4-1-16 Friday

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LOVE the “Nature Boy” reference – I do believe we may be from the same era/age.. can you throw in a Von Erich or a Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin reference for validation? hehe (although, wrestling on TV was one thing, but having your older brother (by 2 years) ‘practice’ the figure 4 leg lock on you to ‘win’ the remote when mom & dad were gone is a completely different thing!

I have to admit – the Nature Boy reference came from Fred. I didn’t know who he was until Fred showed me that video a few years ago, and now I’ve watched it about 100 times and laugh like crazy every time. My friend Liz was big into watching wrestling, but I never really got into it.

Your video quality has changed. What are you shooting with now?

I’ve been using my iPhone almost exclusively for videos with this litter – it’s a 6Plus. I recently (last week, I think) changed the settings so that videos record at 60 fps instead of 30, and I now use Wondershare Filmora to edit videos (though I do only the very most basic editing). I have – and love – a small Sony camera that does amazing videos, but it’s much easier to use my phone since it’s almost always at hand.

What ever happened with the catfish in the pond? A steady supply of protein or just tadpole control?

I wouldn’t say they’re a steady supply, because Fred doesn’t spend as much time catching them as he thought he would, since there’s always so much to do around here. Usually he goes out and catches a bunch at a time, cleans them, and then we freeze them. We eat it every once in a while, but I’m not a big fan of catfish, so I’ll often cook up a batch for him and he’ll eat catfish while I eat something else.

Does Princess Consuela have tabby stripes? It looks like she does in the pointy tail picture.

Princess Consuela and Bert Macklin (the two who are mostly gray) both have tabby stripes. They’re not always obvious, but they’re definitely there. Princess Consuela’s are thicker and darker than Bert’s. Look, here’s a picture for comparison:

Bert on the left, Princess Consuela on the right.

Speaking of Kara, I can’t imagine she submitted gracefully to getting her back leg shaved and the abscess cleaned out.

She’s actually pretty timid around strangers, so when she’s at the vet she mostly freezes and submits to examination or whatever else they need to do to her. In contrast, Maxi (who went for her yearly physical Wednesday) will snap at the vet when he’s examining her.

How about Gladys, for that list of names? Wasn’t that the name of the nosy neighbor on Bewitched?

Abner and Gladys Kravitz are on the list – I think those would be good names for a brother and sister, though I could always go with a Bewitched theme. Wouldn’t a little kitten named Endora be cute?

Oh, Bert Macklin, did you do too much partying last night?

I love that Ken Adams didn’t even bother to get all the way in the crate before he latched on. And I love the look on Susie’s face, over there on the left. That girl cracks me up!

So RUDE, these kittens!

Ken Adams really likes the fact that he can get to the milk bar pretty much whenever he wants.

I love that Art Vandelay is sitting right on Bert Macklin’s head and Bert’s all “?”. I mean, how else do you keep your butt warm?

Princess Consuela shows off her loons.

I love the smile on Ken’s face.

“What doon, weird lady?” asks Bert Macklin.

“I SEES you!”

Fuzzy little Princess Consuela. And then I squeezed her.

Could Chanandler Bong BE any cuter?

“Hi, lady! Admire my beautiful blue eyes, because they won’t stay this color forever!”

What a grumpy little face!

Sleepy little muffins.

Mama hugs.

The kittens are getting around great now – they have the occasional tippy moment, but they’re starting to do a little zooming. They’re using the litter box all the time (though I have yet to see a poo; I guess that’ll be the next milestone). I cleaned the room yesterday and moved all the litter boxes to one corner. Assuming that goes well, I’ll start migrating them down the wall toward the closet door. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to put all the litter boxes into the closet – usually I do that when they start climbing the barrier between the room and the closet.

There’s been a some interest in Regina’s plates of canned food and baby food. No one’s tried the food yet, but I’ve seen them sniffing around the water bowl (and when I moved it to wipe up some spilled water, Ken Adams stomped right through the bowl, because of course he did). We have to be careful when opening the door into the room, because those kittens have made it all the way across the room now. Remember how just a few days ago I was lamenting that they’d never leave the crate? They’ve left it with a vengeance, except when they’re sleeping.

The babies are growing up way too fast!

Videos! In the first one, Bert and Art are tussling while Susie lays next to them, so sound asleep that she didn’t feel Bert hook her upper lip with his talon.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Chanandler and Ken get hissy. (Chanandler was hissing at me for no good reason, and Ken didn’t like the sound of Regina sharpening her claws on the scratcher, so gave her a hiss.)

YouTube link.

Archie, keeping an eye on me.

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  1. In your Bewitched naming series, please don’t forget Aunt Clara and Esmeralda. Or Dr. Bombay. I adored Aunt Clara as a kid; she reminded me of one of the woman who worked the nursery at church

    Oh and you need Serena for a little tortie calico 😉

  2. No I don’t think Chanandler Bong could get any cuter (but he will).

    Speaking of taking cats to the vet. I saw this online recently and thought it might work well with some cats (you never know – each cat has their own personality): http://cat-in-the-bag.com/

  3. I do have to say that this age is the absolute most cutest age. I love their toddles and smiles and well-everything!

  4. Regina produced the cutest kittens ever! I’m falling for Art! His elfish little face (as someone described it the other day) is something special! Cute cute cute!!

  5. Perhaps I should wait for Monday’s post, but I read about Stinkerbelle on Facebook and wanted to say how sorry I am for her loss. Needless to say, any and every cat in your house is blessed to know what it’s like to be well-cared for and loved.

    I can’t help wanting to think the she’s with her Tommy again.