3-28-19 Thursday

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The Half Pints, on the day they were born, and at 6 weeks old!






You can see their individual weights in the weight chart at the bottom of their page. As of yesterday, the combined weight of the kittens is 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and since Caroline weighs 7 pounds 3.2 ounces, the kittens now outweigh her!

Still providing that milk bar action.

In the past three days, we’ve gone from one kitten (Almanzo, green collar) eating canned food to three (Willie, red collar and Mary, blue collar) eating it. Laura and Albert are still not interested, but Albert will drink Caroline’s bowl of formula dry, so I suspect it won’t be long. (And yes, I do refill the bowl of formula for Caroline so she gets some. I’m not a MONSTER.)

All of the kittens are using the litter boxes perfectly, both in their night time home (the foster room) and their day time home (Fred’s room.) I’m still moving them for Caroline every morning and then moving them back in the evening. I thought, earlier this week, “Oh, I’ll just leave them in the foster room for now, surely she doesn’t still care?” and happened to glance in at one point to see her dragging a kitten across the room toward the door. So I guess I keep on moving them for now!

They can all climb up onto Fred’s bed, as you can see.

I walked into the room to find all five of them crammed into this bed, and nearly died from the cute. Look at all those stripes and spots!

The whole family, though Charles is blurry and Caroline wouldn’t look up. They ruin all my good picture opportunities, I’m telling you.

That’s a Fruitasan Fruit Holder from Pier 1. I bought it last fall between the Mainers and Ryder and her Fleet, and then never thought to set it up for the Fleet. When I set it up the other day, it took about 5 minutes for a kitten to discover it and climb in. CUTE.

Laura, Almanzo and Mary. Mary looks much bigger than Almanzo here, but it’s the angle. The angle, I tell ya!

“Don’t look, Ethel!”


Percy the dachshund has been with us for a week and has another week before his people return and take him home. The first few days were rough, but we’ve settled into a routine. The cats are dealing with his presence, some of them better than others.

Archie, for one, ain’t skeered o’ no dog.

They’re not friends, but they’re also not enemies, which is really all I ask for.

Percy does not like to be alone, and after 4 nights of being awakened at 2 am by Percy barking, Fred gave up and now Percy sleeps in his room. Percy is a pretty good roommate, I hear, just spends the night curled up in his bed on the floor. Fred reported, the evening I took this picture, that Khal and Percy had sniffed each other quite vigorously before retreating to their safe spaces.


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3-28-19 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. The fruit holder is really cute, but I have to say, I’ve not had good experiences with cats + wicker items. If they chew/break off a piece and swallow it, which did happen to one of my cats, it can scratch the inside of the stomach. Kitty threw up blood (and then the piece of wicker) and had to stay in vet hospital on IV fluids for a week. Expensive and not good. (And she came home looking like she was wearing big fur mittens, like the guard to the door of Oz in the film.)

    Just be careful, is all I’m sayin. Especially around kittens who need to chew.

    • Good point! They knocked it over and trapped Laura inside the ball this morning (she was fine, just curled up and went to sleep), but that’s another reason to be sure they don’t have access to it unless I’m around to supervise!

  2. Good lord there is so much cute in this post, it’s almost (I said *almost*, dammit) too tough to handle!

    But I managed.

    I’m not sure where 6 weeks went! (Caroline’s probably all “yeah, I just licked 6 weeks of butt, I’m not complaining it’s flown by…”)

  3. So when did they change from infants to small children, anyway? (The feline equivalent, of course.) In only six weeks? How is this possible?

    I ask this every time but it still stuns me just how fast kittens grow.