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Please note: Late last night, between checks on Mama, I changed the way the permalinks are titled on this site; I’m not 100% sure that I didn’t mess things up completely, but the things I’ve checked look okay. This isn’t anything you’d necessarily notice, but it’s something that has bugged me, so I took the leap. PLEASE, if you notice any links that lead you to an error page, let me know! And for that matter, if you ever come across a link that leads you nowhere or gives you an error, I would very much appreciate if you’d let me know. This site has become a bit of a behemoth with over 2,000 posts and pages, and going back through every one of them isn’t something I want to add to the bottom of my always-lengthy “stuff I need to do” list. Thank you!

Tomorrow is April 1st, and I promise you that I will NOT say that she’s having the kittens unless she is really and truly having them. April Fools’ jokes have their place, but kitten birthin’ is serious bidness and nothing about which to act the fool.

Yesterday’s excitement was when I asked Fred to put Mama Kitty in the bathroom so I could give her room a good scrub-down, and then I saw she was hanging out under the Hammick, and I was all “SHE’S HAVIN’ HER BABIES UNDER THE HAMMICK” (which would have been a fairly cramped place to do it, but she’s the boss). Upon review I realized that she’d gone under the Hammick when I was vacuuming the hallway outside her door, because she does not care for the sound of the vacuum. She ain’t SCARED, mind you, she just wanted a quiet place to reflect on what kind of damage she would do to that vacuum if she was of a mind.

So I got her room scrubbed down, the comforter on the floor traded out for a less fur-matted version (she has been shedding like crazy since we got her), and all the stray litter vacuumed up. I told her that now she could give birth in a nice clean room, and to go right ahead and get started, and she just looked at me and asked if I had a snack for her.

Such a smug, smug brat.

She gets lots and lots of kisses.

(By the way, someone asked yesterday what I’d do if Mama climbed into my lap and started having kittens, and the correct answer is I’d sit there and let her have ’em. Bet I’d get some amazing pictures!)

She was rather larger on one side than the other yesterday. Perhaps the kittens will have all moved to the other side today!


“Come here, lady. I wanna smack you right in the face, and it’s too much work to stand up and come over there to do so.”

Sweet, sweet, sweet girl.

This is a flattering angle, huh?


Dennis sees no reason to roll out of bed.


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3-31-15 — 49 Comments

  1. Belly is moving, a good sign that kittens are slowly getting into birth position – she is very relaxed so I don’t think she was always feral; she is very trusting for a Momma kitty.

    • Yeah, she’s always been super friendly. She showed up on the doorstep of someone who’d recently adopted a Challenger’s House cat – I suspect she was dumped.

  2. This little lady will be someone’s pampered princess in about three months.

  3. I swear, just when I think she CANNOT get any larger, her belly seems to grow more! Anxiously awaiting that birthing.

  4. Wow! Surely those buns in the oven can’t get any bigger.

    Dennis is such a beautiful boy! Don’t tell the other permanent residents, but he’s my favourite…

    • Oh, they wouldn’t believe it if I did tell them. Each of them knows that THEY are the favorite of every human in existence, and would never believe otherwise.

    • He’s my favorite too! Always has been, ever since he first showed up at Crooked Acres. 🙂

  5. They’re not buns anymore, I think they’re bundt cakes.

    C’mon, Mama, I’m growing old waiting here!

  6. Love the excitement of anticipating new kittens, and the attendant gladness that for this mama, the kitten cycle will end.

  7. Poor Mama Kitty. She’s probably even MORE anxious to get those kittens out of her as much as you are, but they’ll come out when they’re ready to come out. I was almost 2 weeks over due *AND* a c-section, so let’s hope she won’t have to go through what my mom went through.

  8. If they are born tomorrow, I think a comedian theme, or a comedy show of some sort? Or maybe a comedy play maybe? Haha

    • Let’s see. Cosby. Dunham. Foxworthy. Colbert. Joan Rivers. Carol Burnett.

