3-24-13 – Kittunday

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I’ve got bad news, and I’ve got good news.

First, the bad news: After being adopted Thursday night, Lilybet was returned to Challenger’s House on Saturday. The people who adopted her got her home to find out that she’s a biter. She was a biter here, too, and we worked with her and made some progress. But I’m sure that being in a new situation made her nervous and excited, and I’m sure the biting ramped up. It’s okay – that just means that it wasn’t the right home for her. I suspect that her people will be along any day now.



It’s about time, isn’t it? SO glad they got adopted, and SO GLAD they went to the same home! Those boys deserve to be happy and spoiled rotten, and I bet they will be!

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(Thanks to Elayne for the “Kittunday” suggestion for today’s title post!)

“Just taking a break from the babies, lady. Still keeping an eye on you!”

Oh, girl tabby, you make me want to pop you right in my mouth.

I was weighing the babies, and Mr. All-Black was sound asleep. I picked him up and put him in the bowl (on top of the scale), and he never woke up, just curled up and continued sleeping.

Then I put him in a different bed while I weighed his brothers and sisters, and he kept on sleeping.

Oh, kittens. I sure do love you.

LOVE the stripes.


Lazy Sunday. Um, I mean Kittunday.

I weighed the babies this morning. They are just fat little fatties, especially that boy tuxie! The updated weight chart’s at the bottom of the page, here.

And a video! The Royals, 5 days old, motoring around their bed (Kate was behind me, being entertained by Fred). I muted the sound because the focusing mechanism was annoying me, and the kittens weren’t making any noise anyway.

YouTube link.

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This picture is Spanky, exactly five weeks ago, just before we started him on Liqui-Tinic.

These pictures are Spanky from earlier today.

Liqui-Tinic 4X has made an amazing difference for him, it just blows me away how well he’s doing!


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3-24-13 – Kittunday — 36 Comments

  1. Hearing Spanky’s story and seeing these pictures, I’m glad I decided to order some of that stuff for my own ancient kitty! It arrives tomorrow – here’s hoping!

  2. Wow, Spanky looks amazing! He should be the star of his own infomerical. LOL. I really should look into this stuff for my 15 year old diabetic dude, and his 14 year old sister…

    Man, those little faces and toes. Robyn, you are like the coolest kid on the block with those kittens. You know what kills me? When little bitty kittens do big kitty things, like curl up in a ball when the sleep.

  3. Spanky looks FABULOUS. WOW. GREAT news about B&R, and yes, Lilybet’s people just haven’t found her yet.

    The kittens are adorbs, Kate is clearly a WONDERFUL mommy and SO. FRICKIN. GORGEOUS. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful cat, with the possible exception of the much missed Mr. Fancypants. If she stays at Petsmart longer than a week, I’ll eat my hat.

    • ITA Jennifer, I think Kate is beautiful. I would love to have her. Black cats are my favorite, but I had a male tuxie that was the most affectionate pet I have ever owned, dogs included. He was also the most comical cat I have ever seen. He lived his life as a lovable clown, we still miss him and he’s been gone for years.

      I am so sad Lilybet was returned. Hopefully she will find a forever home soon. *fingers crossed*

  4. Lilybet’s people will come soon, I am sure. She is way too pretty and bright to languish long. She just needs someone who will be patient with her settling in and getting comfortable. So happy Batman and Robin will be forever brothers!

    Spanky looks WONDERFUL. I hope everyone else who starts their older or ill cats on Liqui-Trinic get similar results. I did with my 18 year old tortie (19 in three weeks!) I appreciate Fred and Robyn for telling us about it – my vet had never heard of it!

    Kittens are growing so visibly! Without a size reference Mr. All-Black looked like Mr. Almost-Grown-Up!

    Thank you so much for a Kittunday posting, Robyn!

    • Fred actually emailed the company that makes Liqui-Tinic. This stuff has worked amazingly well. I know Spanky won’t live forever, but it’s certainly given us more time with him than I ever expected!

