3-28-16 Monday

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“Watchin’ you, lady.”


“You unnerstand, lady?”

Judging by the way Chanandler Bong sleeps, kitten butts must be the most comfortable pillows ever.

“You GUYS, isn’t my gray striped legging the COOLEST?”

“::urrrrrp!:: Oh, ‘scuse me!” Bert Macklin looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn’t he?

Tusslin’ kittens – and Art Vandelay, licking his paw.

Regina grabs Art for a quick hug-and-lick.

Art gets another licking and keeps on ticking.

Art must be a dirty boy – Regina’s got him pinned down for some more bathing.

“I’m clean NOW!”

The milk bar goes mobile.

The kittens are now not only venturing outside the crate, they also (led by Princess Consuela, Art Vandelay, and Ken Adams) come out when I go into the room, and they come over to me to sniff my slippers and be petted by me. Regina’s still a little worried about their new autonomy, but she’s learning to deal with it.

On Saturday, Princess Consuela was walking around making occasional peeping noises. They got louder and more urgent, and I said to Regina “She has to pee. Are you going to do something?” Regina looked at me and said “I do not understand the words you are saying, lady.” So Princess Consuela squatted and peed (thankfully she was on a washable pee pad). I had Fred put the crate – kittens, Regina and all – into the bathroom, and I put pee pads all over the place, and set up the baby litter boxes in the two corners nearest the crate.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked in to see Bert Macklin in one of the litter boxes, squatting. When he left, there was a little spot of pee in the litter box. About ten minutes later, Princess Consuela was walking around peeping, and I picked her up and put her in the nearest litter box. She thought about it, squatted, and then peed.

Geniuses, clearly!


Smilin’ Jake.


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3-28-16 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. In that first photo, Regina looks like she has an inflamed nipple…are these kitties nursing more than usual?

    • Now that they’re getting their teeth in, I think they’re rougher on her than they used to be – I think they had just finished nursing, too.

  2. Congrats on the early stages of potty training!
    Hello there, Jake! {{smiles}}
    Why yes, that stripey leg is mighty fabulous!

  3. I cringed at how close Regina’s tongue was to Art’s butt. Thank goodness we didn’t hang on to that particular mammalian mothering behavior.

  4. Since this isn’t Regina’s first litter, I’m sure she has the potty training down – and knows the quicker they learn the better for her! 😉

    • It’s funny that you say that – she was really very puzzled about the fact that a kitten had peed in one of the litter boxes, and sniffed at it for a long time. Then she helpfully covered it up. 🙂

  5. Art is clean.. for now.. but then he’s going to go do something and smell all weird again, and get another licking.

    YAY! for litterbox use