3-31-16 Thursday

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Toes & Tongues & Tummies & Teef T’ursday!

Ken Adams has a TONGUE. (And Bert Macklin has a curiosity, and Chanandler Bong has a skeptical and Susie has a ZzzzzzZZ.)

Chanandler Bong has a TUMMY (and she is very amused by that).

Susie has TOES and a TUMMY.

Regina Phalange has TEEF and a TONGUE and you can see a little bit of her TUMMY.

Someone (I think Art Vandelay, but can’t swear by it) has TOES.

Art Vandelay has MORE toes.

Ken Adams has TEEF of the fangy variety.

Ken Adams has more TEEF and a TONGUE and he cannot stop guffawing about them.

“TEEF. See?”

::thlurrrp:: Regina Phalange has a TONGUE.

Art Vandelay says “Innernets, look! TOES!”

“And more TOES! And a TUMMY!”

Susie has TEEF of the fangy variety.

Today there is a BONUS! section!

Triangular T’ursday!

When I put this triangular scratcher in the foster room, I expected that Regina, who likes to sharpen her claws on cardboard, would like it. I had no idea how popular it would be when the kittens became mobile.

Princess Consuela likes it.

So do Susie, Bert Macklin, and Ken Adams.

Art Vandelay likes it a lot, and he was telling Princess Consuela (who was trying to snooze) all about it.

Ken Adams likes it, but he’s not sure why.

Bert Macklin? He’s a fan of the triangle.

“Don’t you think you’re going to come over here and take over MY triangle!” he said to Chanandler Bong.
“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it!” said Chanandler.

“I’ll just wait until you’ve wandered off, and I’ll claim it for myself!”


Video! Chanandler Bong and Art Vandelay were fighting, and she did this big super-obvious fake fall over to her side. I called it her Nature Boy Ric Flair move, and Fred laughed. After that, she got up and did a little zooming around. Kittens are tippy at this age, to say the least.

YouTube link.


It’s just a rough life, is what it is.

I swear, my cats have got the MOST beautiful eyes.


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3-31-16 Thursday — 25 Comments

  1. Someone (I think Art Vandelay, but can’t swear by it) has TOES. – and a TOOSHIE. Tooshie could have been added to the list!!!!

    Dennis does have GORGEOUS eyes. Gorgeous, I say!!!

  2. Yay! I am back online and LOVE this litter! Also LOVE the “Nature Boy” reference – I do believe we may be from the same era/age.. can you throw in a Von Erich or a Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin reference for validation? hehe (although, wrestling on TV was one thing, but having your older brother (by 2 years) ‘practice’ the figure 4 leg lock on you to ‘win’ the remote when mom & dad were gone is a completely different thing! 😮 ) Robyn – are you and Fred and Crooked Acres faring well in the current weather warnings? Stay safe and stay dry! Happy Thursday!

  3. Hmm… you say ALL of your cats have the most beautiful eyes, but whenever you do, it’s usually next to a picture of Dennis. Hmmm.

  4. OMC the video is killing me! I can’t wait until this group starts floofing and skittering! And can another jazz-hand somersault be far behind? 😉

  5. I love the first picture so much! Thanks for your blog
    Long time lurker, seldom commentor

  6. Art is the cutest kitten of this bunch so far. Awkward, cute and derpy. I can tell he’s going to be a goofball of a teenager already!