3-24-10 – The Bookworms & Maura

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“Shall I run across the room like a little lunatic, or shall I take a nap? Decisions, decisions.”

The thousand yard stare kittens get when they’re in the litter box always makes me laugh.

Rhyme sniffs the kibble (and then he promptly walked through it).

Reacher and Corbett: Brudderly love.

I love it when they flail around with their mouths open. Makes me laugh.

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“What babies? No babies here. Just takin’ a bath.”

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Pretty Stinkerbelle in the sun.


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3-24-10 – The Bookworms & Maura — 12 Comments

  1. Beautiful photos today! Your kitties never fail to make me smile! Maura is really pretty – her kittens, should she ever have them will be beautiful!

  2. Oh the Bookworms just make my day, they really do! They’re looking as lovely as ever!

    Good to see Maura still taking things nice and slow! 🙂

    And Pretty Stinkerbelle?! Stinkerbelle? Awwww! She is absolutely beautiful, esp in the sun!


    Take care

  3. Ooooo! I LOVE the stare they do when they go potty…! I sort of thought that was unique to my kitten:) Guess not! I would just CRACK UP whenever he did it. He turned into a statue when he went…he still kind of does it as an adult kitteh. Also- when cats roll around on their backs with their paws by their faces….I swear…its the kitten equivilent to puppy dog eyes. I just melt when they do it! They must KNOW it’s adorable.

  4. Oh those are all great pictures! Stinkerbelle does look very beautiful in the sun picture.

    And seriously, why do kittens like to walk in their food (and water, and poop) – I know they all do it, and I will never understand it. But it usually is pretty funny (well, maybe not the poop part).

  5. I think that male animals do their best deep thinking when they’re peeing. At least, that’s the case with boy Golden Retrievers. They say if a male Golden looks like he’s thinking, it’s because he’s peeing. 🙂

  6. Oh that thousand yard stare totally cracks me up too…one of my adult male kitties does that, he just sits and stares and I’m always tempted to put a magazine for him near the litterbox in case he needs some reading material 🙂

    Those Bookworm kittens are just adorable…and Maura, sweet sweet Maura, what a sweetie!

    Stinkerbelle does look quite beautiful in the sunshine…she knows how and where to pose for maximum effect 🙂

  7. Just can’t do without a daily dose of the kittens. Those Bookworms are SOOO CUTE!! They’re just the perfect photogenic little guys, aren’t they?
    Thanks for the daily fix, sure do enjoy seeing and reading about them.
    Here’s hoping Maura is a good mama, too, altho I know if she struggles, she’s in good hands with your lovin’ care.

  8. Amy, when you think about it, our biped little ones are very similar. I suspect it’s just part of a baby figuring out the big new world in which they live.

    Robyn, I’ll just echo everyone else… so much fun to stop by every day!

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