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Peter, Paul and Mary came through their spay and neuter surgeries just fine. When they got home, all they wanted to do was play and eat. They were confused about not being able to get into the foster room, but they dealt with it okay. When bedtime came and Fred shut his bedroom door (he’s a light sleeper, so didn’t think he’d be able to sleep with them running around in his room and jumping on his feet), they climbed onto the cat tree in the hallway and were quiet all night. It went much better than I expected – and I’m going to keep that particular trick in mind for the future. I don’t think we could do it long-term, but for a day or two I think it would be okay.

They went to their new foster home early Saturday. Their new foster mom – C – reported that they slept all the way home, then they went flat and examined their new room for about 30 seconds before hopping into her lap and purring. They spent all day either playing like wild things or curled up together, sleeping. They’re doing great, which I completely expected. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but these kittens are just SUCH a confident trio. I don’t expect them to be too frightened by going to Petsmart in a couple of weeks – and I expect also that they’ll be snatched up super-quickly.

I still have pictures of them to share, of course, so for today and tomorrow you’ll still get to see their sweet faces.

“What you doin’, lady?”

His FACE. “I not think I gonna fit on that Jet(Blue) plane, lady. You crazy!”

Bath time (please admire the bleach stains on that comforter. I keep trying to replace it, but Fred likes it, so it stays. The kittens don’t seem to care either way, but it kinda drives me crazy.)

“I could climb this, but what would I do when I got to the top?”

You can see a tiny bit of her pink shaved belly.

If you look closely, you can see his bottom row of teef.



Pretty girl.

I swear, that boy cannot keep his tongue in his mouth to save his life.

Sweet sleepy girl.

Video! I think this one actually does a good job of showing just how gorgeous Mary is. Crank up the sound to hear the purring.

YouTube link.


“PARDON me, lady, you takin’ a picture of me from behind? That is REALLY rude!”

“Just for that, I’m going to hang onto these babies for a week longer!”

The Belly, from above.

She loves to stand with her front paws on my leg while I pet her. She also loves to rub her face against mine. She’s such a sweetheart.

Don’t you love her orange stripes? SUCH a pretty girl!

Judging by her appetite – which is voracious, and who could blame her? Have you seen the Belly of 1,000 Kittens? – I think we’ve got a little ways to go. She spent her first day here doing a lot of pacing and checked out her den a few times – I set up the big carrier/crate that Khaleesi and Livia raised their kittens in in one corner of the far end of the room, and the Perla bed that Kate raised her kittens in, in the opposite corner. So far, she seems to prefer the big crate, maybe because it’s a little more private and secluded.

Over the weekend she calmed down a little (I mean, she was pretty calm to start with, and now she’s even more calm) and is spending a lot of time sleeping in the Ham-Mick or stretched out in the middle of the floor. Yesterday, she ate 4 entire cans of Fancy Feast kitten food, and nibbled at the bowl of kibble in between. I weighed her on Friday, and she’s just a smidge under 10 pounds (well, she WAS just a smidge under 10 pounds, I need to weigh her and see how much she’s gained since then.)

There was some discussion on Facebook as far as how to describe her coloring. I thought at first that she was a Torbie (tortie/tabby), but Susan pointed out the white on her body, which makes her a Calitabby. She has a definitely tuxie look to her, too. We could call her a Calitabxie! A Calituxbby?

(She doesn’t care what you call her, just don’t call her late to dinner, har har.)

There’s not a huge amount of belly movement (at least not that I’ve seen yet), but there is some and so of course I made a video.

YouTube link.


OH, how that girl loves loves LOVES her Tommy!


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3-23-15 — 28 Comments

  1. Mama’s orange coloring is so pretty … Are there enough “orange” names? Sunkist, Orangina, Crush, Marmalade, Clementine??

      • I was helping out at my friend’s Minn-Kota PAAWS place when an orange tabby kitten was found at the door and I got to name it Dundee (as in the marmalade brand)…just in case you want to name an orange litter. But then who knows what the sire looked like so you never will know what will pop out until Mommy gives birth.

        • That’s the exciting part – having no idea what I’m going to get. Could be 7 orange tabbies, 3 long-haired black, 19 torties with stubby tails. Who knows? It’s like a lottery where you don’t know what you’re going to get, but you always win! πŸ™‚

          • pretty sure it isn’t 19 torties.. I’d put money on the fact that it isn’t 19 torties, with or with out stubby tails.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Mama is definitely a Calitabby! Oh my…that belly! I would be keeping my hands on it the whole time (except when I was busy kissing it) to feel me some bebehs!!

    • She’s been really good about letting me rub her belly, though she gets tired of my nonsense after a while. πŸ™‚

  3. so I am on kitten watch AND baby watch. my niece is having her first child any day now

  4. Mama sure is pretty! Of course she’s going to make us wait and savor her bit of time before the babies appear.
    Love Mary’s face, it almost looks like the rest of her is deep in plush fleece, or a field of cotton balls. Such stress…

  5. A Taxicubby?
    Also, I had to watch the vid 3x to see the belly movements, kept getting distracted by that sweet face!
    Also also, Mary’s face…”Pink moushee wif furple thail? Havn’t sheen eet” (*nom nom*)

  6. Those videos are a delight. Mama does look as though she’s swallowed a football — hope this angel has her babies soon, sooner, soonest!

    • Ohhhhh….that is a good one. But I wonder if the milk will put on “fake weight” after the births?

  7. I have a suggestion about the bleach stained comforter. Since it’s blue and already bleach stained, why not dilute some bleach, put it in a spray bottle, and spritz various areas of the comforter to make it look like a cloudy sky?

  8. 2011 – Maggie says how rude of you to take this picture of my pregnant behind. LOL

  9. Ok Mama. I mean no disrespect but that is a pretty big belly you have cooking. I have to say though (and maybe this makes up for my rudeness) – if those wee little monkeys are half as beautiful as you are they are going to be the cutest little faces around.

  10. that pic of Mary with the caption, “You can see a tiny bit of her pink shaved belly” was some great posing!