3-28-15 – Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

“I don’t think we’re gonna fit on that…” #LeavinOnAJetPlane #PPM #Paul #Peter #Mary

“Forget about the babies – I need another snack!” #Mama #NomNomNom

“Hallo, innernets, I have not birthed those babies yet. Why would I? I’ve got several comfy places to sleep, a private litter box, and more yummy food treats than I could finish in a week (believe me, I’m trying to eat every bite!) If that lady doesn’t stop staring at my belly, we’re gonna have words. A girl gets self-conscious about her big ol’ belly at this stage of pregnancy!” #Mama

“Monday: bleh.” #Newt #PermanentResident

YouTube link.
In case you wondered what she sounds like. (Note that when I ask her where my babies are, she heads to the plate of food!) #Mama #FosterCat #PregnantCats

“You want those babies? Well, I want another snack. Perhaps we could work out a deal.” #Mama #PregnantCats #FosterCat

She’s gained just over half a pound since Friday, and apparently has no inclination to birth all 75 of those babies. #Mama #FosterCat

#Stefan is super amused that I was SO sure we’d have baby kittens this morning that all he can do is laugh and laugh. #PermanentResident

“NO I’m not having those babies tonight, STOP HARASSING ME ABOUT IT WOMAN.” #Brat #Mama #FosterCat #PregnantCat

GAWD, #Archie, try to relax! #PermanentResident #StressBall

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So ladylike, that New Mama. (“That’s quite the show you’re putting on!” is what I was saying to her. She don’t carrrrrrre.)

YouTube link.
Just uploaded – brand new alien belly video. Mama, I think those kittens want out! (Purring soundtrack provided by former foster Marshall – I was trying to cover the sound of the radio in the background.)


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