pick the little babies up to take pictures and weigh them? Firstly, does Kate still get nervous? And secondly, do you give them a little kiss on the head before putting them back to bed? And how are you able to stop yourself from giving them itty bitty raspberries on those little tummies? Do you think those little ears would grow back if you were to accidentally nibble one?

    See, this is why I couldn’t foster. I’d never get anything done. Ever. Again.

  18. My cats do the vent thing too. They even have me so well trained that when I saw a couple of them sleeping on the floor I felt bad and put cat beds down around the vent so they weren’t sleeping on the cold floor – well that is now one of the more popular spots in the house.

  19. Pink mouths, pink noses, PINK BELLEHS!!! Killing me! Love the fictional royals theme.

  20. I now have “Build Me Up Buttercup” in my head. Trying to think of a way to convert the lyrics to kitten references. Insomnia. Question: Do you pronounce Leia as “lee-ah” or “lay-uh”? I always say “lay-uh” but hear so many people using “lee-ah” that I wonder if I’m saying it wrong.