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Nope, not yet.

“Tell them I can totally be bribed.”

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Rufus in the sun.

Rufus in his favorite spot on the cat tree.

Rufus carefully sniffing Jake so as not to rouse his ire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Despite challenges from Corbie and Jake, Elwood would like to assure you that he remains king of the scratcher. He knows you were worried.


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3-24-11 — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, quite troubled by it all, Elwood. πŸ˜€

    Wow, Rufus, you are one handsome little dude… If you were human, you’d be all Jason Statham or Daniel Craig or something. Without all the guns and beatings and stuff like that of course.

  2. Hi!!!!! I just paid for one guess!!! Under my real name but please may I be Old Kitty on the spreadshee?!??!!!

    Yay for lovely Rufus making friends – gorgeous Maggie being so cryptic about birthing times and king Elwood!!!

    Have a great day!! Take care

  3. Love those blue boys!! It was hard to tell them apart as youngsters, not anymore. Does Elwood let Jake have any of the treats?

    Any changes in Maggie’s behavior? (We want kittens!)

  4. I can’t enter the pool (for various reasons) but it does look to me like she is “dropping” sometimes that can still mean up to a week’s wait, but she could have them any time now. The pacing behavior is a good sign, although most kitty moms have milk discharging before birth (but not always).

    Hang in their Maggie, make the humans work for it cause after that most of the work is going to be on you lol!

  5. Maggie, your foster mom is just wicked! Wickedly clever, that is! Exploiting your pregnancy and combining people’s love of baby kittens and games of chance in a blatant fundraising effort. Brilliant! If you haven’t birthed those babies by Sunday, I’m just going to have to enter again!

    And I wasn’t worried Elwood. Nope, not worried at all!