      • Stewart (as in Jon). Conan. Ricky (Gervais). Pretty sure there’s been a Lucy before, but a Lucille? Engvall doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? There’s always “Tater Salad” Ron White or “Fluffy” Gabriel Iglesias.

  9. Lordy Mama! I can’t imagine her getting any bigger!

    So, last night I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant, by myself, eating my taco and reading archived posts on my phone. (I hit random post and started from there) and now I’ve got a “Best post” entry for you because it honestly made me laugh out loud, in public till people were glancing sideways at me. February 7, 2007 when Myrtle the Hellbeast first went starfish, and then liquefied. 🙂 (I also like pretty much all of February because I know, 8 years later, that despite numerous “Y’all! We aren’t keeping him!” statements, that Joe Bob is still a cherished, much loved little gaum in the house.)

  10. She is such an adorable mamma cat. She must be so uncomfortable, but she still seems so calm and sweet.

  11. OMG! The lap comment reminded me … Wait. You have to know this about me first: I’ve always been horribly nearsighted; thick glasses since, well, forever. Except when I was little, before it was caught. Well, one night I woke up. In the dark, of course, with rotten eyesight. Something was moving on my bed. OF COURSE, it was big, giant spiders. So I screamed. Parents came running and turned the light on. No spiders; just our cat having her kittens at the foot of my bed. 🙂

  12. Had to laugh at that pic of Jake & Elwood in the puddle. No, they’re not the brightest bulbs are they?

    Dennis, I wish I had your life.

  13. Um – do they make kitty Pitocin? I think she needs to be induced. Poor Mama Kitty

      • LOL – I keep thinking that the change in pressure when we have bad weather will do it (my nephew was born at the tail end of a hurricane), but we’ve had two thunderstorms since I got her, and nada. AND her appetite has gotten really voracious (they tend to almost stop eating the day or two before they go into labor), so either she’s just going to be different, or we’ve got another couple of days. I see we’re in for thunderstorms Thursday!

  14. I just find it so amusing that, as itchy as Robyn is about gettin’ those kittens, BabyMama is soooooo chill and relaxed and always looks like she has this knowing smirk on her face like “I know when they’re comin’ lady, but I ain’t tellin’ YOU… it’ll be a surprise.” heehee

    • She gives me the politely surprised look – “Oh, kittens? You know, that’s probably not a good idea just yet. You just wait… when you least expect it…” 🙂

  15. If she has them, you should name them after kinds of fish… In French, April 1st is “Poisson d’avril” 😉

    Just imagine, a cat named Tuna!

    • I had fish named Sushi (zebra angel fish), Soy, Saki, and Wasabi (skirted tetra).

      P.S. You have a great and pretty name! That is my Tortie’s name!!!

    • Oh my gosh, I was JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT — it’s one of the few things I remember from my college French classes. When I try to explain it to my coworkers now, they look at me like I’m a crazy person 🙂

  16. Changing your header to show nursing newborn kittens doesn’t make the 1700 kittens currently being carried arrive any sooner! Just remember that you’ll still have kittens after theirs are already gone.

    • The headers at the top of the page are random and you should get a new one each time you go to another page on this site or hit “refresh”. I haven’t added any in several months. 🙂

      • The header I have right now is of Peter, claws out, peeking from the top of the screen. Adorbs!

      • Frankly, that’s part of the fun around here — seeing what banner comes up. I got your new Mary (The Model) banner just now…so cute!

  17. She is going to pop if she doesn’t have those kittens soon.

    With Easter coming up, how about a chocolate theme for the names? Mama can be named Bunny and all the kittens can be named after chocolate brands. Hershey, Nestle, Cadbury, Toblerone, Godiva, Dove, Ghirardelli (Delli), etc. I think it would be adorable.

  18. I love how there is at least one photo of mama in every post with an upturned haughty face. She may just be my favorite mama cat you’ve blogged about.