3-24-09 – The Seven

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They’ve been named! Meet…

2009-03-21 (No1)
Beulah, the runt. (I really really really liked someone’s suggestion of “Tallulah”, but it’s been used. Hmph.)

2009-03-21 (No2) 2009-03-21 (No4)
Ezra and Elijah (I haven’t decided which is which – I really need to mark one of them so I can tell them apart!)

2009-03-21 (No3)

2009-03-21 (No5)

2009-03-21 (No6)
Bessemer (Bessie).

2009-03-21 (No7)

Thanks for your suggestions, you had some good ones! Of course, the ones I liked the most had been used in the past by the shelter, and the only real naming rule is that you can’t use a name that’s been used before, so it makes it challenging sometimes!

Last evening I went upstairs to take the kittens their evening serving of canned kitten food, and they ate and then played for a while, and then got sleepy. Before I knew it, I had three kittens sleeping in my arms and another two snuggled up in my lap. Bessie, the little gray kitten, cracked me up because she’d fall asleep and then wake up and look up at me and meow plaintively, the drop right off to sleep again.

I got a short movie of one of the buff tabbies, Ezra or Elijah (like I said, I haven’t decided which is which) protecting his food. You’ll want to crank up your sound to hear his mighty, fearsome growl.

THAT IS MY FOOD PLEASE DON'T TOUCH from Robyn Anderson on Vimeo.

2009-03-24 (10)
“What? Can’t a guy hang out in a cat bed looking completely adorable without being harassed?” (Jasper)

2009-03-24 (11)
Fight! FIGHT!

2009-03-24 (9)
Beulah, directly before she chomped on my foot.

2009-03-24 (7)
Beulah (the wee gray one on the left), Caleb (the black one) and Bessie (on the right) snuggle up.

2009-03-24 (6)
Phinneas says to Jasper, “Come closer and let me chomp on your tail would you, old chap?”

2009-03-24 (5)
“Now that I’m up here, how’m I supposed to get down?”

2009-03-24 (4)
Pretty Phinneas in the sun.

2009-03-24 (3)
Phinneas watches the fight from a safe distance.

2009-03-24 (2)
Ezra and Elijah in a fight to the death!

2009-03-24 (1)
I think they were chasing shadows.


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3-24-09 – The Seven — 8 Comments

  1. What a mighty roar and stance for such a teeny cat. Too cute, ALL of them! I must say Jasper especially had me at meow, great picture.

  2. Beautiful kitties! We have much appreciation and clamoring for “the show” in our house! Thanks!

  3. You must pack up Beulah and send her to my house right now. Immediately- I could meet you half way?
    Pretty please.

    Of course my house is in North Central Texas.