      • Robyn – How do you administer Liqui-Tinic? Is it a ‘squirt’? I was thinking of getting some for my older female and she WILL NOT take pills of any kind… under any attempt (many, many approaches have been tried over the years)…

        • Jeweled Sky, it is a squirt…a bulb syringe is part of the packaging. The stuff smells of licorice, but may taste like something else- my cat loves it. Not hard to administer it at all.

  5. Thank you for today’s post.. Spunky looks wonderful, and the babies … So much cute in such tiny packages!

  6. Awww Mr Spanky what a lovely cat you are my friend!

    As for the kittens how cute are they? πŸ˜‰ They are so so cute and as for mummy cat I would love to have her too she is such the house panther!

  7. Spanky – you look great! What a handsome kitty.

    The kittens are growing like crazy. Kate is such a good mama.

  8. The kittens already look more grown-up – even without their eyes open yet!

    And Fred posted Spanky pictures on Facebook today – the difference is amazing! Spanky, you look just great!

    • Ha – yeah, Fred posted the same pictures on Facebook that I posted in this post. He’s a thief (okay, he DID ask permission!) πŸ™‚

  9. Aww, Old Man Spank, I love him, he is my favorite perma resie. Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years…
    And I think this is the best litter of kitties ever. Looks like all alpha cats, including Kate and the mystery dad. These babies are gorgeous!

  10. After watching that video I think Girl Tabby is going to be a wild child. You should call her Princess Anne…
    I got some Liqui-Tinic for my old-lady foster, I am only giving it to her once a day because I can’t bear to put upon her more than that, I am hoping it’s going to start helping.

  11. Oh! And I’m not partial just because we are 3/19 brothers and sisters. They ARE gorgeous!

  12. Robyn. Robyn. Robyn!!! We’re getting a momma cat and kittens this week! I think I told you about our first foster, Freckles (all because of you and your blog), and since then we’ve fostered 2 other sweet girls, but this is the first time we’re getting wee baby kittens! I’ve just finished cleaning and rearranging the foster room and then ordered a snugglesafe bed warmer and a couple of thermal blankets (and I may or may not have got carried away and ordered other things).

    Is there anything you wish you’d known the first time you took care of babies and their mommas?

  13. Awww. Poor Lilybet, I hope that she gets some more help with her biting or a family that’s equipped to work with her on this bad habit.

    Spanky looks great. So glad he’s doing well.

    Kate is so gorgeous. Even with her post-partum weight she’s got those amazing eyes and beautiful fur.

  14. Kittunday is the most wonderful day of the week! The second most wonderful day is Kittonday!! I love the bundle of trouble they all appear to be. I am also glad that Spanky is doing much better.

  15. I’m sad to hear about Lilybet, but can you tell me what you were doing to work on her biting? I have a wonderful, laid back 6 mos. old kitten- who’s only real bad habit is biting. It is like a switch is flipped and he just grabs you and chomps down. Hard. This is my first cat and I want to give him every possible chance to be a well adjusted cat so any pointers you or your readers can share would be much appreciated! Thank you πŸ™‚

  16. Oh my… My Spanky is looking extra-handsome! Thinking it’s time for my Norman to get himself some of those magic vitamin drops.

  17. Have to comment on how much better Spanky looks.. an amazing improvement. I now have some Liquitinic on hand and want to start my 16 yr old Stormy on it. But he won’t touch it & fights really hard if I try to use the eye-dropper. Tried mixing it in his favorite wet food, but he smelled it & wouldn’t eat it. Anyone have any tips on what I can put it in that he might eat? He’s healthy and doing ok, but not very active and I thought this would help boost his energy level a bit. Just can’t get it in him. Any advice would be appreciated.
    In a way it’s good that Lilybet was returned. They just weren’t the right family for her. Hope she doesn’t have to wait much longer.
    Can’t believe how plump the little ones are, Kate’s an awesome Momma. You’re going to have your hands full when they open their eyes & get their legs under them. Can’t wait… πŸ˜‰

    • CatDad – one thing you might try if Stormy likes treats is to put some drops of the Liqui-trinic on the treats. That is how I started my cat because she was chary of it at first, but would be unable to resist the treats even if they were a bit wet. I was able to progress to using the dropper after a week.