Their evil chicken talons don’t poke holes in the kiddie pool?

It’s funny you should ask that. Wednesday around midnight, I went upstairs to check on the chickens before bed, and found that the top section of the pool (it’s comprised of three blow-up sections) was almost completely deflated. No chicks had escaped, but I was sure it was only a matter of time. I went downstairs and called Fred (waking him from a really deep sleep, apparently), and he said not to worry about it. I checked the next morning and all chicks were accounted for, then I went upstairs a few hours later, and Fricasee had escaped from the pool, and when I walked into the room he was peering over the side into the pool, and he looked up at me as if to say “This is quite a predicament I’ve found myself in. Give a brother a helping wing?” I picked him up and put him back, then called Fred again. Ultimately, I blew up the top section of the pool, looked around it, and found a small puncture hole made by either an evil chicken talon or an evil chicken beak. I taped it up and so far things are okay, but I believe Fred’s going to buy a hard plastic pool so that doesn’t happen again.

* * * * * * * *

The new house looks great – I have a question, though. Do you ever get creeped out staying there by yourself at night? My husband works nights a lot of the time, and even though we have lived in our house for over 20 years (and we’re in a very safe area), there are those occasional odd times when my imagination takes over. Usually it’s because the cats are on “alert” – and I know it’s either gotta be a serial killer outside the window … or a moth.

I was a little creeped out the first night, but after that, not at all. I’ve heard weird noises, and always look to the cats to see their reaction, and they haven’t been concerned yet. They’ll occasionally do the “Behind you! A serial killer!” look, but they don’t all do it at the same time, which is how I gauge whether or not I should be worried. (Of course, I’ll be found dead, hacked to bits, with my head in the freezer, and Miz Poo will be saying “I TRIED to tell her there was a serial killer behind her, but she just told me to shut up and kept playing Snood!”

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“Dude, you’re crowding me.”

Tommy’s favorite place to hang out.

Spot’s favorite place to hang out.


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