3-28-15 – Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

“I don’t think we’re gonna fit on that…” #LeavinOnAJetPlane #PPM #Paul #Peter #Mary

“Forget about the babies – I need another snack!” #Mama #NomNomNom

“Hallo, innernets, I have not birthed those babies yet. Why would I? I’ve got several comfy places to sleep, a private litter box, and more yummy food treats than I could finish in a week (believe me, I’m trying to eat every bite!) If that lady doesn’t stop staring at my belly, we’re gonna have words. A girl gets self-conscious about her big ol’ belly at this stage of pregnancy!” #Mama

“Monday: bleh.” #Newt #PermanentResident

YouTube link.
In case you wondered what she sounds like. (Note that when I ask her where my babies are, she heads to the plate of food!) #Mama #FosterCat #PregnantCats

“You want those babies? Well, I want another snack. Perhaps we could work out a deal.” #Mama #PregnantCats #FosterCat

She’s gained just over half a pound since Friday, and apparently has no inclination to birth all 75 of those babies. #Mama #FosterCat

#Stefan is super amused that I was SO sure we’d have baby kittens this morning that all he can do is laugh and laugh. #PermanentResident

“NO I’m not having those babies tonight, STOP HARASSING ME ABOUT IT WOMAN.” #Brat #Mama #FosterCat #PregnantCat

GAWD, #Archie, try to relax! #PermanentResident #StressBall

YouTube link.
So ladylike, that New Mama. (“That’s quite the show you’re putting on!” is what I was saying to her. She don’t carrrrrrre.)

YouTube link.
Just uploaded – brand new alien belly video. Mama, I think those kittens want out! (Purring soundtrack provided by former foster Marshall – I was trying to cover the sound of the radio in the background.)


Challenger’s House is now accepting items for the silent auction, for this year’s Cat Tales! If you have quality items that you would like to donate for the silent auction, please contact Susan at the shelter (256-420-5995) or by email at challengershouse (at) mchsi.com

Acceptable items include art, gift baskets, antiques, collectibles, gift certificates, home/garden furnishings, etc.

You can also download that form in PDF form, here.


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