3-29-16 Tuesday

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If you’re not following Challenger’s House on Facebook, you really ought to – yesterday there were a lot of updates on adopted Challenger’s House cats, including some of my very own former fosters. I love seeing them grown and so happy!


Bert Macklin gets his loon on.

Art Vandelay at the milk bar.

“Come HERE and give Mama a hug!”

I just so LOVE a little pot-bellied kitten.

They always look so sad and serious at this age (this is Bert Macklin).

Princess Consuela, exploring. Love the little pointed tail!

“Does this kitten taste funny to you?”

Chanandler Bong had a bit of a goopy eye. A few days of ointment helped a lot, and at this point I don’t think she’ll need a trip to the vet for it (yay). I love how the squinty eye makes her look skeptical, though.

Regina was bunny-kicking my foot and paused because a noise outside caught her attention.


I am utterly amazed at how well those babies are using the litter boxes. When I went into the room yesterday morning, I could see that they’d been used several times overnight, and they were in constant use during the day. Now, those kittens are not at 100% litter box usage – because they are, after all, still bayyyyyybees – but they’re doing much better than I would expect at this age.

Did I mention that they’re geniuses? Because I think they might be! No one’s tried to eat cat food yet, but I did see Princess Consuela toddle over to examine Regina’s plate of food yesterday.


This video of Regina Phalange and Bert Macklin is so adorable that I’ve watched it about 45 times. Don’t blame me if you go into sugar shock!

YouTube link.


I realized as I was finishing up this post that I don’t have any un-shared pictures of Alice. Rather than go find her and snap a few pictures (it’s getting dark out and I am feeling lazy), I’ll reshare one of my favorite pictures. Remember Frog Alice from Halloween 2014?

YouTube link.


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3-29-16 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve been keeping myself occupied reading your blog and I found this for October 9, 2009:

    Have you guys named any kittens after the characters from Friends yet? (You’ve had so many now that I can’t keep track!)

    We haven’t, but I think that’s probably because most of the names have been used before. I’ll have to double-check that!

    I’m suddenly struck with the urge to name a foster Chanandler Bong.

    Now, seven years later, you finally have your Chanandler Bong. 🙂

  2. Does princess consuela have tabby stripes? It looks like she does in the pointy tail picture m

  3. Does princess consuela have tabby stripes? It looks like she does in the pointy tail picture m

  4. Oh, Loony Bert! I hope your Uncle Jake the Loon doesn’t mind, after all – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What a little face on that boy!

    And what a sweet little Mama’s Boy he is! His wobbling around and fuzzed up hair at the end is so, so sweet… 🙂

  5. Now Robyn…you’ve lived in the South long enough to know that the 3rd picture should be captioned “Come here and give mama some SUGAH!” 😀

  6. Art & Chanandler have some serious ears going on!
    What ever happened with the catfish in the pond? A steady supply of protein or just tadpole control?
    And I absolutely love frog Alice – one of my many “favorite picture of all time.”