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Look who it is!

It’s a Terry lamp! Christine says:

I thought I’d let you know that Terry has settled himself into our home completely now. The dogs have gotten bored with him for the most part. He is quite the funny boy – we get a good laugh out of him daily. We call him the “SS Terry” because he kind of calmly (and largely, at nearly 20 lbs.) cruises around the house, doing his thing. We also call him “Terry Berry”. I guess he is definitely ours now since we are giving him new nicknames almost daily (“Terrance”, “Terrance Trent D’Arby”, “Mr. T”, etc.). He remains utterly devoted to my husband, who refers to Terry as his stalker because he’s always nearby. He does like me too, but mainly when my husband is not around! πŸ™‚

We are still unable to give him his eyedrops. He just absolutely refuses to cooperate. I tried to give them to him in the corner of his eye, as suggested by your readers, but that worked with one eye and just one time. I worry that we are causing him harm but I also feel that a daily hard-core wrestling match would be damaging also. Boo!

“Mo-om! Tryin’ to sleep, here!”

(For the record, I told Christine that the drops might help his eyes, but I agree that the daily struggle would do more damage than the drops would help. I don’t think he was getting the drops in his previous home, and the vet who looked him over after he was returned said that his eyes looked great.)

Thank you so much for the update, Christine! You know we love seeing that sweet face.


I have some more Peter, Paul and Mary pictures for today, and a few more tomorrow, and hopefully after that we’ll have newborns to ooh and ahh over. I can dream, right?

Peter does a little Kravitzing. “ABNER! Come see what those wacky neighbors are doing NOW!”

Oh, so tired. I mean, you can only keep the cute going for so long before you have to collapse and recharge, y’know?

“Excuse me, Unca Dennis, your foot is very heavy.”

I like how they’re all wide-eyed, like they don’t know what I’m doing. As if I hadn’t already taken 30,000 pictures of them.

Brudderly snuggles.

“What’s the weird lady doin’ now?”
“I don’t know. Bein’ weird.”

“Hallo, lady.”


They look very over-dramatic, like they’re overacting in a school play, don’t they? “Look at us! We is sleepin’!”

Having hammered in the morning, the evening, and all over this land, the kittens take a break to nap.


“You wanna get him off me, lady?”

Paul poses for his school picture.

I was trying out the cheap fisheye lens I bought for my iPhone and Mary came to investigate. I kinda like it!


“Pardon me, mister, why you do this to a pregnant girl? Why?”

“Am not a fan of this. AT ALL.”

“I KNOW you’re trying to get a shot of me with my belly at its biggest, and you better STOP.”

I was messing with my camera settings, and ended up with this, which I think looks neat.

A shot from above to show the neat staggered orange line down her back and across the base of her tail.

Appetite: still pretty high. Napping: a lot. Shedding: like crazy. Prediction: no babies today (but I’d happily be wrong about that.)

Connie’s got a pregnant mama kitty, too, have you seen her? GORGEOUS girl!


“I don’t think that the regulations for this house allow for a bunch of kittens. They need to GO, or I’ma hafta ticket you.”


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3-24-15 — 26 Comments

  1. I wanna *BOOP* Sheriff Mama’s nose so badly lol….she cracks me up.

    BabyMama looks very un-amused by Fred’s manhandling hahaha… but it looks like it was promptly forgotten once the food bowl came out!

  2. Mama’s color pattern is so nice. Those are going to be some pretty babies. Can’t wait to see them.

  3. Christine — yes, I know the feeling about trying to do the drops. We tried with Bill after we got him as a kitten and he absolutely hated it and yes, it was a wrestling match that we shortly decided that wasn’t worth it. He is very sensitive around his eyes and with anyone messing with them. They would probably benefit him but he’d hate me for doing it. I am thrilled to see that Terry is settling in though! πŸ™‚

    Ann and BillCat (Terry’s littermate)

    • Ann! That makes me feel so much better to know that Terry isn’t the only one not getting his drops. The lack of cooperation from those guys must be a family trait! Thank you for the reassurance and give Bill a special scratch on the chin from me and Terry!

  4. The wide eyed trio pic is gorgeous! I’m going to miss those sweet faces, but anxious for baby mama to reveal her babies!

  5. So love hearing about former foster updates. Terry seems to be in the perfect home. Dogs to bother if he feels like it, a doting familym who understand how special he is, and someone to look up to.

    If I were Christine or her hubby, I’d probaby try to give him eye drops when he’s relaxed and not suspecting it but we all know that cats have a sixth sense. Glad that they’re monitoring his eyes regardless.

    I’m more pleased with how well he’s doing in his new home. SS Terry Berry? Too funny.

    I am so going to miss those folk singers. Such sweet kids.

  6. I love the Terry update! So happy to hear that he is so happy!! Now if we can find those homes for Creed and Mr. Stripey!

    Mary is very dramatic, isn’t she? She appears (as we like to say in the South) “Prostrate with grief”. She must have missed a snackin’ time! πŸ˜€

    Oh, I was waiting for the Fred holding the pregnant mama shot! I think she swallowed a football!

  7. I always have to sneak up on my kitties while sleeping to trim their nails. They are groggy and don’t figure what I am doing for a few seconds. I usually get at least one paw done before I get too much resistance.

    Maybe try stealthily sneaking up while Terry is snoozing and get a drop in one of his eyes before he fully wakes up.

  8. Man, she /does/ look like she swallowed a bowling ball. Here’s to healthy and beautiful babies.

  9. Love the trio photos, they are sooo cute! and updates on former fosters are wonderful.
    Looks like when Fred posed Mama, all her stuffing fell ‘south’! she’s just making us all WANT KITTENS NOW!

  10. Well, let’s see. After Kate suffered the Fred-pregnant-belly photo treatment she held on to those babies for another five days. From the look on Mama’s face, she also has just tacked on another five days. Can we stand to wait that long???

  11. Fred’s wearing shorts? Aren’t you guys getting winter fronts? We are here in neighboring Georgia.

    • No, it’s been in the 70s for the past three or four days. It’s supposed to cool off tomorrow – but Fred wears shorts pretty much year-round, no matter the temperature.

  12. If my job description included perks like “Sit covered with blanket on bed – occasionally topped by adorable sleeping kitten monkeys” I think I’d be in heaven!

  13. are you giving treats after giving eye drops?? some highly food motivated kitties will ask for eye drops (well they ask to have their blood sugar tested) if they know they get food afterwards.. but I’m with Robyn, if it only may help, but it is overly stressful, then don’t worry about it. (either that or you could try it while he’s sleeping πŸ˜‰ I’m so evil)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0871426/ I say you name Mama something after this

  14. Thanks for the wonderful update on Terry! He is so gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier for him in such a good forever home. Brother Hoyt says hello to his bros Terry & Bill πŸ™‚ Love love love all the True Blood 6. And um, yeah, Hoyt is a big ole HELLZ NO when it comes to his eye drops. Brat nearly ripped my boob off during one failed attempt. But on the rare occasion when his eye bothers him, he will come to me so mama can make it all better.

      • I just came back to check comments and see it IS a True Blood 6 reunion going down! Yay! πŸ™‚ Bill is snuggled up to me as I read these to him and he sends his love to Hoyt and Terry! Any other TB6 out there?

        Ann & BillCat