3-30-16 Wednesday

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The kittens turned 4 weeks old yesterday! I didn’t get individual pictures of them for their 4-week birthday because I’m planning a one-month post about them, and they don’t actually turn one month old ’til Friday (the post will be up Monday).

(4 weeks does not equal one month. No it doesn’t. No it doesn’t. NO IT DOESN’T.)(Can you tell I’ve had an argument or two on this subject?)

However, in the meantime there’s this:

The kittens at 9 days old.

The kittens at 4 weeks old.

Looks like Regina got smaller, because there’s no way those babies got bigger, right?

I weighed them yesterday, and their weights range from Bert Macklin at 1 pound, 3.7 ounces to Chanandler Bong at 1 pound, 2 ounces. That’s not a very wide range – we don’t really have a “runt” this litter around.

Have I mentioned that Regina Phalange likes to keep those babies clean? She really does.

Art Vandelay, reflecting upon his squeaky cleanness.

Chanandler Bong and Bert Macklin, curled up together. They apparently find each other quite comfy.

Bert wakes up and has a think.

Then rolls around a bit.

Oh, the downturned mouth on Ken Adams. Couldn’t you just kiss that little face?

Susie, photobombing my picture of Chanandler.

I think Princess Consuela is thisclose to a nap.

The look on Bert Macklin’s face is cracking me UP.

“What doin’, lady?” asks Art Vandelay.

Tusslin’ in the crate. I just love that swirl on Art Vandelay’s side and Bert Macklin’s white toes, and the way Chanandler Bong and Princess Consuela are watching, but staying out of it.


Video! Keepin’ clean with Regina Phalange. My favorite part is about 25 seconds in, when she turns over and Art Vandelay hangs on for the ride.

YouTube link.


Rolling around on the concrete, among the dead leaves. For Stefan, that’s the equivalent of running a marathon.

Speaking of Stefan, he has lately taken to sleeping on my bed all night long. He starts out his night curled up next to me, and then moves to the cat bed at the end of the bed to finish out the night. It’s nice to have his ornj presence there if I wake up in the middle of the night. What’s not so nice is when Archie decides that Stefan’s existence is a mortal offense and tries to pick a fight at 5 am. Grrrr.


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3-30-16 Wednesday — 30 Comments

  1. Chanandler Bong and Bert Macklin, curled up together – a bit of ying and yang going on there!

    Bert has quite lovely little stripies!

    Stefan is so handsome. I have been having the 2:30 am “wake the heck out of mama and pester her for over an hour” moments the past few nights. I AM TIRED. (I get up at 4:30 am) I booted the offender out of my room and sadly a victim, too. I couldn’t close the door and have a straggler without a litter box.

    • I would probably kick them out if it happened a lot, but luckily it only happens every so often – it hadn’t happened for a while, so I suppose I was due! 😐

  2. Please add this vid to the favorites, Robyn!

    Glad Stefan has added himself to the bed crew, but where does Dennis figure in the new world order?

    • Will do!

      Dennis spends his nights atop the kitchen cabinets or in his chair in the front room, and then comes in in the morning for a snuggle.

  3. I know I shouldn’t laugh at your hardships but I totally did re: Stefan & Archie. THOSE BOYS!

    • I’ve been using my iPhone almost exclusively for videos with this litter – it’s a 6Plus. I recently (last week, I think) changed the settings so that videos record at 60 fps instead of 30, and I now use Wondershare Filmora to edit videos (though I do only the very most basic editing). I have – and love – a small Sony camera that does amazing videos, but it’s much easier to use my phone since it’s almost always at hand.

  4. Oh those kittens 🙂 they’re just what I need first thing in the morning after a restless night. I had to take my oldest (17yrs) to the emergency vet due to awful diarrhea. She’s still not back up to form this morning. Any tips/tricks to get an oldster to eat? I’ve done a bit of slurry wet food in a syringe, but that hasn’t kickstarted anything. And I’m supposed to get Forti-flora into her at least once a day (along with a tylosin pill twice daily, and she hates being pilled.)
    Any advice would be most welcome.

