3-25-09 – The Seven

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To answer some of the questions you asked: Bessie and Beulah are girls, the other five are boys. I think. I’m no good at sexing kittens, so Fred did the job; he’s usually right (except the time he insisted a dilute calico was a boy), so I’m going to go with it. And now I’m hoping that I don’t eventually find out that he was wrong, now that they’ve all got names!

I honestly don’t know how long I’ll have them – it depends on how quickly they put on weight, because they can’t be spayed and neutered ’til they’re over two pounds, and given that Beulah was half a pound on Saturday, it might be a while. On the other hand, my fosters tend to put on weight fairly quickly, because I’m like an Italian mother – “Eat! Eat!” – and Phinneas is walking around with a big round belly (well, really, they’ve all got pretty big round bellies when it comes down to it). I’m hoping to have them for at least a couple of months, but it depends on how quickly they grow and how soon room comes available at PetSmart.

I declared the friendliest of the two buff tabbies to be Ezra. Both buff tabbies are friendly – in fact, ALL the fosters are very friendly – but Ezra is super friendly. I’m pretty sure that if I just sat there and held him 24 hours a day, he’d be a happy boy. He climbs up in my lap, then demands that I pick him up and hold him under my chin, and he purrs, occasionally lets out a plaintive meow, and eventually falls asleep.

Yesterday I had to give Beulah a bath. She’s a wee thing and not quite up to speed on cleaning her back end, so I took her into the bathroom and cleaned her up. I’ve given kittens baths before (I didn’t actually submerge her, I just cleaned her with a wet cloth) and they tend to fight it and howl, but Beulah handled it pretty well. She did try to climb up my face at one point, but I can hardly blame her. I’m sure it’s a scary experience for a wee kitten.

2009-03-25 (21)

2009-03-25 (20)
“Hi guys! Whatcha doin’? Can I play too?!”

2009-03-25 (19)

2009-03-25 (18)
Beulah critiques my belly-rub technique. Frankly, she’s not impressed.

2009-03-25 (17)
Pretty Phinneas and his pretty stripes. I ask you – how am I supposed to keep from squeezing the stuffing out of this boy?

2009-03-25 (16)
“I am Caleb, these are my claws, and that’s my toy. Any questions?”


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  1. They’re all too cute for words, but Beulah is my favorite. So teeny and precious and funny.