3-23-09 – The Seven

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Even Fred, who prefers older kittens, because they’re more playful and less needy, has been charmed by this litter. They’re at that perfect age, where they’re on the brink of figuring out things, and everything is super amazing to them. They get startled and go hopping sideways at each other, they see the toy and they want to smack it, but every so often how to do it is just beyond their capabilities.

Yesterday I went up and spent time with them in the afternoon when the sun was coming through the windows, and they were running around playing, and every now and then one of them would wander through a beam of sunlight, and they’d stop and you could just about see the “Hey, this is kind of nice!” thought bubble over their head and they’d flop down and roll around on their backs.

I got the list of names from the shelter manager, and so the naming will begin. Like I said yesterday, I’m going with an old-fashioned naming theme (I’m pretty sure the brown tabby’s going to be Ezra), but I also might toss some names of Alabama towns in there while I’m at it (I like Bessemer for the gray tabby). I’ll let you know their names when I know their names!

2009-03-23 (4)
Snack time! Hey, wait… one, two, three.. There are only six here! Who’s missing?

2009-03-23 (5)
“Do you MIND?” (I guess he’s making room!)

2009-03-23 (6)
Here we go, all seven present and accounted for!

2009-03-23 (7)
Note the buff tabby’s protective paw. He’s all “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY FOOD!”

2009-03-23 (8)


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3-23-09 – The Seven — 12 Comments

  1. That’s it! I’ve packed my bags and I’m officially moving into your cat room! The cuteness is just too overwhelming!

  2. All seven from one litter? Wow.

    What is the male/female distribution?

    Ezra! Bessemer!

    I am officially dying from the cute. RIP me.

  3. Seven? Why not Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey and Bashful?

    Hmmm… old fashioned Southern names… Dixie? Beulah?

  4. How can you stay out of that room? I would be in there cuddling and playing all day!!! Too cute!!!

  5. “Hmmm… old fashioned Southern names… Dixie? Beulah?”

    And Tallulah! Tallulah Belle, in fact!
    And there has to be a Jethro. Oh please let the one that I said didn’t look too bright be Jethro. please please please please.

    Because if you don’t, I’m going to have to go out and get a kitten of my own and name it Jethro, and that’s a bad idea on SO many levels.

  6. “Note the buff tabby’s protective paw. He’s all “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY FOOD!””

    Actually it looks like he’s all “You will not touch YOUR food;” looks like he’s finished with his own and has moved on to the next plate, while the fluffy grey guy is wondering if he can take his black brother/sister. “Hmm, s/he’s pretty tough, but if I pounce when s/he’s not expecting me…”

    I just encountered a reference to the The Magnificent Seven in a Terry Pratchett novel last week, otherwise I would never make the connection, but perhaps there are name possibilities there… or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
    (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047472/ too lazy to ahref the link again) There are some old fashioned names in there. Milly, Caleb, Ephraim, Liza…

    Oh, to hell with it, Robyn, just FedEx ’em all to me and I’ll handle it! LOL

  7. Ack! Cuteness overload!!! They are adorable and HOORAY for Rumba and Samba getting adopted! I haven’t been there since I dropped Adam and Danny off last Saturday.

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