    • The smelliest food you can find! Mackerel, tuna, Fancy Feast appetizers… Sometimes I’ve had luck mixing some warm water into a pate-type of food or even heating it in the microwave just a touch.

    • Have you tried chicken and gravy or turkey and gravy baby food? It’s my standard go-to for cats or kittens who won’t eat. Also, canned goat milk is a favorite.

      If that tylosin is in pill form, I’d recommend you coat it with something before you pill her – it’s horribly bitter, and I’ve always had cats foam for a long time if they get taste of it. If the pill is small enough, you could get empty gelatin capsules and put the pill inside. (But if the Tylosin is in capsule form already, it shouldn’t be a problem.)

      If you haven’t already, I highly recommend a read of Connie’s post How I Pill a Cat, I found it useful and recommend it to everyone.

      And lastly, I always recommend Liqui-Tinic for older cats – we first used it with Spanky, and it really perked him up.

      • The tylosin is thankfully in a very small capsule (phew) but she’s difficult to pill, so I will definitely look at Connie’s post. And I will check the shops on my way home for chicken/turkey baby food. 🙂

        This blog rocks, everyone is so helpful.

          • Thanks so much Kate 🙂
            My kitty is starting to do better; she did go for the chicken baby food, thankfully. Pilling her is now more of a challenge that she’s starting to perk up (she utterly hates being pilled), but I’ll do my best.

  5. Re: Art Vandelay…
    There is just something about his lil elfin face and expression of “just got booped !!” that I am in Lurvvve with him !!
    ::Robyn- do you deliver to Washington state ??::
    ::::pweasssse ??::::

    • Of course, kittens are shipped from coast to coast and international orders are accepted! She accepts Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Paypal!

      I wanted this to sound like an old time radio host, but I am just not that witty. I think I need Fred’s help! 🙂

  6. Art and Consuela look like stuffed toy cats to me for some reason. They are adorable.

  7. How do you deal with so much cuteness????????
    nothing would get DONE I would be kitty playing all day.

    Sue Joslin

  8. You would be correct that 4 weeks do not equal 1 month. Actually 4.333 weeks (avg.)= 1 month. If you figure 4 weeks per month, then you would have 13 months per year. Anyone getting paid once a month (like Social Security)does not get paid every 4 weeks. You actually get shafted out of a whole month by the end of the year.

    I have to say that the Fakers are one of the prettiest litters you ever had since I’ve been following L&H. I’m not surprised Mamma keeps them so clean, being the proud Mom she is.

  9. 4*7 = 28 a month is at least 30 days.. so you are right, it isn’t the same 🙂

    And that is what happens when you have white kittens, you have to be obsessive to keep them clean, and make sure stains don’t set in..

  10. That mortal offense is right up there with the one I commit nearly every day – I have not sensed in my sleep that I need to wake up and feed the boys toot sweet. Usually at around oh, 4:30ish. My punishment? Very.loud.keening. Like – “What? Oh, you’re afraid the neighbours will hear me and wonder – is she mistreating those poor, starving kitties of hers? Whoops. My bad.” – loud.

    I love the expression on Regina’s face in the 4 weeks pic – “It’ll be fun, he said! Yeah, the last time a tom said that to me THESE happened. And do I look like I’m having fun??”.

  11. Hola! Greetings from Mexico City. I am here this week for business meetings. Boy oh boy did I need to see your site after today. Thanks for sharing the fuzzy, cute goodness of this litter. I love them. Off to dinner now with my work group.

  12. Love, love the kittens!! That video is the best…the expression on Regina’s face at the very end when the clean victim started kicking her in the mouth is priceless…
    Thank you so much for all the kitten ‘fixes’, Robyn!