3-20-20 Friday

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Honestly, Robyn, I don’t understand why people get upset when kittens continue to nurse even after they begin eating kibble and canned food. They are much like human babies who continue to nurse even after starting solid food. Babies of all species nurse, not only for nutrition, but will go to Mom for comfort and reassurance while navigating their new world.

I don’t get it either, but some people are VERY of the opinion that kittens should be weaned ASAP even though mamas are perfectly capable of cutting them off when need be (having said that, I have to admit that Katriane is the only mother I’ve had who decided she was done and then she was DONE.) It mostly cracks me up when people say “Shouldn’t they be WEANED? Shouldn’t they be EATING ON THEIR OWN?” Just ’cause they eat on their own doesn’t mean they won’t nurse ’til the last possible moment.


Whatever happened to toe-bean Toesday’s?

Slackery and forgetfulness! (And I really have only ever done it when I happen to have enough toe pics which I haven’t lately.)(Toe pick!)


How is Isabella’s skin issue doing?

She’s still overgrooming. I’m hoping that once the kittens are eating on their own (in another week or two, I’d imagine), we can get her spayed ASAP and see if the overgrooming is caused by hormones (and if not, she’ll have an allergy test.) The fur she does have is very soft and silky – and she’s had no recurrences of all the scabs she had when we first got her, so that’s good.


So….I no longer have resting bitch face, I have rain frog face?



Oh these babies are so fluffy!! Does Pablo still have his tail light? I don’t see it in pictures.

He does, though it doesn’t show up very well in pictures. I assumed that as he got bigger his tail light would too, but it’s staying tiny and is just the very tip of his tail. I’ll see if I can get a few good pictures of it.


What kind of heated pad do you use in the Kitty Kasa? Do you keep it on all year round?

It’s a K&H pet bed warmer and I’ll keep it on most of the year, though I might unplug it in mid-summer if I notice that Alice isn’t hanging out in there any more. Just a note: the Kitty Kasa bedroom we have didn’t come with a hole in the back, so Fred had to use some drill attachment that he has to drill a hole in the back so I could slide the cord to the heated pad through. Some of the Kitty Kasas do have holes in the back (the kitty faces you can see in pictures), so might be big enough for a plug to fit through.


Ever had one of those naps?

Pablo was taking a nap. But then…

… he woke up. And he was like…




“Who AM I?”

That’s the sign of a really good nap.

Javier’s all “Not impressed with your offering, lady.”

Carmelita’s all “Hmm… I could eat!”

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

If you look closely, you’ll see that the eyes are definitely changing.

Diego has a sleepy.



Alice Mo the calico sure could use a lot less rain, yo.

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